Virgin Lust-- Part 1

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Jameson met Zach on a chat room to find a guy. After months of talking on the phone and on the internet, Zach decided to fly 2000 miles to see her. Jameson is nervous about what will happen between them but she knows it will be good!


Jameson waited patiently at the Charlotte airport and her nerves are finally getting to her. She is finally meeting Zach, the man she met on the internet five months ago. Her parents doesn't like the idea of her talking to a complete stranger online, but she is fucking nineteen years old, she can do whatever she wants to! Jameson, Zach seems to like you a lot, espicially when you talked dirty to him. Can she repeat what she said to him in real life?


She told him that she was not a virgin and had several guys since she was seventeen, and that is a lie. She made it as far as a guy fondling her breasts and she touched a dick before. She knew that Zach will be the one that will break her from her virgin threshold. Zach is from San Diego, California and he is twenty-six years old. He is quite older than her, but that doesn't matter to her. He had several women, so Jameson knows that he is quite experienced in the sex world. How am I going to break the news to him that I am a virgin? If he enters my pussy and breaks my hymen, he knows then I am a virgin. I need to tell him before, Jameson thought to herself. Jameson ran to the nearest restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her auburn hair is nicely brushed and she used a straightening iron to make her hair straight, she hated her curly hair. She applied more eye liner and mascara around her green eyes. She made sure her teeth are still white since she smoked two cigarettes on the two hour drive to Charlotte. "Flight 578 from Atlanta, Georgia is arriving," the lady on the intercom said and she knew that is Zach. He called her from Atlanta about an hour ago saying he is almost here. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time and said, "Okay Jame, make tonight a night to remember!" she smiled and she went to the depot of the flight and she looked for Zach's curly blonde hair, or his nicely tanned body. She was still looking and she heard somebody yell, "JAMESON SCOTT?" She turned around and seen Zach standing there with his luggage in his hand and he is smiling. She walked calmly, fighting the urge to run to him, and she hugged him when she got to him. "Wow I cannot believe we are finally meeting!" Zach said smiling into her neck.


"My parents are taking a vacation to Clemson this weekend, so we have my house to ourselves until Sunday afternoon when they come back," Jameson said and winked at him


"You dirty girl!" He laughed and he grabbed her hand and they walked to her car in the parking garage and when they both closed the doors, he reached for her and kissed her. Jameson loved the feeling of his soft lips on hers. His tongue played with her teeth so she would open her mouth and when she did, their tongues danced together. Jameson wrapped her arms around his neck and his hand began to go down her body and he lightly touched her breast and she jerked. When she let go, she knew this is the perfect time to confess her sexuality. "Zach, I need to tell you something," she said and he looked at her and touched her cheekbone.


"What is it?" He asked her.


"I am a virgin, I never had sex before. I wanted to sound sexy by telling you that I had sex before." He looked at her and then smiled.


"I knew you we're a virgin, love. I could tell how your voice gets shaky when you talked dirty on the phone. It's fine, I will be very easy on you and we will take our time, okay?" she nodded her head and he said that he wants to get to her house before they go any further and she drove down the quiet interstate to her hometown of Connelly Springs, NC and she drove down the quiet town to her house. When she parked her car in the garage, they sat there for a few moments. "Are you on any birth control?" Zach asked her.


"No, I never found the use of them since my periods are regular and I never done it," Jameson said.


"Well, I brought a box of condoms in case we want to use them."


"I wanna feel you first without one, Zach. I don't wanna feel rubber in me for my first time." He groaned and she knew he is getting anxious so they got out of the car and he grabbed his luggage. When she opened the front door, she seen a note her mother wrote to her and it read:


Jam, if you are going to fuck Zach this weekend, be careful! Love, Mom.


Jameson laughed and Zach asked her where to put his luggage. She lead him to her bedroom and he placed his bag down and he pushed the door closed behind her. Jameson closed her eyes and prepared herself to have sex. She tried to calm her nerves down and when he kissed her, she kissed back with more urgency that she could handle. They kissed for what seems like forever and when his lips touched her jaw line then her neck, she moaned and he grabbed her leg and wrapped it around his waist. Jameson pulled back and took her blouse off and he joined her as he took his shirt off and their shirts got discarded in the floor. She decided to go commando for him and she knew he liked it. Zach grabbed her breasts and squeezed and kneeded it and her head began to spin. She got fondled before, but not like this. "Oh my..." she moaned and she wrapped her other leg around his waist and he carried her to her bed and laid her down gently,


"Baby, I want to go slow, since its your first time," Zach said and she nodded. He unbuttoned her jeans and slowly took them off and she is now laying before him, wearing nothing but a rosy glow. Jameson heard him plead to the Gods that he has one of His angels before him and she felt his lips near her navel. He licked around her bellybutton then he went up and she felt his tongue on her nipple. She has never felt this way before and her pussy is getting warmer and throbbing with antipicipation. His tongue lapped her nipple like he is licking a lollypop and his teeth scapped it here and there and it drove her wild. She threaded her hands through his blonde curls and urged him for more of his mouth. He went back down her body, his tongue leaving a trail on her navel and his hands grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. Jameson started to feel nervous again and he could tell from her legs shacking and he got on top of her and he kissed her lovingly. "Relax baby, just imagine how good it would feel if I licked your clit and suck on it and finger your pussy until you cum all over my face," he said in that husky, aroused voice she loved to hear and it sounded much better in real life than over the phone.


