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Memories Recalled

Short story By: Necho

Charlotte goes on a midnight ride through the mountains and stumbles across a stranger. The familiar stranger melts her heart and takes her on a sexual journey.

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Charlotte had enjoyed her midnight ride along the mountains since she was a little girl, however a lot has changed since she was a little girl. She was now in her 40's divorced with two beautiful children whom led their own lives now that they were in their teens and too cool to still hang out with their mom.

She'd been divorced for two years now and she had tried to find love since then, she did a lot actually to find it including joining various internet dating sites and going on random blind dates that close friends had set up for her. She always made sure that her long amber hair was well kept, her nails were always groomed to perfection and she kept herself fit. However, men always seemed to come and go and she had by now accepted that she just was not marriage material anymore.

Charlotte kept to her own thoughts of happier days when suddenly the rain came pouring down as they often do high up in the mountains. In the dark, she struggled to keep herself and her horse under control, so she decided it would be less risky to just walk the rest of the path.

When her feet hit the ground she felt a hand on her back and an old familiar voice whispering in her neck "Are you okay, Charlotte?"

She turned to face the stranger, his hand now on her hip and his face still uncomfortably close. In the moonlight, she could make out some distinctive features but not enough to name him.

"Are you okay?" he whispered in her ear, now placing his other hand on the other hip, moving boldly closer to her body.

The rain still pouring she could barely hear him, however she could now feel his hard body against her small frame and his hands moving up to hold her, embracing her in a warm hug, protecting her body from the rain with his lips still on her neck waiting for her answer.

"Charlotte…" he whispered again, this time followed by a soft kiss just below her ear. He pulled her body close to his, tracing her wet shirt with his firm hands, followed by kisses that traced her jaw until he found her trembling mouth. He kissed her gently, barely touching her, until her hands touched him, welcoming him to her body. He then tangled his hand in her hair, pushing her mouth hard against his, embracing her in warm wet kiss.

Charlotte let the warm lips kiss her, inviting his hand to cup her face, replacing his arms with her own and pushing herself closer to him while effortlessly kissing in the pouring rain, she was lost in the moment.

His warm lips were suddenly replaced by cold rain as he went back to kissing her neck, his hands lurked back to her drenched shirt as he picked her up and held her tightly, her legs wrapped around his strong torso with her trembling hands holding on to him.

He then sat them both down, never breaking the kiss, his hands never leaving her body. He leaned back, allowing her body to lay against his, her legs still straddling him but now comfortably on the ground for support. Her softness somewhat protected from the rain.

Charlotte broke their kiss and pushed herself up with her arms, still keeping her face centimetres away from his gaze. With what little light the moon offered she tried to realize whom this stranger was, she stared at him feeling his body move under her own. She felt his hand searching for her face, gently she guided him to her. He cupped her face, pushing strands of wet hair covering her cheeks away, he then sat up and kissed her ever so gently, he tried to comfort her as he sensed her growing fear.

His hands left her face to softly massage her shoulders letting her relax into him. His lips left hers to kiss her throat gently down to the first button of her shirt.

Charlotte leaned back, letting the rain drip on her face and the fresh breeze whip trough her hair, she let the want for this stranger overtake her. Its been so long she thought to herself as he tugged on her shirt buttons, exposing her body to him. Her whiteness illuminated by the moonlight with her perky nipples coming to rise as soon as her bra left her skin. She breathed in deeply when she felt the hotness of his mouth engulf her cold nipple then moaning into the noise of the rain. Her hands tangled into his hair pushing him down harder as he continued to suckle on her soft breasts.

He held her body as he moved out from under her, sitting her ample arse down on the grass. He towered over her, cupping her breast while giving her a reassuring kiss as he laid the rest of her upper body down. He kissed her physique softly, letting her back arch into him as he gave each of her nipples a little nibble, down he moved to the start of her pants.

Charlotte let him unzip and remove her boots, lifting her bum for him as he removed her pants, and then she opened her legs for him when his hands started to massage the soft skin of her inner thighs. He rested her ankles on his shoulders as he continued his caressing, her vagina now spread wide before him, she cooed to herself as she felt the rain falling on her heated arousal, cupping her breasts she pulled him closer to her with her legs.

His hot mouth clamped down on her waiting clit while his hands continued down to massage her arse, in doing so he managed to push her harder into his own mouth.

Her thighs held him securely in place when the first spasms of a long overdue climax began to reach her. Her eyes shut close and her fingers dough roughly into her nipples as she came, sending loud moans into the silence of the surrounding forest.

His tongue not once left the warm confides of her gentle folds until she arose beneath him, pulling herself away from him. Once again they looked at one another until he made the first move.

At first he mimicked her by sitting up too, the he pulled her close to him again, letting her legs once again straddle him while he gave her soft kisses. In her ear, he whispered sweet words that she couldn't really understand because she was still half in a trance and the rain washed away most of it, but they were kind none the less she could hear by the tone of his voice.

