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A Dancer and a Rock Star

Short story By: Nikkibeth

Gemma Smart is a dancer for a rock band known as "Rocker's Delight". On her first night dancing, she not only enlightened the fans, she enlightened the band's lead guitarist, Rick Rock. One night of passion proves that they are meant to be together, on stage and off stage.

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-This is a pet project I done. I really like this story and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!-

A Dancer and a Rock Star

"Gemma, Jade, you are up! Remember girls, have fun!" The band manager said and I can hear the song ending. This is my first night as a dancer for a very well known metal band.

"Gemma, don't look so nervous!" The band manager, his name is Bruce, said as he squeezed my shoulder. "Your hair looks nice!" I ran my fingers through my dark blonde hair that has been poofed up with loads of gel and hairspray. The band I dance for is trying to be the 1980s hair metal scene back, and they have been successful.

"Thanks, so what do I do?" I asked him and he laughed.

"I forgot, baby girl, you go on the pedestal above Rick's head and dance sexually. Remember to touch yourself, make the men and the band aroused, make them want you baby!" Bruce said and I nodded. Yeah, they love sexual dances. I look over at my new friend Jade, she is African American and just started as well, she looks nervous. Her beautifully done poofy hair looks good on her too. We both just turned twenty-one, and immediately auditioned for be dancers for the Band "Rockers Delight." "We can do this, Gemma! I am dancing with the singer!" Jade said and squeaked and the song ended as I laughed at her.

"I got the guitar player!" I said and winked. The dancers that was out before came backstage and gave us both reassuring pats on the back.

"You can do it, you two!" One dancer name Tina said with a smile.

"You two look drop dead sexy, I am jealous!" Another dance name Rebecca said with a huge smile and kissed my cheek. Jade and I and two more dancers ran out and got into position. I went over to the guitar player, Rick. Rick Rock is the best guitarist of 2013, given by Guitar Magazine. He has been on the cover of GQ magazine, being one of the sexiest men in America. He looked up at me and he smiled. He has golden eyes, dark copper hair that has been spiked and that kind of smile that melts your bones. "Good luck, I know you can dance good!" Rick said and then winked at me. I am finding myself getting quite aroused by looking at him. Bruce said I need to arouse the audience and band members, I am going to!

The song stared, and it's one of my favorites. The audience began to clap their hands as the singer sang the first part and Rick done a slide on the guitar and made it squeal. The music picked up, and I started to dance. I moved my hips around in a circle and ran my fingers through my hair. This song really moves me, it makes me very horny. "Let me touch you, baby, let me feel you…" The singer said and I ran my hands down to the base of my neck and I looked down and Rick is looking up at me. "Let me taste you, baby, let me feel you…" I ran my hands down to my breasts and I squeezed them. The audience went wild when I done that and I grabbed the other one. I moaned, really moaned, I am making myself feel really good. I keep moving my hips, dancing and moving to the music. I looked over and Jade is doing almost the same thing. I need to come up with something, quick! I want to be different than the others. Wait a second, I can dance ON the band member, and nobody dares to. Well, Gemma Smart is going to! The second chorus came around and I slid my hand between my legs and I am very wet, soaked to say. I barely glazed my clit and I threw my head back and moaned. The audience cheered again and I looked down at Rick, and he is biting his bottom lip. I am turning him on big time, and it's my time to shine!

