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Virgin Lust--Part 2

Short story By: Nikkibeth

Its been three months since Jameson and Zach met each other and lived together. Their love for each other is eternal and they each have a few surprises up their sleeves. This is the last part and its pretty long!

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**A/N: This is part II of Virgin's Lust. Thank you for all the comments and the reads for the first part. If this is your first time reading Virgin's Lust, please go back and read the first part to fully understand what is going on here. Sorry for the slow start! I thought you might want to catch up on the lovely couple! Also, this is the LAST part of it, so that's why is kind of long, kind of 2-3 parts into one story.
Virgin's Lust Part 1
Three Months Later
Zach got on his back after their harsh lovemaking and she laid her head against his hard chest. "Ah baby, you are getting a lot better at sex," Zach said jokingly. Jameson swatted his arm and she laughed. He wrapped his arms around her and they fell asleep for the night. Jameson and Zach moved down to Charlotte a week after his arrival. Her parents we're not too thrilled about her leaving with him all of the sudden. First, they thought she was moving to San Diego, but was relieved when she told them that she is moving to Charlotte. Her parents seemed to like Zach and they moved into their condo a week later. Jameson watches pornography and reads erotic novels to learn moves for Zach so she can please him. Even though they been living together and making love for three months, she still feels like she is still out of sync. Jameson is also in love with Zach. Around two in the morning, she woke up and she looked over at her boyfriend and he is sound asleep. She slowly got up, trying not to wake him up and she went to the bathroom in their master suite. She turned on the light when the door closed and she looked at herself in the mirror. She noticed a change in herself since she started making love. Her breasts has grown a little and she gained a few needed pounds around her hips and thighs. Jameson started to think what Zach done to her a few nights ago with her pussy, how he slowly sucked her clit and ran his tongue from clit to asshole and she got warm and wet within seconds. Jameson sat on the rug in the bathroom and she ran her fingers down to her clit and started to move around. "Zach, oh Zach!" she moaned and she didn't realize how loudly she moaned his name until she heard the door open and she seen Zach. She didn't bother to stop, and she kept going. She moaned louder and louder as her fingers moved around her clit and when she was close to cum she looked up and Zach is undressed and ready for her. Jameson stopped herself and he got down on his hands and knees and she also got on her hands and knees. Doggy style is her favorite position because he gets so deep inside her pussy and he hits that spot everytime, and she cums all over his dick. Zach pushed his dick inside her pussy and she gasped loudly. "Talk dirty to me, Zach!" She moaned.
"Oh Jameson, your pussy is so juicy and tight around my hard, hot, thick dick. I love it when you squeeze around me and as I fuck you so hard, I love hearing you moan my name..."
"Zach, fuck me harder!"
"Say my name, Jameson!"
"ZACH!!!" She yelled his name as her pussy squeezed around his dick and she cum all over it and he slowed down. She knew exactly what he is doing. He is going to make her cum again. He kept hitting her special spot and she moaned his name more and more and then, he exploded inside her and they slowly went down to the floor. Zach kissed the back of her neck and they stood up. Jameson looked at him and he is smiling. "Why didn't you wake me up?" he asked her.
"I was just going to use the restroom, but thinking of you got me extremely horny!" he said and he grabbed her and he kissed with with fever. His tongue danced inside her mouth and it always make Jameson melt in his arms. They went back to bed and she didn't wake up until the alarm clock chimed for him to go to work. Jameson loves watching Zach getting dressed for work, and he looks drop dead sexy in his suit. He works at an insurance firm, and he is the office manager at the Charlotte office. "Tonight, I am taking you out to dinner to that fancy place you keep talking about," Zach said and Jameson smiled.
"Good, I will be ready when you get home," Jameson said and started to make the bed up until he spun her around and brushed his lips on hers. "I love you, Jameson," he said and she felt the seriousness of his words and eyes and she began to cry. She has waited for several weeks for him to express his feelings to her and she loved him so much it hurts.
"I love you, too, Zach. I love you so much it hurts!" Jameson said and she kissed him. When Zach left for work, Jameson done all her housework and she felt like she needed to get something for herself, so she decided to go to the store and treat her to something, and hopefully, Zach will like it also!
Around six that night, Zach and Jameson went to the restaurant known as J'Adore Dove which is a beautiful restaurant meant to be the perfect date location. They enjoyed the food and Jameson never felt so nervous. She wants to know Zach what she bought earlier for herself, and for him also. Zach seemed like he had something up his sleeve also and she broke the silence. "So, what made you decide to take me to this place tonight? Our nine month anniversary was two weeks ago and our three month anniversary living together was a few days ago," Jameson asked and he smiled. He stood up, walked over to her and he got on one knee. Could it be? Please tell me it's what it looks like! Jameson yelled in her mind.
"Jameson Marie Scott, you are the love of my life. We may make love almost every night, but being with you is the best thing that happened to me..." Zach grabbed her hand and kissed the top of it. "Jameson, will you marry me?" Jameson began to cry tears of happiness and she looked down and gazed at a beautiful diamond engagement ring in a maroon velvet box. She nodded quickly and gave her left hand to him, so he can slip her ring on. When he did, she jumped on him, not caring that the whole restaurant is watching her, and kissed him. "Oh yes, yes I will marry you! I love you, Zachery Peterson!" Jameson said and she felt Zach smile into her neck.
