Not Resisting You

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Josie has found herself in jail, alone with a sexy police officer that arrested her, Bryan. She finds herself getting wanton for him, and little does she know, he wants her too...

Not Resisting You


I paced back and forth in my jail cell, yes JAIL CELL. I ran my fingers through my short brunette hair and grunted. Why did I have one too many wines? I just wanted to have fun with my friends that came down from Washington DC for a visit. Now, I am stuck in a jail cell in my small West Virginia town and a very sexy cop at the desk.


He has his legs on the desk, eating a blueberry muffin and has a cup of coffee on the desk. I can hear a talk show coming through the TV and he has this...roaring laughter that makes my insides tingle. He has dark copper hair, like a brownish-red color, light green eyes and he is pretty tall and in shape. He has broad shoulders, a strong jaw and a roman nose. He is very good looking. He has to be in his late twenties, early thirties. He is the one that arrested me for underage drinking AND a DUI. This is not going to look good for my college applications!


I was not planning to be rude to my friends and NOT drink with them. I was planning to drink only one or two wine glasses, ended up drinking five. Then, I wanted to go get something to eat, and I left the house. On the way, I got pulled over, done the Breathalyzer test, which I blew too much alcohol, and got my ass arrested. It didn't help when he read my ID and seen my age, which added to the charges.


I sat down on the bench and messed with my manicured nails and then looked up at the officer and he is looking at me. “When is your parents coming to get you?” He asked me. I sagged because my parents are in Charleston for a convention, they won't be back till the morning.


“The morning, I have to call them then. They are at some stupid convention,” I said and he shook his head.


“They left their nineteen year old daughter alone with their wine, and now look where she is.”


“I cannot help that Jessica and James wanted something to drink to celebrate their arrival. I would have been rude to not drink with them!” He laughed and then he stood up and walked over to my cell. I can smell his cologne and its enticing my senses. He leaned against the metal bars and he is looking straight at me. I immediately covered my breasts since my little black dress is pretty revealing.


“What is your name anyway? I never asked you and I don't remember from your ID.”


“Joselyn Carmichael, but everybody calls me Josie,” I said and he smiled.


“Well, Josie, it will be just you and me tonight, unless they bring more people in for the same reason you're in here. I am Officer Bryan Franks, friends call me Bryan!” I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm, but its kind of humorous. The thought of just him and me in this tiny police department made me excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I am in here with a very desirable man, and scared because he is so desirable, it scares me. He made me feel so horny and wanton that my pussy is throbbing. If I don't find some release, I will spontaneously combust on the spot!


Around midnight, I looked up and Bryan is gone somewhere. I knew this would be the perfect time to mess around. I am not wearing those dreadful handcuffs anymore! I lay back against the bench and I can feel my wet pussy against the lace of my panties. I ran my fingers up and down my panties and I bit my lip, fighting a moan. I need to make this quick before I give poor Bryan a show!


I pushed my panties to the side and immediately touched my throbbing clit. I began to move my finger up and down, side to side, finding the right pace to make myself cum. My heart picked up a beat when I found the right speed. My other hand went to my hole and I pushed two fingers inside my pussy. I cannot fight it anymore, I moaned loudly. I began to imagine Bryan, on top of me, his cock inside me. I can feel my lower belly begin to tighten up because I am so close. Without myself even knowing, I began to moan again. “Oh Bryan, oh BRYAN!” I squeaked and I came all over my fingers and my hips lifted up off the bench and when I finally came down, I looked to the side, and Bryan is back. My cheeks flushed and I pulled my hands out of my panties and wiped my hands off my dress. “” I said and he grew a smile.


“Looks like you had a good time, did you come hard?” Bryan asked, his voice husky. I think he got turned on by watching me masturbate in his jail cell.


“Yeah, but...” My confidence began to climb, I want this man inside me, really inside me. “But I think it will be much better if you made me cum,” I said and he unlocked the jail cell and ran over to me. He put his lips on mine and we began to kiss, hard. His tongue pushed itself in my mouth and I moaned at his taste, he tastes so good. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him. Bryan reached down and grabbed my ass and I squealed, and he laughed.


He sat me down on the bench and pushed my dress up where my panties are in view...again. His hands went up and down my thighs and I shivered at his touch. He has the magic touch, I know he does. I closed my eyes as his hand found my sex and cupped me. “Mm mm, that was so hot watching you make yourself cum,” Bryan said and he reached up and grabbed my hands and sniffed them. Huh, that is weird. “I can smell your sweet pussy on your hands.” Oh shit, I bit my lip and he slid up and undid my halter top of the dress and slid it down. My breasts came into view and he began to nibble on the side of my left breast. Oh shit, this feels so good. His hands pulled my dress completely off, with my help and I can feel the cold wooden bench underneath me.


