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The Day That Changed Me

Short story By: Nikkibeth

I still regret to this day that afternoon. I think about it everyday of my life. I was young and stupid. I thought I was in love. Come to find out, I was in for a surprise. I was seventeen, he was eighteen. We both wanted one thing, but that one thing changed my life forever. Based on a True Story...

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I still regret to this day that afternoon. I think about it everyday of my life. I was young and stupid. I thought I was in love. Come to find out, I was in for a surprise. I was seventeen, he was eighteen. We both wanted one thing, but that one thing changed my life forever…

November, 2007

"Adam, I am grounded! I cannot come out there to see you!" I cried out over my phone. My current boyfriend, Adam, begged and pleaded with me to come out where he works, which I just quit at the same place, and see him before he goes in. I am grounded because I called in work so I can have make out time with him. Adam is my first boyfriend I ever had that touched me. I had my first kiss with my older brother's friend, but that's another story.

"Please baby, I have a surprise for you and I know you will love it!" Adam pleaded with me. I sighed and hit my head with my palm and cursed. If I get caught, I will be in so much deep shit I will taste it for days!

"Fine, okay, give me twenty minutes," I said and he said he loved me and we got off the phone. I grabbed my car keys and my brother came to my room. "Where do you think you're going?" Daryl, my brother, asked me.

"Um, job hunting, I got a speeding ticket to pay," I lied about the job hunting, not the speeding ticket. He nodded and I passed him and got in my car. I drove to the grocery store where Adam worked and he is standing outside his truck with his arms crossed. He has thick, brown, curly hair and dark blue eyes. Any girl would fall for him, and he had to pick me. I recently lost forty pounds and my blonde hair is long and scraggy looking. I didn't bother putting makeup on my hazel eyes and I have a normal tee shirt and blue jeans on. I got out of my car and ran over to him. I jumped into his arms and he kissed me. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I moaned. He let go and he smiled. "Let's get in my truck and talk before I go to work," Adam winked and I giggled. When I got into the passenger side of his Ford Ranger, Adam attacked me. He didn't attack me like rape attack, but just attacked me with lust. His kiss is frenzied and very hot. My hands roamed his back and I pulled him up to get more of him. I never felt this way before. I want him so bad and I knew he wanted me. His hardness is pressed against my waist and I jerked back. I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me. "I guess you never felt a dick before, right?" Adam asked and I nodded my head to agree. He unzipped his work pants and grabbed my hand. He pushed it all the way down and pressed my hand against his dick. He is about a good seven inches long and pretty fucking thick. I gulped and looked up into his lustful eyes again. "Nikki, you done this to me since the first day I started working here. I had to go to the bathroom and jack off because I was so fucking hard for you," Adam confessed and I closed my eyes. He is the first guy I made hard for and that surprised the hell out of me.

After a few minutes of making out and me just holding his dick and not doing anything, I don't know what to do with it, so I began to slide my hand up and down. He let go and moaned my name. "That's it Nikki, you're doing a great job," Adam moaned. I kept going and even going faster and he made me stop. He took my shirt off and my 36 D breasts are in his view. No other guy has seen me naked and he is just staring at me.

"You're so beautiful," he said and pressed his face between my mounds. He kissed both breasts and his hand went down to the snap of my jeans. I pulled myself away and I began to get scared. I know exactly what he wants.

"Adam, I am not ready yet," I said and he kissed then smiled.

"Yes, you are," he said and he unsnapped my jeans and pulled my pants and thong down to my ankles. My heart began to race. I am fixing to lose my virginity in a cramped Ford Ranger, in a grocery store parking lot! I felt his fingers, kind of rough feeling, push inside my tight pussy. I moaned and raised my hips up and rocked against his moving fingers. "Fuck, you are so tight! It will hurt a bit cause I am so thick," Adam said and I nodded. He sat up and slid his jeans off and I closed my eyes. That's when I knew, it's about to happen.

He got on top of me and he smiled. He had sex before, so he knows what to do, but I don't. I never touched a guy until him. I am just a naïve seventeen year old! I felt his dick at my entrance and my eyes shut tight. He didn't even warn me, or say anything before he entered me. He filled me up, all the way up and I felt the instant virginal pain. I cried out a little and he just shushed me. He started to go in and out and started to go faster. It began to feel good. I wrapped my arms around his clothed back and sank my nails into his shirt. "Oh Adam, fuck me!" I moaned out and he just groaned. He got down to my ear as we began to climax and he breathed my name in my ear. I felt the bottom of my stomach tightening up and I screamed. I knew this feeling, I am not a virgin at masturbating. I find myself wanting a rock star, so I know a orgasm. Adam pressed himself deep inside me as I climaxed and he filled himself with his cum. He collapsed on me and we didn't say a single word. The truck smelled like sweat and sex. It kind of made my stomach weak because I never smelled sex before. Adam got off of me and adjusted his own clothes. I put my clothes back on and we kissed and he had to go back in. I went on home, my mom is there. I told her about the job hunting, and she believed me. She did not suspect a thing. She doesn't know that her daughter is not a virgin anymore.

Things did not turn out like I suspected to. Adam broke up with me four days later, claming he is not "ready for a long term relationship". I was very heartbroken. I gave him the one thing I held dearest, my virginity and he just left me. I thought my life is over.

Well, things did get better, and sort of worse. Two months later, I met my husband, Clayton. He cherished me the way I wanted to be cherished. I found out I was pregnant a week after Clayton and I started dating. I knew it was Adam's. I never told him because I knew he would not be there. I lost the baby at seventeen weeks, a week away from knowing the gender. Clayton was there the whole time for me. He told me someday, we will have a child.

I talk to Clayton all the time about that afternoon in the truck. I wished Clayton took my virginity, instead of that jerk. He just laughs and said "Well, you had sex once before you met me, so why does it matter?" It does matter, because that day, it changed me, for the good and bad. I gain confidence in myself, but I lost my soul to Adam.


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