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Nikki's Wild Adventure

Short story By: Nikkibeth

I get a night of my life with my husband and two of the hottest rock stars I fantasied about. Wish I can stay this is based on a true story, but it's not!

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*A/N: IceBreaker dared me to post this, since I always talked about this fantasy with her. She is right, this did turn out to a fucking awesome story! These artist I mention are real. I used them in my character pictures (Kip as Dylan McKenna and Richard as Brent Scott). This is my first Orgy story, so enjoy!*

Nikki's Wild Adventure

I came home from a long day of work. I tossed my keys into the bowl and poured me a glass of white wine. "Baby, I'm home…Clay?" I got worried. Where is my husband? I walked to the game room and he has a picture of Richard Kruspe, the guitar player of Rammstein, and Kip Winger, the singer of Winger, on the table. Oh shit, that is the picture I…well, I will let you figure that part out. "Clay, what are you doing?" I asked him.

"I found these by your vibrator…" He has my pink vibrator beside the pictures and I blushed. "So, you fuck your vibrator to these men? Do you fuck your vibrator with me?"

"More than that…I kind of imagine the three of you fucking me at the same time," I blushed and he cocked an eye brow.

"I've made some…arrangements. It was hard, but they worked out." His serious expression changed to this very playful look. My heart began to race, oh shit, what has he got planned for me? I heard a knock on the door and Clay yelled for them to hold on. He opened the dresser and threw black lingerie at me. I held it up and it's hardly anything! "Put it on, I'll let our guests in. When you get dressed, come meet us in the living room," Clay said and closed the door behind him. I quickly took my work clothes on and my underwear and threw on the barely there lingerie. I went to the mirror and fixed my hair and I can hear a man with a rather strong German accent talking and laughing. I also heard another man, with a deep voice that sends shivers down my spine. I opened my door, trying to hide my nerves.

I went to the living room and I think I about fainted. Richard and Kip is standing there, talking and drinking with my husband! Clay looked at me and smiled. "Ah, here is my beautiful wife! Come here, Nikki!" Clay said and waved me over. I began to shake and when I got to Clay, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and immediately grabbed my breast. "Do you know who these men are?" He asked me and I just nodded. "Well, I didn't tell you I have a cousin in the music business and he knows Kip and Richard. Richard was just in Atlanta and Kip did a show in Baltimore. They came down here for the night," He said and I swallowed.

"The night?" I asked shakily.

"Well, you said you want the three of us to fuck you, well here they are, horny and ready." I looked up at Kip and he still has that long hair I love back in his early years of Winger and he is grabbing his hard-on in his pants. I glanced over at Richard and he winked at me and grabbed himself too.

"Where are we doing this, Clayton?" Richard asked in his strong German accent.

"Our bedroom, follow Nikki," Clay said and smacked my ass. I yelped and lead the three men I find most attractive in my life to our bedroom. Our bed is made, like he planned this the whole time, well he did! Kip closed the door behind him and I just stood there, with my hands behind my back. The men are staring at me, licking their lips and I can feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. I bit my lip and Clay is the first one to approach me. He put his lips on me and slid his tongue inside my mouth and I moaned. Richard and Kip came over and Richard pulled me away from Clay and I slid my tongue into his mouth and our tongue battled out with each other. Oh, he tastes so good! Kip is behind me, rubbing my ass and nibbling on my neck and Clay is untying my lingerie and I moaned. I never thought this would feel so good!

My lingerie dropped and I finally left Richard and kissed Kip. I am now very hot and bothered, so I went a little further with Kip. I wrapped my leg around his hip and pulled him closer, feeling his cock against me. I began to breath harder and harder and I let go. "Knees…" Clay said and I obeyed and got on my knees and all three men pulled their jeans and boxers off and all of them are hot and hard. I bit my lip and trying to decide who gets to be sucked first. I leaned into Clay and put my mouth on Clay and with each hand, I grabbed Richard and Kip's cock and moved my hand at the same tempo as my mouth. I went all the way down on Clay's cock and gagged a little then let go of his cock. All three men are moaning and Clay put his hand on my head and pushed my head down, wanting my mouth more. "I want her mouth on me," Richard said and Clay and Richard switched spots. I licked the tip of Richard's cock then went all the way down to the point I can feel his pubic hair against my lips. "OH FUCK, Your wife has a mouth of the heavens!" Richard groaned and Clay just moaned as I squeezed his cock and stroked it. I can feel Kip about to come and I let go of Richard and Clay and pay my attention to Kip. He pushed my hand out of the way and stroked his own cock and he groaned and his hot cum sprayed all over my face and breasts. I let my tongue out and tried to taste his cum. When he finished, I licked my lips and smiled. "Mmmm, tastes good," I moaned. Richard pushed me onto the bed and he asked me to get on my hands and knees. I followed his orders and his cock went back into my mouth. I can hear the bed squeak and then…I feel something wet against my clit. "Oh god!" I moaned against Richard's cock. I looked down and Kip is laying sideways, devouring my pussy. I looked behind me and Clay is stroking himself, looking devious. What does he have planned for me?

Richard grabbed my hair and pushed me down onto his cock and I began to suck him again. "I'm going to fuck that pussy of hers as you lick her clean, Kip," Clay said and my eyes grew big. I never have been ate out and fucked at the same time, and I got very excited. I can feel the bed dip and then Clay's head at my soaked entrance. Kip's mouth surrounded my clit and sucked hard and I cried out in pleasure. Clay pushed himself inside my pussy and all the way to the top. I have to stop sucking Richard, this feels too good. My arms and legs are shaking. Kip went faster on my clit and Clay began to fuck me, hard. I can feel Richard's cock twitch in my mouth, telling me he is next to cum. "Suck harder baby," Richard said and I sucked all the way down and he held my head, his cum squirting down my throat and he groaned. Clay and Kip went faster and faster on me and Richard let me go.

"Fuck that felt good," Richard said and he grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples and that is the end for me. "OH FUCK!" I screamed and my pussy squeezed Clay's cock and Kip bit down on my clit and I screamed out my orgasm. Clay pushed into me one more time and I can feel him filling me up with his cum and when he finished, Kip and Clay let me go and I collapsed on the bed, exhausted at the pleasure I just received.

In the morning, I am still naked in bed. I grabbed my tee shirt and my pajama pants and went to the kitchen. Clay, Richard and Kip are standing there, talking among themselves and I smiled. I knew last night was not a dream. "Good morning beautiful," Clay said and I walked over and kissed him. I kissed Kip and Richard and all three men smiled at me salaciously. "Ready for another adventure?" Kip asked and I smiled and grabbed all three hands and lead them back to the bedroom, ready for another heart wrenching adventure.


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