"I love you too, lets...um, get out of this place and spend some time to ourselves celebrating," Zach said and he winked at her. Jameson nodded her head and watched him pay the waiter and they went back to their home and she never seen a man so impatient to make love to her as Zach. She began by taking the pins out of her auburn hair and shake the tight bun loose. She touched the zipper behind her black cocktail dress, but he stopped her. "No, I want to take it off," Zach said and she placed her hands on her side. She felt his hand reach behind her and he stripped the dress off and she stood there in nothing but a black silk bra and a matching thong. Jameson got closer to Zach and she unbutton his shirt and when she seen his bare chest and his shirt fell to the floor next to her dress, she leaned over and ran her tongue through his dense, blond hairs on his chest to his nipple. Zach sucked in a breath and he reached behind her and unhooked her bra and she leaned forward. He stopped and looked at her and smiled. "Your tits seems bigger," Zach said grabbing her breasts and massaging them, and the nipple is in the palm of his hand. Jameson moaned his name and she sucked in his breath. This is the perfect time to bring that thing she bought today. "I have to show you something," Jameson said and she grabbed three pieces of plastic with a purple tip and she handed them to Zach. He looked at them and he has a confused look on his face. "They look like pregnancy tests," Zach said and she smiled.
"Cause they are pregnancy tests, Zach. All three are positive. I even went the the health department and got a fourth one done. I am pregnant, Zach," Jameson said and Zach dropped to his knees and when he looked up at Jameson, he has tears in his eyes. He took her underwear off and he kissed her navel where his baby sleeps. "I am going to be a daddy?" Zach asked shocked.
"Yes, you are going to be a daddy, I am three months pregnant," Jameson said and Zach stood up and he kissed her so passionatly that it took her breath away and with each sweep of his tongue, she felt herself melting against him. Zach picked her up and dropped her onto their bed and he began kissing her breasts, suckling it and he kissed down her chest to her navel and he licked around her bellybutton. He kissed her inner thighs and Jameson cried out for Zach to touch her and he began by playing with her clit and his other hand went down to her pussy and two of his fingers slipped inside her. She cried out and rocked her hips to feel more of his fingers and the finger on her clit got replaced by his wanting tongue. She moaned louder and louder and she felt her lower abdomen tightening up as her orgasm was going to take place and she felt herself cum all over her face, just like their first time fucking. Jameson wanted to suck his dick but Zach was already on top of her and the tip of Zach's dick was rubbing against her clit and it's driving her mad. "Get inside me, Zach!" Jameson said and he kissed her abdomen again.
"I will not hurt our baby, okay?" Zach said and she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him down.
"I know you won't, but get inside me and fuck me!" Jameson said and Zach smiled. He loved it when Jameson demanded for his dick. He got inside her tight pussy and he sank on top of her and waited for a few moments. If he fucks her now, he will cum within seconds because she is so fucking tight. He began pumping inside her and Jameson began to raise her hips and she wrapped her arms around his back and dug her nails into his skin. "Fuck me, Zach, fuck me harder!" Jameson moaned and he gladly obliged. He began to fuck her faster and she screamed and moaned everytime he hit her G-spot. She screamed his name as she had her orgasm and when Zach felt his coming, he began saying her name and Jameson was not happy with that, "Scream my name when you cum, Zach," Jameson said and when he cum, he screamed her name and fell on top of her. He rolled off of her and Jameson wrapped her arms around his chest and he wrappped both arms around her and they fell asleep.
One year later...
"You are a stinky butt, Valerie!" Jameson said to her two month old daughter. Her daughter just stared at her and cooed when she heard her mother's joke. Jameson put the diaper on her and put a liliac dress on her and held her daughter in her arms. Valerie looks like her mother with the exception of her blonde hair, which came from Zach. Jameson added a few more bows in Valerie's hair and they went to the kitchen and Jameson looked at her sexy husband dressed in only his fleece pajama pants. Zach looked at Jameson and Valerie and his heart soared. He still remembered the night his daughter was born and how he got to cut the cord and when she got cleaned up and weighed, the nurse handed Valerie to him. Zach felt so touched that he was the first one to hold their daughter. Valerie looked at him with her green eyes and smiled at him. "Oh you, you're such a daddy's little girl!" Jameson joked and Zach grabbed his daughter and he kissed her forehead. "Come on and get ready, honey, I want to get our pictures done today!" Jameson said and he looked at his wife and smiled. You barely can tell she was pregnant two months ago, she lost all her baby weight and went back to her size before she got pregnant. Her breasts stayed their size and they fill her bra up, which is very sexy. She is dressed in a silk liliac tank top with a matching pencil skirt, which matched Valerie's dress. Jameson' auburn hair is in a tight bun and Zach just wants to put his daughter back in her nursery and fuck her right now, but he can't. Jameson set up this appointment to get these pictures done, so they better! Zach handed Jameson Valerie and ran and got ready. As she waited on her husband, Jameson looked down at her daughter and she already fell asleep and she loved her daughter long, thick eyelashes. She cannot believe that herself and Zach's love began on a sex chat room. Now they are married, proud parents and have a wonderful family life. She tells her friends that they can find love anywhere. Also, sex is VERY fun! She never believed she will have a happily ever after, until Zach and Valerie came into her life.
**A/N: HELLO! How'd you like the last part of this story? Thanks for all the comments on the first part and please leave me comments on this one! Thank you for reading and look for a new story soon!**


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