She kissed him back, her turn this time to unbutton his shirt, she fumbled with them in the dark, until she gave up and just ripped it open. She felt him chuckle at her frustration then kissed her lips again, begging her to continue. She unzipped his pants and he slid them off for her. She felt the hardness of the stranger that stood before her stomach, begging for attention. The stubble on his face was hard against her cheek, she heard him breath deeply in her ear while her fingers stroked him gently. She pulled her face away to kiss him, pushing him down onto the grass. She then continued to mount him, hands resting on his chest, she felt his penis at her entrance, his strong hands supporting her legs as she pushed down onto him.

Sitting up straight, him now fully in her, she took a moment to feel the now softening rain cascade off over her face down to her hard little nipples while his hands stroked her body as his hard chest moved under her own fingers. She continued to pleasure him by first moving up and down his dick very slowly, letting herself adjust to him.

The stranger kept still under Charlotte, letting her linger on at her own pace. He encouraged her efforts by kneading her soft breasts between his hands or rubbing her clit between his fingers.

She pushed down hard on the stranger between her legs, adjusting her rhythm to her pussy's acceptance of his size. Until she reached her maximum speed and felt the old familiar little sensations from deep inside. She then abruptly pushed his hand away from her clit to continue to pleasure herself.

The stranger let Charlotte come before he moved her on her back and started thrusting into her waiting pussy for all he was worth. He heard her loud moans now clearly, and her soft little hands clutching onto his back. His own grunts of pleasure overtook him as he came. He gave her a few gentler thrusts, depositing the last of his cum deep within her before collapsing on her panting body.

She held the stranger in her arms, completely spent and mesmerized by the nights events as his chest continued to heave above her. He moved off of her, rolling her into his arms whilst continuing to kiss her. After a few moments of being at the mercy of his warm body she remembered that she had to get back to her kids.

"Who are you? I feel like I know you." She said as she moved off of him. She tried to feel for her clothes in the dark.

"You do know me." He said, letting her go. "Ill leave it till tomorrow night, let's see if you can remember me then". He held her one last time and gave her a deep kiss. "You will be here again tomorrow night?" he asked as more of a statement than a question.

"Yes" Charlotte managed to say as she felt him leave her body.

"Good" was all he said before he grabbed his clothes and jumped back onto his horse.

"Bye." She heard him galloping off into the darkness, and just like that she was once again alone.

Charlotte rode back naked as decided it was impossible to get the wet clothes back on. She snuck back into her cabin and took a long shower to warm her cold body up, then jumped into bed with a hot cup of coco, trying to place the stranger but giving up soon as sleep overtook her…

She awoke the next morning very early with a sudden dose of reality thinking back at what had happened to her the night before. She spent the evening dreaming of the stranger that had taken her so easily, she was especially aware of the fact that he had known her name, she was however comforted somewhat that he did say she did know him.

She spent the rest of the morning cleaning the cabin after the kids had decided to go into town for a few days, the quiet of the mountains and the noise of each other's voices had finally gotten the better of them. While cleaning Charlotte could not make up her mind whether she would go tonight to see her stranger, she wondered that if she didn't go if he would come to the cabin, did she really want him to come? She continued through the day relentlessly keeping herself busy.

She also couldn't help but remember what passion she had felt with him, something she had only felt with her ex-husband before the relationship went cold.

The day passed ever so slow for her, she quickly ran out of chores to do in the small dwelling and before she knew it she was standing in her doorway watching the beautiful colours of the sunset being washed away by nightfall.

As the last rays of the sunshine disappeared over the mountains, so did her hesitation of meeting her stranger.

Charlotte stood in her shower and let warm water cascade over her body. She allowed the warm water to wash away her fears and let the steam carry her imagination away.

She leaned her back against the wall of the shower and let her hands travel over her soapy body.

She tweaked and massaged her nipples through the cascading water. Her legs heavy from the little sleep she had the previous night her body sank to the floor. She opened her legs exposing her waiting sex to her lurking fingers.

Fast then slow she hurriedly rubbed her little bud; she wanted to cum, she wanted to scream 'his' name.

Frustration built within her as she pinched her nipples and abused her clit. Her legs pushed hard against the shower walls, her energy drained by the warm water and her fast breaths now loudly filling the room.

"Oh yes, I want you…" she breathed and rubbed harder, she was so close now, she could feel the waves of ecstasy building deep within her, the raw feeling of want and need overtook her "I want you, I fucking want you!" she screamed and came loudly, her back arching and her fingers digging hard into her soft breast.

Then… it was silent again. She sat in the pouring water, startled by her own passion her face completely flushed by red streaks, her hand still clutching her breast, her fingers still softly rubbing her swollen sex.