Bryan's mouth attached to my nipple and I groaned and ran my fingers through his hair. I don't want him to stop, but he is a complete stranger, a police officer, the officer that arrested me! I cannot help it, it feels way too good! “Bryan...” I breathed, running my hands up his chest, I want to see him, I want to see him so bad! He sat up and began to take his tan police officer shirt and I heard it land on the ground. He has an eagle tattoo on his chest, how very patriotic! I looked down and I can see his huge bulge in his pants and I leaned up and began to un-do his belt. When his belt came loose, I pulled his pants and jockey shorts down and I gawked at his male beauty. He is hard and ready for me. Do I want this fast? I kind of do, but I want to feel wanted and loved.


I only had one guy before Bryan, my ex-boyfriend Adam. He treated me like shit for three years. I thought I loved this boy. I wanted to be his wife, have his children and grow old with him. Adam did not have the same plans. He wanted to go to college far away, experiment with girls, fuck around with me. He hit me, cursed at me when I didn't do something perfect, made me cry countless times, segregated me from my own friends. I had enough, and I broke it off with him a week before our high school graduation. Last I heard from him, he is still attending college in New York with his football scholarship, and treating women like dogs still.


Bryan, I can tell he will treat me with respect. I can feel it in my bones. Bryan reached down and pulled my panties off and I wanted to cover myself. Adam only seen my pussy, and I feel so nervous. I think Bryan seen my nerves and he lean up and kissed me. “First time baby?” He asked me when he let go.


“No, but I had one guy before you, my ex. He treated me bad,” I said and he nodded.


“I will treat you so good, baby. You will be blown away.” I moaned as he went down and kissed my neck and his hand went between my legs and cupped my warm and wet sex. “I don't know if I can wait any longer baby, seeing you fuck yourself got me going. I need to get inside that sweet pussy,” He said and I moaned when he slid two fingers inside me.


I moved my hips up and down and his mouth left my neck and I can feel it against my clit immediately. I gasped at the intense pleasure of his mouth and tongue on my clit. Adam never ate me out, he just fucked me like his toy. Bryan lapped my clit like a lollypop and sucked on me and I moaned and moved my hips to feel more of his mouth.


I can feel myself getting closer to closer to cum, but he stops. He knew I am close. I groaned and he got on top of me, and his lips attached to mine. I can taste myself, and I moaned because I taste so good. I can feel his head at my entrance and he looked down at me with those gorgeous light green eyes and he pushed himself inside me. I groaned because the pinching pain I felt. I had not had sex in over a year, I am very tight and he is a lot bigger than my ex.


Bryan kissed me between my eyebrows and he moved a little and he moaned. “I better be careful, or this will end quick. You are so tight!” Bryan breathed and he moved slowly inside me. The pain went away, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My arms went around his back and as he pumped inside me, my nails dug deeper into his back. I know he likes it because he is groaning, fucking me harder.


All of the sudden, our bodies switched, he is now sitting on the bench and I am on his lap, facing him. Bryan grabbed my hips and bounced me up and down, showing me how I should do it. When he let go, I began to really fuck him. I put my hands on his shoulders and bounced on his cock. He hissed through his teeth and praised the Gods that I am fucking him this great.


I keep hitting my sweet spot in my pussy, so I began to get closer. Bryan knew this, and he wrapped his arms around me and bounced me even harder. I threw my head back and let out a loud squeal as I cum all over his cock. I screamed his name out, and I finally relaxed against him, but Bryan is not done.


He flipped me back over to my stomach this time. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. I moaned and raised my hips up, and I knew he is coming to the close. Bryan pushed himself inside me, once, twice, three times and I can feel his cum fill me up. He moaned my name, a bitter sweet sound, “Josie...” it is between a moan and a sigh. He relaxed against me and he flipped us over and I am on top of him. He grabbed his police shirt and covered me. I lay against his chest, hearing his heart beat. That is so amazing, I had sex with a police a jail cell! There is one question bearing in my mind...


“So Bryan, does this mean the charges are off?” I asked him and he chucked.


“Yes baby, but I don't want you to go yet,” Bryan sighed and I nodded. I don't feel like leaving just yet. “I am going to call another officer in and I am taking you home with me. I am going to make love to you this time, but I want it in my bed.” I smiled and scooted up and kissed him. “That sounds like a plan, officer!”

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