A Dancer and a Rock Star-- Part Two

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, It's been two years since Gemma Smart and Rick Rock had their first night together. Now, they are in love and ready for the next tour. Gemma thinks she has a plan for Rick, but little does she know, Rick has a plan for her as well!


*A/N: I wanted to do a second part for a while now...so here it is!!!*
A Dancer and a Rock Star Part 2
Two Years Later
“For real, Rick is taking you somewhere NICE!” Jade said and I laughed. Tomorrow is the beginning of the bands new tour for their new album, which is Billboard’s number one album of the year. 
“He said that I deserve something other than bars and McDonalds,” I said and I smiled. Rick and I have been dating and now madly in love for two years now. We live together in a penthouse in St. Louis, which so happens to be both our hometown. I am spending the day with my friend Jade, which we started dancing for the band together on the same concert. She is now dating the singer, Pete. 
“Girl, I think he is going to pop the question!” Jade said and I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t think he will, Jade. We are happy the way we are. We live together and we are in love. I would be happy if he did, but I just don’t see that happening,” I said and she sighed.
“Gemma, everybody in the band and the dancers can see in Rick that he loves you. He has to propose!” 
“I just don’t know…” What if Rick proposes? We been together for a long time, I would love to be officially his. I know I’m his but to be his wife, it would be awesome!
“Oh Rick, this is just beautiful!” I said and covered my mouth to prevent sobs. I am wearing a beautiful pale pink cocktail dress and Rick is in a nice dress suit. His hair is slightly longer, down to his neck, and he looks so sexy right now.
“Not as beautiful as you, love,” Rick said and he grabbed my hand and we walked to the waitress and she lead us to our table, facing the beautiful Mississippi River.  He ordered us some mineral water, he’s still sober, and we looked at the menu. I am not into the eclectic foods, but I decided to try some duck confit. We ordered and when the waitress left, Rick grabbed my hands and he rubbed his finger across my knuckles. “Two years ago, I remember taking your virginity. I never felt so honored,” Rick said and I smiled.
“I think it was meant to be, Rick. I love you,” I said and he pulled my hand to his lips and kissed it.
“I love you too, more than life itself,” He said and I smiled even bigger. We talked about the upcoming concert tomorrow. I got named “Top Dancer” half way into the last tour because I was daring for dancing on Rick. It got to where the other dancers had to do that as well, but no body dances on Rick or Jade’s boyfriend because well, they are with us! 
“I got an idea for the song ‘I Want Your Lovin’ tomorrow night. I hope you like it,” I said and winked at him.
“Oh, you do? Well, I got a plan tomorrow that will rock your socks off!” He winked at me and I blushed. Our food came and we ate in total silence, but we cannot keep each other’s eyes off of each other. After we finished eating our entrée, Rick ordered dessert for us to share. When it came, it’s a HUGE ice cream sundae with REAL gold flakes on it. “Is the gold edible?” I asked and he laughed.
“Of course baby, eat!” I grabbed a spoonful of the ice cream with the gold flake and took a bit. It kind of taste like chocolate! Wow, this is amazing! We finished our dessert and Rick paid for the dinner and he took us home. On the way there, he put his hand on my thigh and begin to go higher…higher… “Rick…” I moaned when his finger found my clit through my underwear.
