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Tags: Rough

a young woman finds herself in the sights of a stranger whilst at work in the local pub

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He'd been watching her across the bar all night. She thought she'd been imagining it, another trick of her paranoia,but no. He was definitely staring as her hips swayed gently as she moved behind the bar.

It was a hot night, the humidity was causing her flimsy silk shirt to stick to her ample breasts and her admirer wasn't the only man to have noticed. She was used to the regulars leering at her chest, most of the time ordering their drinks to that rather than making eye contact. But they tipped well and she couldn't complain, all in all she enjoyed her job in the local pub. It was a relatively small village and most people knew her enough to say hi when they popped in for a drink. But tonight was different. Her new found friend was part of a group of twentysomething men that she hadn't seen before, possibly a rugby team that had played the local lads earlier in the day and had decided to make a night of it.

She had been so focussed on her daydreams of the stranger that she hadn't noticed her ex walk in til he reached the bar in front of her. He was the last person she wanted to see and he knew it, the look in his eyes showing he knew exactly how much this was torturing her. The atmosphere in the pub shifted, everyone knowing the details of their messy break up a month earlier, the tension putting everyone on edge. She served him his drink in silence then desperately searched around her for something to do to take herself away from him. As if he'd heard her thoughts her mystery man had appeared at the bar and beconned her over to pour a round of shots. Six, he ordered, but being only five in his group she checked he'd ordered correctly, 'one is to flow through your sweet lips,' he whispered so close to her face his breath tickled her neck and sent a shiver down her spine. The look in his cold, green eyes showed there was no use in arguing with him, and she swallowed the liquor down quickly with a graceful tip of the head. No sooner had the glass left her mouth than he ordered another, this time just for her, swiftly followed by three more. It was unusual for her to behave like this but since it was only ten minutes before closing she didn't see the harm in a few drinks.

Before she knew it everyone had left and the two we're alone, flirting in the half lit foyer. As she went to secure the door before locking up and leaving out the back, her foward new friend took hold of her wrist, his hand circling it easily to close in a fist around it. Til now she hadn't taken in his full size, he towered over her, a good foot taller if not more, his broad shoulders filling the doorway to the main room in which he stood. This startled her as she realised how easily he could overpower her, but slowly the spark of fear became a fire of a different nature, that slowly spread from her chest lower, til it hit the sweet spot between her smooth tanned legs. It must have shown on her face that she had something in mind because his eyes opened slightly wider and after a moments hesitation he pressed her roughly against the wall and pinned the length of her body with his, as his lips found hers in the shadows.

As quickly as the kiss had begun it was over, his mouth travelling lower, catching the sensitive point on her collar bone before he ripped open her blouse and burried his face in her plump chest. Sliding her bra down with his thumbs he pinched and sucked and squeezed at her nipples til she felt dizzy with pleasure and the pulse radiating from her now dripping pussy became too much to bear.

She arched her back against the wall and pushed her hips against his to try and move things further, delighted by the size of the bulge she felt pushing back. Suddenly he pulled away and threw her to the ground, face first causing her bare knees to graze against the carpet. Startled by this change in attitude she lay there, waiting, only to have her firm round ass hoisted up and spanked harder than she'd ever had before. He soon got bored of laying bright red hand prints across her bronzed skin and plunged two of his meaty fingers deep into her aching pussy, violently pumping til she could feel the pressure building in her stomach. She cried out for him to continue as she came hard and wet around his digits, that were still carressing her inside walls.

She soon recovered and as soon as she could hold her own weight she was back on all fours. He held firmly onto her hips as he entered her in one hard unrelenting thrust, his size stretching her further than she thought possible, opening her to strong new sensations that swept over her like a wave. He quickly began to build his pace, slapping her reddened ass cheeks as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge once more. The tensing of his thighs against hers revealed how close he was to his own oblivion, and with shaking breath he slipped a rough finger into her tender ass. The alien feeling was all it took to send another, more powerful orgasm crashing through her tormented body, her shaking and the pulsing of her inner pussy pulled him with her and with a cry he filled her with his sticky seed.

They lay there, trying to catch their breath, for a few silent moments, before he rose. After helping her to her feet he straightened his clothing, and with a gentle brush of his lips on her shoulder, he walked out the door without a word. Leaving her feeling bruised, confused and immensely satisfied with herself and the evening.


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