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An Hour of Pleasure(Explicit Content)

Short story By: nid

My mad, hidden feelings, thoughts and secrets imagining an hour with a girl finally revealed! I give you the key to open the doors to my dreams and sexual fantasies which were kept very personal to me until now, nevertheless I am here now, taking a bold step that a few would take to express these inner feelings in the form of a made-up story which I hope erotic story lovers would love to read now and explore.

Submitted:Apr 14, 2010    Reads: 36,772    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I believe in the power of sharing my true feelings and thoughts about women and I am not embarrassed or ashamed in doing so, as sexual feelings are natural to everyone, but a few shares them. I am doing this type of writing for the first time and I am a little nervous. Before I begin, I would like to thank God for creating a magic chemistry between men and women, which acts as a medium of love between and elevates them to a higher path to love and love forever. Secondly, I thank God for making a woman beautiful and more beautiful, to drive men like us wild and crazy! A thousand thanks again, Lord! Writing an erotic story is never easy, but here I promise you, the most different kind of sexiest story, filled with entertainment to make you read and re-read it for a long time! Cheers!


Comments received from fans in other sites posted

Sexiest thrill ride of a lifetime---

The writer exposes a school girl like never before, but explores lovemaking in a most delightful sexy way..

An Hour of Pleasure--THE STORY

She was the most beautiful young Indian school girl, I had ever seen! She looked like an angel descended to earth in a school dress! Her pink, small, lovely lips were like cherry rose petals waiting to be tasted, bitten and savored! Her saliva at the end of her wet lips, sticking out seemed so juicy to lick, for a sixteen year old! Her cheeks were so rosy that anyone could drink and taste melting ice-cream on that! I was curious about whether she was hairy in her private parts. She was my classmate in school and my best friend, who usually sat next to me during class. This incident, I am about to confess happened one day after school, when she called me to her house after school. She said that her parents were out of town and her 90 year old deaf granny was sick and would be asleep in bed that evening. I went along with her and reached her house, not knowing why she called me today. She immediately went past her sleeping granny in bed and took me to her room, locking the door. She then switched on some loud music in the stereo, which I believe was her favorite Michael Jackson song. "Have you ever seen a school girl naked?" she asked smiling. "No," I replied, "I am tired of my cousins, commanding me to go out of the room when they dress! I could never see them naked!" "Then are you willing to see me naked? My breasts have grown big last week!" she said, taking a long breath. "Well-Do you want to really-AA", I stammered. I was mainly, a traditional boy, who never did these kinds of acts, as I thought it as a sin, but I could not resist the offer. "Satisfy me!" she shouted, "Satisfy your hidden desires! Please strip me!". "Oh God!" I let out a cry myself, but deep in my heart those seemed like the golden words every lustful man wishes to hear from a sexy teen girl. I prepared to waste no more time! I wet my lips and whispered to her. "Darling-Come here sweet baby---"and I instantly touched her lips. I then pressed her pink, watery tongue out and blew air through her mouth and tasted her saliva! I then filled the corners of her mouth with my thick fluid! Mmmm! Her saliva did smell good! I then took some sweat of her brow and let it fall to her neck, tasting the salty flavor of paradise! I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and stripped open her black bra and kissed her cold breasts. I touched her hard nipples and saw them tighten! "Oh my God dammit", I muttered, "So that's how girls breasts are!" They certainly look really sexy feeling like soft pillows. I teased the back of her ears and smelled her dirt! Fast moving on, I touched her chest, between her breasts and listened to a heart beat. I wonder how doctors are allowed to do that, I thought! I gave her a head massage then and massaged her breasts with oil! I took a razor and shaved her under arms, which was filled with small black hair. I licked her under arm sweat and bit her tongue! I then sucked her fingers, one by one and kissed her belly! I unzipped her pants and stripped her fully naked and then trimmed her pussy with a scissor, I got from her table. I then bit her ass and inserted my finger to the hole and played with it for some time and watch the rain fall with little shit.

She farted loudly in the process and the smell was pretty much bad! I kept on shitting her ass with my hand and she loved it. Suddenly there was a blast from her pussy, as she squirted out urine and I drank the salty flavor of love juice! Then I stripped myself naked and thrust my organ in her vagina and accelerated the semen which was rushing out like a river. I loved this process of making beautiful babies! Finally, there was the climax which left us moaning and screaming to the core! I took her face and kissed her mouth once again and whispered love words and then rushed to the fridge and took some hot chocolate cream and put some on her lips and finished licking it. After all that, she bent and lay on my lap, kissing my balls in bed! I then tucked her in bed finally and kissed her forehead and she began to put on her clothes and I put on mine! I took leave of her thanking her, for giving me a wonderful day in my life! I walked out of the door happily feeling unnoticed, singing a tune and thought of never getting caught by any of her parents or granny for this act! I stopped when I saw a tall man walking in from the gate outside. He blocked my way and spoke laughing, "Hey lad! I live next door! The photos and the videos came good in high definition, though zoomed from the terrace! Will make a good one hour porn movie, but still my Youtube viewers who have crossed twenty thousand are unhappy and they are upset, that it ended soon! Would you mind doing it again, before the video gets deleted on the site?"...


About The Author

Srinidhi.R love to write, write and write. He wants to fill the world with his thoughts and creative ideas and wishes that the earth spins faster than ever before and the people go crazy and crazy, craving for stories!!!


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