Tomorrow's Promises--Character Pics

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Character Pictures of my new story after Without You, I\'m Lost!

Hey guys! I promised character pictures, here they are!


Roxanne Phillips is hundreds of miles from home, in the middle of no-where Texas. She is in labor and alone in her broken down car on a deserted highway. There is a truck and it stops, a cowboy comes out and helps her. Benjamin Dayton wants to help the beautiful woman out and is surprised that she is in labor. He helps her deliver her son, Josh. When he finds out she has no beau, he wants her in his life, and wants Josh in his life also.

Roxanne Phillips

Benjamin Dayton

Sarah Jenkins (Ben's sister and Roxy's friend)

Josh Phillips (Roxy's Son)

Adam Bridges (Roxy's crazy ex)

Frank Dayton (Ben's Dad)

Sandra Dayton (Ben's Mom)

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