Love Thy Family--Character Pics

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Character pics for my new action-packed erotica!

Sorry, had a HORRIBLE past few days! I have a brain fart on "Sweet Changes" so I am going to go ahead and start my new action erotica! This is different cause the POV will be a guy!


Derrick Desmond is an ex-Navy Seal, wanting to have a decent life. He takes care of his 17 year old sister, Catherine (Cathy) since their parents died a few years back from a car accident. While Derrick is out with his friends, Cathy gets kidnapped by men that Derrick dealt with before. Derrick comes home to a note and no sister. A woman name Teila O'Malley comes and says that she can help him find her.

Teila has dealt with these men before. Four years ago, when she was sixteen, a group of Irish soliders came to her town and killed everybody in her family. She knows that Derrick and his navy team tried to find them, and failed. Teila and Derrick goes to Ireland and go rescues his sister, and finds themselves wanting each other than a partnership to find Cathy.

Derrick Desmond

Catherine "Cathy" Desmond-- Derrick's Sister (gets kidnapped)

Teila O'Malley

Owen Laws (Derrick's Friend, ex seal)

Jonathon Wiseman (Cathy's Boyfriend)

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