The Day That Started My Life

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Based on a true story. This is about my first day meeting my husband, we began very hot and heavy!


The Day That Started My Life
I never knew I would be this nervous about meeting a man. Ellen, my cousin, gave him my number two days ago and we have not stopped talking to each other since. His name is Clayton Conners, he is twenty-three and I am seventeen. The age difference should stop me, but it just intrigues me even more. I knocked on my cousin’s door and she answered with a smile. “Clayton and Billy should be here in a few minutes, they ran to the store,” Ellen said. Billy is her boyfriend, if you even call him that. I just nodded and walked over to her couch and just sat there quietly. I messed with my blonde hair and tried to keep my nerves at bay. Ellen’s CB radio went off and I heard this…voice. “Is Nikki there yet?” The voice asked and my heart went to my throat, it’s Clayton!
“Yes, she is here waiting on you!” Ellen said and I heard the CB buzz a second and his voice came back.
“We are coming down the trailer park now.” Oh shit, he is coming down now! I heard the beat up truck stop behind my car and then feet on the wooden porch. Billy walked through the door first and then Clayton. I swallowed all my nerves as I stared at this sexy and dark man. He has raven black hair that is down to his ears, golden eyes, and when my eyes went down to his arms, I seen tattoos. One is a dagger and the other arm has a panther and a skull. My mouth began to drool. What is about tattoos that turns me on? “Hey there, Nikki, nice to finally see where the beautiful voice came from,” Clayton said and I just smiled and walked over and hugged him. He has muscles, nice!
“Nice to finally see you too!” I squeaked and Ellen smiled at both of us. I sat in the recliner as he sat on the loveseat across from me. I don’t know what Billy and Ellen are doing, but I just want to concentrate on Judge Judy right now. Ellen hollered for me to come to the kitchen and I did just that. I cannot look at Clayton and not think dirty thoughts. When I look at him, that dirty Nine Inch Nails song called “Closer” comes to my mind. “I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside…” Shit, that song! When I finally made it to the kitchen, Ellen is smiling at me and I tilted my head to the side. “What you smiling about?” I asked her and I grabbed my pack of cigarette and lit one up. If I cannot control my nerves, A Camel Menthol Light can!
“Clayton really likes you. The past two days, he only talks about you and how he cannot wait to meet you,” Ellen said and I looked over and Clayton has his cigarette lit and he is talking to Billy. I smiled and I knew I like him too. I really like him! “I think he will ask you out. Will you say yes?”
“Of course!” I squeaked and she giggled.
“Your mom would never approve of him.”
“Fuck my mom!” She gasped and I went to the living room and she called Clayton to the kitchen. She will probably give him the same talk as she gave me. When he came back to the living room, Ellen grabbed her purse.
“Um, we are going to Carolina Avenue to see about a…house. Yes, a house,” Ellen said and she winked at me. Oh shit, what does she have planned for us? She waved bye at me and the door closed behind her. The room is eerie quiet and smells like cigarettes. I lit another cigarette up and Clayton shook his head. “I wish you would not smoke. You are way too beautiful to smoke,” He said and I smiled. No man has called me beautiful other than Adam, but he said that to fuck me. I looked over at the clock and it’s almost four thirty in the afternoon. I better be getting on home. “It’s been nice seeing you, Clayton, but I better get on home,” I said and he frowned. 
“I have two requests for you before you go,” He asked me and I nodded. “First, will you go out with me?”
“Yes, I will,” I said and my smile grew.
“Second, can I have a kiss from you before you go?” I looked down to his lips and I bit my bottom lip. He has very kissable lips. I nodded and we stood up and met at the middle of the floor. He wrapped his sexy tattooed arms around me and placed his lips on mine. It went from a cute kiss to a very passionate kiss in a nanosecond. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I loved the taste of him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Fuck, I need him! I can feel my pussy tingle for him. I only had sex once with my ex, Adam. I regret it everyday that I lost my virginity to him. Now, I need and want Clayton inside me, I need his hands all over me. He pushed me to the couch and sat me down. He began to unbuckle my jeans and he pulled them down along with my white silk thong. He seen the dampness on my panties and he smiled. “So, you want me?” He asked in his aroused voice.
“Yes, Clayton!” I moaned and his fingers went up my inner thigh and he ran his index up and down my soaked slit and I threw my head back. He pushed one finger inside me, he knew I only had sex once, and I groaned. I love the gentleness of his finger inside me and it’s making me writhe and moan. He took his pants off with his other hand and his finger left my pussy. I moaned in protest, but that stopped abruptly as I felt something wet on my clit. It’s his tongue! “Oh shit!” I moaned and ran my fingers through that sexy raven black hair. He kept going, sucking and licking my clit until my legs quivered around his head. He let go and Clayton stood up and his huge and thick erection is in front of me. “Lay back, baby,” He said and I done just that. I opened my legs and he slid right inside me. I groaned and it kind of hurts. It felt like my first time all over again. He stayed still and watched my facial expression. He began to move when my hands went around and grabbed his muscular ass. He moved, really moved. After a few moments, I shook my head and begged him to stop. 
“Let’s do it doggy,” Clayton said and I got on my hands and knees and he slid back inside me. Oh fuck, this feels so much better! He pounded against me, his balls hitting my clit over and over. I am panting, but I have not pleased him yet. I flipped around and made him sit on the couch. I never rode anyone, I don’t know if I will do it right. I slid down onto his throbbing dick and began to move up, down, up, down. This feels even better than doggy style! I threw my shirt off and Clayton’s face went to my breasts, kissing my mounds. I threw my head back as I fucked him harder, closer and closer to my climax. “Clayton, I am getting close!” I moaned and he groaned and pushed himself inside me, and I just lost it. My whole body is quivering as I explode around his dick and he came not much longer after me. “Oh baby!” he moaned as he filled me with his juices. I collapsed on top of him, tried to regain my breathing. I fully enjoyed that. That is what sex is meant to be! I look down at Clayton and he is smiling really big and he is running his fingers up and down my side. We didn’t have to say a single word, we knew it was good!
I am proud to say that I’m married to Clayton for two and a half years now. This took place five years ago and I still think about it. I can still feel his mouth on me. You can say that day is the beginning of my own life, my own story that can be told throughout the years.

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