Seduction by Desire--Character Pics

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Character Pics, YO!

I am going ahead and getting these character pics out before "Hiding in the Darkk" is done. I am working on the chapter now, and including the chapter I am working on, there is four left. It's coming to the end quickly since its not a HUGE hit. Well here is the summary and pictures!


-Sequal to "Don't Cry Tonight-

Rose Scott is the daughter of San Diego's top entrepreuner, Brent Scott. Now at twenty years old, she is starting her own life, as the assistant of the second top entrepreuner in San Diego. She feels unsuccessful because she dropped out of college and her father is paying her bills so she can live alone. First day of work, she finds herself the subject of desire of her boss, the second top entrepreuner, Kane Sheppard. She finds herself falling for his sexy looks and charms. Her father tells her to steer away from him, but she finds herself that she cannot stay away from him!

Kane knows that he will be always second to Brent Scott, and he doesn't care. He started his telecommunications business at twenty-one years old, and he is now twenty-nine and second to the Scott's. He wanted to hire Rose for her smarts, but one look at her, he wanted her more than to work for him. Rose is very shy, quiet and keeps to herself and she is also a hard worker and very beautiful. If he wants to be with Rose, he knows he has to get around Brent, her HIGHLY powerful father!

Rose Scott

Kane Sheppard


Bradley Scott (Rose's twin brother)

Denise Easton- Rose's friend and roommate

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