“I want some of that pussy when we get home!” Rick said and I can feel my pussy throb. He can turn me on by just his words. We made it to our penthouse and before I can get out of the car, he opened my door and lifted me out of the seat. He carried me inside to our home and then to the bedroom. Rick grabbed the remote and Alice Cooper came on and I smiled. He always loves to make love with music. We fuck to anything from Motley Crue to Whitney Houston. “I am going to make you feel so good, baby,” He whispered into my ear from behind me. He unzipped my dress and I can feel the wind as the dress fell on the floor. His arms wrapped around me and grabbed my breasts and pinched both my nipples. I threw my head back and moaned. One hand left and he pulled my panties down and I am now naked in front of him. I can feel his teeth graze my neck and I moaned. I turned myself around and I undone each button of his shirt one by one. When I seen his sexy physique, I ran my nails down his chest and over his nipples and he groaned. I sat myself down and he took his shirt all the way off and then his pants and boxers left as well.  I can feel his hard cock against my thigh and it twitched from my heat. “I am not ready to be inside you yet, Gemma baby,” Rick said as I raised my hips, ready for feel him inside me. He got between my legs and kissed my inner thigh and I ran my fingers through that sexy dark copper hair. He got higher and I can feel his breath against my damp sex. He flicked his tongue on my clit so light I jerked. Then, all of the sudden, his mouth and tongue attacked my clit. “Rick…oh Rick!” I moaned and pulled him closer. I want him so bad! I want him inside me! “Please, I want you inside me!” I moaned and he smiled into my pussy. 
“Mmmm, you do?” Rick said and licked my clit.
“FUCK! PLEASE!” I yelled and he crawled on top of me and slid himself inside me. We both groaned and he stayed still, let me adjust to his size. I moved my hips and he moaned and he began to move, really move. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he moved faster. He hit my sweet spot every time and I said his name every time he hit it. I can feel my lower belly tighten and my toes began to curl. “Oh baby, cum for me!” Rick said into my neck and began to suck on my neck. I had my release and I wrapped my arms around him and held him close to me. “I love you! I love you!” I screamed out and Rick finally got his release.
“Gemma, I love you!” He moaned and he fell on top of me and kissed my neck. I smiled and once he pulled out of me, he wrapped me in his arms and we fell asleep.
“Okay, Jade and I will go out for the first four songs. Rebecca and Tina will go for the next four songs. Then Verne, Cammie and Abbie will do the last two songs and I will join them for the finale!” I managed the dancers and the all agree. Bruce, the manager, clapped at me and gave us all thumbs up. 
“Ladies, lets blow St. Louis away tonight! This is the first venue of the tour and them are so hyped up its unbelievable!” Bruce said and we all cheered. I looked behind me and Rick came up and wrapped his arms around him and kissed him. When he let go, I messed with his hair, which its in the style of the hair metal age and I giggled. “Who’s idea was this?” I asked and he rolled his eyes and pointed at Pete, which is kissing Jade.
“Pete said just one venue, we should do this. You doing the finale?” Rick asked and I smiled.
“Yep, and the first four songs!” I said and he kissed me and smiled.
“I love you, baby, lets rock tonight!” Rick said and I nodded. Bruce ushered the band out and the crowd went nuts. “ROCKERS DELIGHT! ROCKERS DELIGHT!” The crowd screamed and Jade and I ran outside and got on our pedestals. The song started and they started on a fast song. I need a slow song “I Want Your Lovin’” to come on. I have a plan for Rick! I danced through the first two songs like I usually do, ran my hands down my body, touching and grabbing myself. Then… 
“Oh baby, I love you so much. I want your lovin’ tonight…” Rick sang and the crowd went wild. It’s their number one hit of their album. Rick is sitting down for this song and he is on the acoustic guitar, instead of the electric. I hoped down and sat on his lap and kissed him. The crowd went crazy and when I let go of Rick, he sang some more. I got behind him and ran my hands down his chest and danced sexually behind him. I swung my hips, held my hair, cupped my breasts…done everything I done the last tour. When the solo came,  I stood in front of him and bent down, showing him my shaved pussy and he almost messed up. I stood up and the song ended. The crowd went wild and Rick sat his guitar down and kissed me. He slid his tongue inside my mouth and our tongues battled for dominance. He let go and we went back to our jobs. After my songs ended, Jade and I ran backstage and the dancers went crazy! 
“You never seize to amaze me, Gemma!” Rebecca said and I hugged her. Rebecca, next to Jade, is my best friend. She has beautiful red hair and she has a two year old daughter that also hangs out backstage. She is not here tonight, she is with her father. The concert continued and Jade and I hanged around backstage, dancing to the music and then…I heard the crowd. “ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!” 
