Sweet Changes--Character Pictures

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Character Pics of the new story

I am going ahead and get this idea out of my head LOL so here is the summary and character pictures!


Celeste Jimmison only knew one thing her whole life, sex and money. Her mother was a prosititute until she died when Celeste was just 15. Now Celeste is 23 years old, and a prosititute in the city of Atlanta. She is not ashamed about her job, she loves it. She never knew what being loved really feels like, she only knows that people you love dies and will never come back. She had sex with numerous men for money and has no feelings for him, or any feeling at all. She just wants to do her job, enjoying making money by doing the one thing she loves doing, having sex. One man changed her way of thinking, and he is the way out of her job, but she doesn't even know it.

Liam Wilkerson is the top Financial Councelor of Atlanta, and very rich. He never really needed a hooker to meet his needs. One night, when his girlfriend dumps him, he seeks out a woman that will fulfill his needs, and he meets Celeste. One night of countless passion, he has a proposition for her and she takes it. Along the way, he falls for the young, hurt woman that is in terrible need to be loved. Will he be the one to help her?

Celeste Jimmison

Liam Wilkerson

Amber Jimmison (Celeste's Aunt)

Tiffany Lawerence (Celeste's Friend)

Crystal Parker (Liam's Ex)

Randy Branch (Liam's Friend, Tiff's future boyfriend)

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