He kissed her inner thighs and she felt his middle finger touch her clit and circled around and around until she squirmed and moaned. His middle finger went to her lips and he slowly pushed his finger into her pussy and Jameson gasped. "Oh my god, don't stop Zach!" she moaned and he pushed another finger into her and they went deeper into her and he found the little nob near her cervix and he moved his fingers around and she felt his warm, wet mouth on her clit. She screamed in pleasure and she lifted and rocked her hips to get more of his mouth and fingers and he kept moving his fingers on her G-spot until she felt the urge to explode and she felt scared, "Baby, don't stop it you are about to cum!" Zach said and he continue to suck on her clit and she felt her pussy tightening around his fingers and she bit her bottom lip and she indeed cum all over his face.


He stood up, licked the cum off his face and he smiled. "Did it feel good, Jameson?" he asked her. She felt like sand was in her mouth, so she just nodded. Zach unbuckled his trousers and when he stripped them off, she noticed that he also went commando. His dick is so thick and big, just like the pictures he sent to her by email. Jameson recalled what her friend said how to suck a dick and give a hand job. She leaned forward to his body and she grabbed his hot dick and she began to pump her hand up and down, up and down. Zach sucked in a breath and kept moaning her name. He threaded his fingers through her hair and she looked up at him. "If you are not comfortable to suck my dick, it's fine," He smiled at her.


"I want to suck it," she said and he groaned at her dirty mouth. She closed her mouth around his shaft and she went down as far as she can go without gagging and she sucked on the way down. "Oh my fucking God!" Zach moaned as she scraped her teeth on the way back up and repeated the cycle a few more times. She wrapped her arms around his hips and she squeezed his muscular ass and pulled his dick closer to him. She knew once he cums, its over so she stopped and looked at him. "Get inside me, please!" She managed to say and she scooted herself to her pillows and his body is laying right on top of her.


Zach kissed her again and she can taste her pussy and cum in his mouth and she, for some reason, liked it. Zach pulled himself away from her and seen a towel in her desk chair and asked to raise her hips. "You will bleed and it will probably hurt," he said and she nodded. "Are you ready for me to fuck you?" she nodded again and she felt his dick touching her lips and she held her breath in and he leaned down and kissed her. "It will be okay, baby. If it hurts too much I will stop, okay?" she nodded really quick and she knew she didn't want him to quit. He entered her and she felt something tearing inside her and she cried out a little from the pain. She felt the blood coming out and he stop for a moment and kissed her. "Tell me when I can go, Jameson," he said and a few moment later, she begged him to go. He sat up straight and he grabbed her legs and placed them over his shoulders and he began to fuck her.


He started out slow and she gasped everytime he went deep inside her. "Faster Zach, please Faster!" She begged and he gladly obliged. He went faster and faster, going in and out and she felt her pussy squeezing his dick and she couldn't believe she can cum again. When she touched herself when they had phone sex, she only came once. She didn't know you can cum twice! "Yes! Yes! Yes! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed and she grabbed her sheet and curled her toes in when she felt her orgasm and he closed his blue eyes and pressed into her harder and much deeper once last time and she felt him cum in her pussy. Zach relaxed on top of her body and they lay like that for a few minutes, the only thing she heard is their hearts, breathing and the ticking of her wall clock. "Oh baby, that was amazing!" Zach said.


"It was, I loved it!" Jameson said.


"You know, I didn't come all this way just to fuck your brains out. I wanted to meet you. Jameson, I have to say something too," Zach said and he got off of her and got on his back. He grabbed her and held her against his body and she waited on his announcement. "I got a job offer in Charlotte two days ago. I knew that you lived two hours away from Charlotte, so I took the offer."


"So, you are moving here?" Jameson smiled. He is only going to be a few hours away from me!


"Yes, and I was thinking, since we are practically dating each other, how about you moving to Charlotte with me?" He asked and she smiled and got on top of him and kissed him.


"I would love to move in with you."


**HEY! This is my first Erotic novel. I usually write romance novels and I really appreciate comments and critiques**

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