“That’s your cue, Gemma!” Jade said and I ran back on stage and stood beside Rick. The band started and I heard the screech from the fireworks and its such a thrill. I danced with Cammie and we touched each other, which the crowd loves that! After the song ended, all four of us dancers threw our hands up and let the crowd go nuts. We started to head back, but Rick had other plans. “I would like my girlfriend, Gemma, to stay on stage with me,” Rick said and my heart began to race and I turned on my heel and grabbed his hand. 
“As you all know, Gemma, the head dancer, and myself have been dating for the past two years. I love this woman so much,” Rick said and the crowd cheered and I turned my face away and tried to fight the tears.
“So, Gemma, remember what I said at the restaurant last night?” He asked and I just nodded. He promised to rock my socks off, what does he have planned. He got on his knee and I took a step back and covered my mouth. My favorite song “I Want Your Lovin’” came on and a big bunch of roses came out, carried out by Jade and she gave it to me. Rick grabbed my hand and with the other, he pulled out a case. He opened it and a beautiful oval diamond ring is smiling at me. Oh my God!
“Gemma Marie Smart, will you marry me?” Rick said and I began to cry. The crowd got quiet and Pete gave me the microphone. I cried into it and finally, I said… 
“Yes, Rick, I will marry you!” I whimpered and the crowd got loud, louder than when they played. I dropped the roses onto the floor and he spun me around and around, and the fireworks display started. I looked down into the love of my life’s face and kissed him. I cannot believe he done this! I am marrying Rick Rock! 
Three Months Later
“Richard, will you take Gemma to be your wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” the minister said and Rick smiled at me. We are having a all white wedding and he looks so handsome in his white tux.
“I do,” Rick said and I smiled really big and I can feel the tears falling on my face.
“Gemma, will you take Richard to be your husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” 
“I do,” I said and he mouthed “I love you,” and I mouthed that I loved him back.
“By the power invested in me, in the state of Missouri, I now pronounce you man and wife. Richard, you can kiss your bride.” Rick smiled and he pulled my veil over my face and he placed his mouth on mine. Our guests clapped and cheered and we ran down the aisle. We decided to have a small reception, so we cut the cake, had fun and danced. When we ran to the limo and the door closed. Rick immediately grabbed me and kissed me. He pushed me down and when he let go, he smiled. “Hello wife,” Rick said and I giggled.
“Hello husband!” I said and he grabbed my breast.
“I think Hawaii is awaiting us,” He said and I nodded. 
“I cannot wait to start my life as Mrs. Quincy.” He grimaced and I laughed. Did you really think Rock was his real last name? No, his real name is Richard Quincy! I am now Gemma Quincy, and so happy! He pulled my dress over my waist and pushed two fingers into my pussy. I groaned and he moved his fingers in and out, my hips matching his movements. He got on his hands and knees and undone his zipper and his cock came out, hard and ready for me. He slid inside me, I threw my head back at the feeling of him inside me. I heard a song start and it’s Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel”. 
“Oh Gemma!” Rick moaned and I wrapped my legs around him and we moved together. I never knew my wedding night would be in the back of the limo, but I love it. I can feel myself getting close and I know he is getting close. His movements got hard and rough, and I liked it. “RICKKKKKKKKKKK!” I screamed and my orgasm rocked my body and Rick came right after me, breathing my name. After a few moments laying on each other, Rick and myself adjusted each others clothes and I lay in Rick’s lap.
“Mrs. Quincy, I have a question,” Rick said and I smiled.
“What Mr. Quincy?” I said and he ran his fingers though my hair.
“How do you feel about a honeymoon baby?” I sat up and I have a huge grin on my face. We have talked about children before, and he wants a family.
“Well, I think that sounds wonderful!” I said and kissed my husband, my rock star, the man I will spend the rest of my life with.

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