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A Man Name John

Short story By: NikkiLibby

Nicole just recently got a divorce and wanted to take a vacation to start over her once horrible life. A man name John changes everything about her and gives her the time of her life...

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There is nothing better than laying on the warm, Florida sand. I had to get away. Since my divorce with my estranged husband, I thought I deserved a little R&R. My fellow nursing co-workers thought so too. They sensed that I was not myself and demanded that I take a vacation. My friend, Rachael, gave me the keys to her beach house down in the Florida Keys and told me to spend two weeks there. Well, here I am, getting a tan in the warm sun. In the mountains of North Carolina, there is no beaches, no sand, no nothing. I live in a small town where your business is everybody's business. When word got around about my ex cheating on me, it became mortal hell for me. I never got to go anywhere without people asking me what happen and who was he with. I don't give a fuck who he was with, he fucking cheated on me and got a girl knocked up!

I stood up and dusted the sand off my legs and adjusted my auburn hair in the ponytail. I walked over to the little snack shack and got myself a fruit salad. I sat down in the shaded picnic area and I thought I am alone. I heard somebody moving and I feel these eyes on me. "Why hello there, I never seen you around here," the man said and I looked up and I gasped. This man has to be the most sexiest man in the world. He has to be six foot three and two hundred thirty pounds of pure muscle. He has baby blue eyes and he has dark brown hair that is neatly groomed. If I have to guess his age, I would guess at thirty five.

"Well, I am not from here. I am here on vacation from North Carolina," I said and he smiled.

"Well, welcome to the Florida Keys, I'm John," John said and held his hand out.

"I'm Nicole," I said grabbing his hand and we shook hands.

"So, are you here with anybody?"

"Nope, I am alone for the next two weeks. I just came in yesterday." He smiled and slid his hands into his camo shorts. He has no shirt on and I can see his tanned six-packs. I bit my lip, fighting the urge to just attack him and lick his six packs and feeling them underneath my fingertips.

"Well, I should show you around. Since you are going to be here for the next two weeks, you need to get yourself familiar with these parts," John said and I nodded. "Want to have the tour now?" he added.

"Sure, I have nothing to do!" I said and he smiled. He lead me to his Hummer and he drove me around. He showed me all the local beaches and hot spots to go to. Since it's the Forth of July, he showed me where the fireworks show is going to be. He mentioned about the fireworks tonight and how he is not going with anyone. "Do you want to come with me tonight and watch the fireworks?" John asked me.

"Y-yes, I do!" I stuttered and he laughed. I just got nervous all of the sudden. My ex husband is the only man I been with. I have not touched or even kissed another man other than him. I feel so stupid right now! I am twenty-five years old and I feel like a virgin again!

"No reason to be nervous, darling. I am just a man wanting to watch the fireworks with a gorgeous woman like you," John said and I blushed. He is not just a man, he is pure man and pure sexiness.

"I just recently got divorced and I am down here to get away for a little while," I said and he nodded.

"I know all about divorces. I had two of them already. My ex's just wanted my money and the good sex," he said and I laughed.

"I was not giving him enough, so he went fucked somebody and got her pregnant."

"Oh wow, I am so sorry! A man cheating on you is a bastard. Who would want to cheat on you when they have you?"

"I don't know, but it's over now and its time to start fresh." I looked out in the sunset, it's already almost six o'clock and my stomach began to growl. John laughed and mentioned some restaurant. We went to a seafood restaurant and before we even got in, John grabbed me. He pushed me against the wall and I can see lust in his eyes. "I am sorry, Nicole, but I want you so bad," John said and I swallowed. I leaned up and brushed my lips on his and tasted him. He tastes sweet and his mouth is warm when I slipped my tongue in. Our kiss got frenzied when I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me into his body and I felt his cock against my thigh. I moaned and reached between us and rubbed against his cock. He groaned and he let go. "Fuck the fireworks, we will make our own!" John said and I smiled.

"Let's eat first," I said and he reached behind me and squeezed my ass.

"I cannot fuck as good if I am hungry!" I laughed and we walked in. The people in the restaurant knew John because they all smiled and took us to a table with a beautiful view. The sunset is breathtaking and the beach view made me smile.

"I don't know if I can leave and go back home or not," I sighed and he squeezed my hand.