I hopped down off the pedestal as the guitar solo started and I put my hand on Rick's muscular back. I walked around and around his body, touching him all over. I can hear him moan, and when I got face to face with him again, he smiled salaciously. "You're fucking hot, Gemma. I'm going to fuck you when this concert is over," Rick said and I bit my lip. Oh, I want to fuck him too. His legs are spread, probably to hide his hard-on, and I wrapped my legs around one of them and moved my hips on them. My clit is rubbing against his leg and I ran my fingers through my hair again. The audience is cheering on what I am doing, and the rocking guitar solo. Rick kept his eyes on me, his golden eyes filled with want and lust. The guitar solo ended and I began to walk off, but Rick grabbed me by the hips and put his lips on mine. His tongue slipped into my mouth as the singer sang on. His tongue played with mine and I moaned into his mouth. Oh, I want this man, want him! He let go when he has to play again and I went back on my pedestal and danced. I kept touching myself, but I didn't want to make myself come. I almost did several times, but I stopped myself. The song ended and the audience cheered. "Let's hear it for Jade and Gemma, our new dancers. I think they ruled the stage tonight!" Rick said and looked straight at me. Jade walked over and grabbed my hand and threw it in the air. The audience cheered for us and we ran off to backstage. The girls cheered for us, and Bruce kissed my forehead.

"You are one daring girl, Gemma Smart. I loved it, Rick was at the palm on your hand…I bet he wants to fuck you now!" Bruce said and I blushed. I remember his words, still embedded in my mind. You're fucking hot, Gemma. I'm going to fuck you when this concert is over. I bit my lip and that is the only dance I get to do for the night. Bruce and the band has to decide if I get to dance in more songs later. I went to the dressing room and began to take the pins out of my hair and Jade and I helped each other take the tease and hairspray out by putting our heads in the sink. I looked up into the mirror and I can see my natural waves again. I put my "Rocker's Delight" concert tee-shirt on and my torn blue jeans back on. I slipped my sandals on and I can hear Bruce figuring out the end of the show. "Okay, they have the encore left, make it shine in this auditorium! Fireworks!" Bruce yelled and I can hear the fireworks go off and I smiled I watched from the big screen and Rick looks totally delectable. I wonder if he really meant what he said. "Thank you Chicago, we will see you next year!" The singer yelled and the crowd went wild. They ran back stage and everybody cheered for the awesome show.

"Great show you guys! Congrats on our two new dancers, Jade and Gemma. Gemma stole the show though," Bruce said and I turned and blushed. "Okay, everybody pack up, we need to be in Green Bay by tomorrow." I began to help pack some of the dressing room things and I felt somebody touch my shoulder. I jerked and turned around and it's Rick. "Follow me," He said and he grabbed my hand and I followed him outside and into a trailer. I seen "Rick Rock" on the door and he opened it. He lead me inside and I sat down on the couch. I hate to admit it, but yeah, I am a virgin. I am probably going to lose my virginity to a rock star tonight. I want this so bad. "Want something to drink? I got soda. I am thirteen months sober," Rick said and I nodded.

"Good for you, congrats on being sober," I said hoarsely and he nodded. He handed me a Dr. Pepper and I chugged it down. He stared at me and I looked away bashfully. He laughed and he sat closer to me. I can smell the sweat from being on stage for about two hours without a break. This band does not believe in breaks, they believe in captivating their fans with rocking shows.

"You nervous, baby?" Rick asked and he ran his fingers up and down my arms.

"I-I've never been with a man before," I stuttered out and he nodded.

"I will make this very memorable for the both of us, Gemma." He grabbed my drink and sat it down on the coffee table. He cupped my chin and kissed me. This is not the same kiss as the one on stage. This is lovingly, seductive, sensual…I moaned and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He tastes so good. I wrapped my arms around his strong neck and pulled him closer to me. I want, no need, Rick so bad its killing me. He reached between my legs and gasped when he grazed my sex though my jeans. "Do you want me, baby?" Rick asked and I swallowed and nodded. "Say it, let me hear you."

"I-I want you," I moaned and he smiled. He lifted me off the couch and carried me through his trailer to his bed. He lay me down and he began to take his shirt off. His black tee came off easily and I just stared at his masculine beauty. He is very muscular, with nice pecs, muscular arms and a 6-pack to die for. I got on my knees and pulled my top off, revealing my normal white bra, and he moaned.