After she returned to her senses she got dressed and applied fresh make up, thinking that maybe he will meet her at the door before she even had time to go to him, maybe he felt the same energy, or was this a more than just that?. She fidgeted with her hair ten times before checking the time and deciding she was ready to go get her pony and head for the mountains.

Charlotte rode up to the same spot she was the night before, she jumped off her horse and just stood there, she didn't know what to do or think in the dark, she actually felt rather stupid for coming, thinking that he would actually be here again.

"Hey gorgeous" the familiar voice breathed in her neck again, his hands this time more firmer, wrapping around her hips and pulling her tight to his body. "I'm glad you came…" he said pushing his lips down on hers hard. "You smell… hmm… divine."

"Who are you?" She managed to ask once she broke free from him. "I need to know."

"Always straight to the point with you." His hands dropping from her hips down to her ass, pushing her body into his while his lips went to work kissing her neck roughly.

She couldn't help but wrap her arms around him moaning in his ear as his hands roamed the corners of her frame. "Please I have to know who you are."

"You will." he whispered back. While coming back to kiss her lips he undid her shirt letting it drop to the ground, he cupped her breasts, moaning in her mouth, feeling her already hardened nipples.

She felt her bra dropping from her shoulders then his hot mouth making their way down to her exposed nipples, she moaned out into the darkened silence of the night while he roughly nibbled on each sensitive little bud.

His hands made their way into her tight pants, massaging the velvety skin uncovered by her thong, lifting her up so that her legs could wrap around him.

Charlotte's own hands lurked over her strangers' body, touching his face, feeling the rough stubble covering his chin and cheeks. Sneaking her fingers under his shirt she marvelled at the feeling of his chest hair and tight abs. She lifted up his shirt, motioning for him to take it off.

In her mind she tried to put together her rugged, definitely younger than her, stranger.

She kissed his exposed shoulder, dragging her tongue over his chest to the other one. Caressing his open body with her tongue, running up and down his throat. She cooed into him as he moaned and grabbed on to her rear giving her a slight pinch in delight to her touches. Her hands now firmly tangled in his thick hair.

His strong arms then abruptly left her ass, letting her drop back to her feet.

The two of them stood there in the silence for a moment, his hands rubbing her arms up and down, making her body tingle. She felt like some part of her knew him well, his dominance over her overwhelming in the darkness, she felt him watching her and as she stared back into the dark, she knew she was looking into his as well.

Lust overtook him and he grabbed her body pushing her down to the ground.

She felt him between her legs pulling her pants down, letting his fingers toy with her softness as his chest and lips came crushing down on hers.

He pushed her legs over his shoulders, his head at her entrance, playing with her, preparing her for him.

"Take me, Take me now" she pleaded, her voice a husky growl filled with lush and need.

He obeyed her wishes and sunk his member into her slowly, making sure she felt and appreciated every inch of his manhood.

He took her slowly at first, teasing her mind with slow strokes, pulling completely out before plunging back into her. He wanted her to want him, need him. He coaxed and teased her greedy sex until her hips grew impatient and came up to meet his thrust.

"Do you want me, Charlotte?" he whispered in her ear.

"Yes please, please take me, make me yours." She begged.

"Anything you want." he assured her. His body moved away from hers, extracting his hardness from her until only the swollen head remained. He waited seconds, maybe minutes, letting her body wonder, listening to her heartbeat. Then as if someone switched a trigger in him, he plunged into her hard.

"Oh God!" she moaned out, her nipples once again meeting his chest as it down on her. His hard hips pounding in and out of her.

He rested his forehead on hers as the sounds of their slapping bodies echoed through the mountains, her puffy lips nearly touching his, he felt her exaggerated breaths on his lips and he could sense the vibrations of her moans on his tongue.

She dough her fingers into his back hard, she brushed off his arrogant grunts as her nails assaulted him, she could see the reflection of the moon bouncing on her white swaying legs as he plunged himself deep in her.

Her swaying breasts against his hard chest aroused him even more and the pain he felt from the stinging sensations in his back drove him faster, her moans were now in harmony with his thrust and he knew that her pussy would start to milk him soon.

She felt wetness on her skin, she didn't know whether it was his or hers, for all she knew it could have been rain. Her eyes started to lose focus and she shut them tightly, concentrating on his thrusts, matching her hips to his.

He heard it before he felt it this time. She moaned out loudly and trusted her hips up hard before her back arched into his chest. Her legs dropped from his shoulders to wrap around his body and her pussy tightened around his cock so hard it felt like she was squeezing it with her hand.

"Oh yes, yes, yes" she moaned out to him. The sensations in her bucking hips overwhelmed her tired body, her tongue meeting his when it entered the tiny O shape it was making in her lustful moments, she shivered and bucked for long moments as the final sensations of her orgasm ripped through her body.