"If you stay here, we will have loads of fun," he said and winked at me. We ordered our food and some white wine. John is thirty-six years old and he is a lawyer in Miami. I told him about being an Registered Nurse, my horrible marriage and my boring life. He loves the fact that I am a nurse and he says that I am not boring. Our food came and we ate fast because we are both horny and wanting some action. He paid for our food and he drove us back to his beach house. My beach house is just simple with two bedrooms and one bath. His beach house is a fucking mansion! He grabbed my hand and he walked me to the house. When he closed the door behind me, he lead me to the couch and asked if I want more wine or some brandy. I didn't want anything, I want to get drunk off of John. When he sat down with a brandy in his hand, I touched his thigh and watched his cock get hard again. I heard him take his breath in and he sat his brandy down. He placed his hands on my face and kissed me with tongue. His kiss makes me melt down to my very soul and I grabbed him and pulled him down and he is now laying on top of me. He kept kissing me as he took my shirt off and revealed my bikini top. He then took my top off, revealing my breasts and he smiled.

"Oh fuck, I love your breasts!" John said and his lips went to my breasts and his tongue lapped my nipple. I moaned and I grabbed at his shirt (which he put it on before we entered the restaurant) and pulled the buttons loose and the shirt went to the floor. I ran my hands up and down his sexy, massive chest and nipped at his shoulder and moaned as he sucked on my nipple. He let go of my breast and his hand went to my skirt and pulled it off along with my bikini bottoms. He ran his hands up and down my legs and thighs and groaned.

"You are mine, all mine," John said and I moaned. He lifted me up and carried me down the hallway and we went into his bedroom. He dropped me onto his bed and he began taking his belt off of his shorts. I watched him and I felt my pussy pulsate as the shorts dropped and I gasped as I seen his massive erection staring right at me. He pulled his boxers down and I bit my lip. He lay down and he asked me to lay the opposite way on top of him. Oh yeah, we are doing a 69! My pussy went to his face as I lay across him length wise and his mouth went straight to my clit. I collapsed on him as his tongue done circles around my clit. I moaned and I finally got up and shoved his cock into my mouth and sucked on his cock. I love this because when John moans, it vibrates my clit and it makes it feel even better. He shoved two fingers into my pussy hole and I moaned loudly. "Oh baby, moan on my cock, it feels so good!" John said and I kept moaning over and over. My legs began to shake beside his head and my lower tummy began to tighten up.

"John, I am gonna cum!" I yelled and he told me to stop sucking him. He pushed his fingers inside me hard and fast and sucked my clit and I screamed and I felt myself ooze on his fingers. I got off of him and let my orgasm die out. John got on top of me and licked his fingers and smiled.

"You taste so good, Nicole," John said and I smiled. That is the first time he said my name, and it sounds sexy coming from his mouth. It turned me on and he leaned down and kissed me. I taste myself on his tongue and my pussy began to get wet again. "Are you ready for me, Nicole?" John asked me. I nodded my head and he pushed his cock inside my tight pussy. I gasped and he stopped, letting me adjust to his ten inch cock. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him in, and he began to fuck me. He grabbed one of my legs and put them over his shoulder and leaned against me, and I never felt so good. I said his name every time he hit the top of my pussy and he looked straight into my green eyes with those baby blues of his. He whispered my name and groaned as he fucked me harder. "Do you want it harder, baby?" John moaned out.

"Oh yes, OH YES!" I yelled and he grabbed my other leg and put it over his shoulder. He pounded the living shit out of my pussy and I began to feel that tight feeling in my tummy. "Faster, FASTER!" I moaned out and he groaned.

"I am so close to cumming inside you, baby!" John said and I began to shake as my orgasm erupted.

"Fill me up, John!" I screamed.

"OH FUCKKKKKKKK!" John yelled as I felt his warm cum fill my pussy up and he fell on top of me. He rolled off of me and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled closer to him and just enjoyed the sound of him breathing. After the few minutes, he sat up and grabbed a cigarette and offered me one, and I took it.

"So, what do we do now?" I asked and he looked at the clock and smiled.

"Well, the fireworks are fixing to start," John said and I leaned and kissed him.

"Baby, we already set off our own! I mean, what do we do now?"

"Well, you have two weeks down here. I think we should spend the whole time together until we go back to our lives." I frowned and looked at him.

"You know what, I think I'll stay down here in Miami. This is the new me, so I'll start here." He smiled and pulled me close to him and kissed my head.

"Well, I will be glad if you stayed in Miami, then I can be with you all the time."

"Well, this is a wonderful start of my new life!" I leaned over and kissed him again. If I want to start over, I want to start it over with a man name John!


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