"You are so beautiful," Rick said and he got down on the bed and on top of me. His lips attacked mine and his hands went from my chin, to my neck, then to my breasts. He cupped me in his hands and pinched my nipples through my breasts. He reached behind me and took my bra off and I immediately covered myself. No other man has seen me naked, I never made it pass kissing! "Let me see you, you are a very beautiful woman, Gemma," Rick said and pulled my arms apart. He licked his lips and that made my pussy throb, needing him so much more. I love the look in his eyes when he seen my breasts, which are not Pamela Anderson big, but not flat.

His lips stared at my collarbone then went down to the top of my mounds. I can feel his tongue touch my skin and it went down to the valley between them. He looked up into my eyes and then… "OH MY GOD!" I moaned as his lips grazed my nipple. I ran my fingers through his hair and pushed my head so I can feel his mouth more. His hand left my other breast and went to unsnap my jeans and I helped him take them off, along with my underwear and they are gone now. His mouth left my breast and I groaned from the absence. He looked down at me and I began to blush. "I love how curvy you are baby, in the right places," Rick said and I sat up and began to work on his belt. He helped me take his tight pants off and he is in his boxers. His cock is ready and hard as a rock. I cannot believe how big he is.

"Let me see how tight you are, baby," Rick said and he slipped a finger inside my hole. I gasped and bucked my hips and began to ride his finger. I love the feeling of his finger inside me, moving. "Mmmm, your ready for me baby," Rick said and he reached behind him and grabbed a condom. He pulled his boxers off and his cock twitched from the air. He slipped the condom on and slid on top of me. "It will hurt for a second, but it will go away," He said and I nodded. "Ready?" I nodded again and he pushed himself inside me and I groaned loudly. I can feel him at the top where my virgin lining is and he pushed his way through. I winced in pain and he stayed still. He kissed my neck, making me forget about the pain. He began to move inside me and the pain is gone, making me feel nothing but pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed in deeper, making me moan loudly. "You are so tight, I love how tight your pussy is. It won't take me long to come!" Rick said and I love his dirty talk, so I wanted to as well.

"I-I love the feeling of your big, thick cock inside me, Rick. Make me come all over your cock, make me squirt!" I said and he closed his eyes and began to move, really move. In, out, in, out, enough to drive me crazy! I can feel the tingly feeling at the base of my stomach, I masturbated before and yes, to Rick, I know what a orgasm is. I grabbed his face and pulled him down to kiss him. He moaned in my mouth and then… "AH!!!!" I screamed as my orgasm erupted. "RICK!" I screamed and he groaned, two more thrusts inside me and I can feel the heat from his come emptying into the condom, "Gemma!" he moaned and fell on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and ran my fingers down his muscular back. That was so amazing! I just fucked Rick Rock! When he rolled off of me, I felt utterly exhausted, so I ended up falling asleep in his arms.

The next morning, I can feel myself move. We must be heading to Green Bay. I sat up and stretched my arms and I feel very cold. I looked down and I am naked. I covered myself up and I smiled. I am still in Rick's trailer. I can hear somebody walking and I smiled when I seen Rick. "Good morning, baby, sleep well?" Rick asked and he gave me a glass of orange juice.

"Yes, very well; you wore me out," I said and winked at him. He is only in a pair of dark grey sweatpants and they hang low on his hips, and it's making me hot all over. He sat down beside me and gave me a kiss. This is a very romantic kiss. "Gemma, I need you in my life. I watched you practice for a month when they picked you. I love the way you laugh, the way you talk, the way you smile, everything. Please, be in my life, be mine," Rick said and I began to tear up. Those words are better than any lyrics he ever written for the band. So heartfelt, and he wants me to be his girlfriend.

"I want to be in your life too," I whispered and he kissed me again.

"I promise to be faithful, I have not slept with another woman in a month since I seen you. I only want you, my sexy girlfriend." I smiled at the thought. I am Rick Rock's girlfriend, and I am very proud of it!


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