2nd Annual Erotica Awards WINNERS!!!!!

By: Nikkibeth

Page 1, Congrats to the winners! So proud of your hard work! Love, Nikkibeth and IceBreaker xoxo

Drum roll please................


THE WINNERS OF THE EROTICA AWARDS!!! I will put the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. All will get a picture done in your honor!


Best Romance Story

1st- Purple Sky with "Please Mr. Schuester...  

2nd Nikkibeth with "Without you, I'm Lost"    

3rd- IceBreaker with "In Love with a Rebel"


Best BDSM Story:

1st- Nikkibeth with "You're Mine Now"

2nd- Sexy Scarlett with "Never Alone"

3rd- IceBreaker with "Sex Kitten"


Best Kidnap Story:

1st- Nikkibeth with "Don't Cry Now"

2nd- IceBreaker with " The Unpredikable"

3rd- Sexy Scarlett with "Never Alone"


Best Supernatural Story (only two entered so there is 1st and 2nd only):

1st: Kandie with "Fighting the Darkness"

2nd: IceBreaker with "That Taste of Blood"


Most Favored Villian

1st: Autumn Leaves Villian from "Dark Room Secrets"

2nd: Nikkibeth "Blake from Don't Cry Tonight

3rd: Kandie's Villian of "Fighting the Darkness"


Sexiest Couple

1st: Purple Sky (Will and Gabby of "Please Mr. Schuester...")

2nd: Nikkibeth (Claire and Brent  of "Don't Cry Tonight")

3rd: Tie between annasteele and Emily Tree (annasteele entered annasteele_16 and lisa_uk of "SEX ON THE SHEETS" and Emily Tree entered Janice and Mike of "JANICE'S KING SIZED ADVENTURE")


Erotica Author of the Year (The one we ALL want!)

1st: Purple Sky

2nd: Nikkibeth

3rd: Sexy Scarlett


Best overall story

1st: Purple Sky (Please Mr. Schuester...)

2nd: Nikkibeth (Don't Cry Tonight)

3rd: Sexy Scarlett (Never Alone)


Best Action-Packed Story (Only two entered...)

1st: Nikkibeth (Hiding in the Dark)

2nd: Kandie (Fighting the Darkness)


Sexiest Male Character

1st: Purple Sky (Jamie of "Jamie's World")

2nd: Nikkibeth (Kane of "Seduction by Desire"

3rd: Sexy Scarlett (Liam of "Never Alone)


Sexiest Female Character:

Tied for 1st: Sexualways and Nikkibeth (Sexualways with Scarlett of "Good Girl Gone Bad" and Nikkibeth with Claire of "Don't Cry Tonight")

3rd: annasteele (annasteele_16 of HOT STEAMY SEX WITH NEIGHBOR")


Best Sex Scene

1st: Purple Sky (Please Mr. Schuester... Chapter 3)

2nd: Nikkibeth (A Dancer and a Rockstar)

3rd: IceBreaker (Pool Scene of "The Unpredikable")


Best Rape Scene

1st: IceBreaker (AJ, Shane and Renee scene of "The Unpredikable")

2nd: Nikkibeth (Chapter 6 of "Don't Cry Tonight")

3rd: Autumn Leaves (Chapter 1 of "Dark Room Secrets")


Best Sexy Build-Up

1st: Purple Sky (Please Mr. Schuester... Chapters 1-2)

2nd: Nikkibeth (Chapter 4 of "Seduction by Desire")

Tied for 3rd: Kandie (Open Waters) and IceBreaker (The Unpredikable)


Congrats on the Winners! I am so proud of y'all (and myself LOL). The ones that didn't make it, I read every single entry and all we're good! Be proud of yourselves, and there is always next year!


The winners, please email me at nikkiconners@rcoketmail.com or message me on my profile, and tell me what you want as a picture!


That is it...the 2nd Annual Erotica awards has come to an end! Thank you for all the submission and the voters!



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