When he felt her hands starting to relax around his body he started to take her for himself again. Greedily, maybe a bit savagely he started to beat into her body again.

For what seemed like endless strokes he plunged into her body, listening to the tiny moans escaping her mouth. Until his own body couldn't take it anymore, he relaxed his grip on her body and his strokes, still hard and fast, became more elongated within her.

Loud grunts starting filled Charlotte's ears as she felt him expand in her tightness. Hot sticky liquid irrupted within her, 1… 2… 3… final thrusts and his body froze.

She let his orgasm subside before she touched his face with her delicate little fingers, tracing his chiselled jaw.

His was spent, his dick went limp inside her and she gave a slight giggle when she felt their mix cum oozing out off her when he left her body.

He moved off of her wrapping her in his arms next to him.

They lay on the grass breathless and exhausted. He held on to her sweaty body tightly, gently pushing strands of her out of her face.

"Who are you?" she asked again, this time in a low submissive voice. With her head lying on his arm she felt his muscles tense at the question. It sent her mind racing that he was nervous to answer her.

After a few deep breaths he answered her. "It would spoil the moment if I tell you."

"Will you ever tell me?"

"No…" he whispered.

Confused and startled she laid deadly still against his warm body.

He sensed her fear as her body tensed against his, he felt for her, he loved her, he didn't want her to fear him "Please… don't be scared…" he pleaded, stroking her body gently.

Finding comfort in his tone she let her hands relax around him. She thought of words to say however they escaped her mind.

"I won't tell you, but I will show you." he said, holding her naked body close to his.

"You'll show me…?" she repeated, startled almost.

"I'll come by your cabin and say 'Good morning' to you… later" he breathed "After sunrise"

"Okay" she whispered, holding on to him tightly, almost realizing the cold of the night.

"You'll open the door?" he asked, half joking, half worrying about her answer.

"I'll open the door" she whispered back, smirking at him while his muscles relaxed around her, realizing he was nervous.

Neither of them could tell for how much longer they laid naked like that, long enough for his erection to return. He had her one last time, and she gave to him enthusiastically before he helped her to get dress and back on her horse. Their parting was strained almost edgy, neither knowing what to say or how to say it.

He kissed her goodbye "I'll see you in a while."

"I'll open the door." she reassured him.

She rode back to her little cabin a little faster than she should have. Her body was heavy and fatigued when she finally reached it, no time or need for a shower or coffee as she headed straight for her bed, she needed a much deserved hour or two of sleep before her stranger returned.

~A knock on the door~

Charlotte calmly walked to the door of her little cabin while she tried to silence the butterflies going wild in the pit of her stomach. This is what she wanted, her request to see him dawned on her and she felt like running a million miles away in the opposite direction. She felt self conscious all of sudden, something she thought she was too old to feel, she brushed the feelings aside, avoiding the tall mirror in the lounge on her last step to her door.

"Who is it?" She shuddered at the question before she even asked it.

"Open the door, Charlotte. And you will see." He replied in a warm tone, offering some comfort for the cold morning.

She held the doorknob in her hand for a few moments before slowly starting to turn it, half expecting him to just push it open and burst through it. Restless breaths escaped her as her heart pounded so hard she was sure he could hear it. She felt a warm flush run over her cheeks when the door clicked open.

She kept her head down as the opening door revealed him, she scanned him from the feet up and her mind froze when her eyes met his.

"It's you…" she whispered through frozen lips at the man standing before her.

"It's me." he smiled, teasing the shocked face staring at him.

"But you, you where so young the last time I saw you" she backed away from him, not believing that the man standing in front of her was the same one that seduced her the previous two nights.

"Yea, people tend to grow up as time goes by" he coyly answered as he leaned against the doorframe.

In front of Charlotte stood all 6foot4 of James O'Neil. They grew up together in some sense, he was very good friends with her younger brother, but he was always just a dopey kid in her eyes. He was a sweet kid, naughty as hell though, helped her brother pull many a horrible pranks on her and in some way she never really cared for him, she never thought about him, not even when he had come to her in confidentiality to spill his guts. The last time she had seen him was 15years ago on her wedding day, when he himself was only seventeen. After that she left the farm to start her new life in the city, not even when she came to visit did she see him. She remembered her brother maybe mentioning his name once or twice over the years but never did she imagine him to be like this.

"Are you going to invite me in?"

She couldn't answer him, words escaped her mind as the shock waves washed over her, she stepped to the side instead, opening the door for him.

He stepped into the little cabin, his size almost dwarfing her little home, he chuckled to himself and wondered how he ever use to manage running around in the place. Once she closed the door she turned into his waiting arms, he held her firmly, kissing her lips softly "Good morning to you too"

She relaxed in his loving embrace for priceless seconds "No, please stop. This isn't right" then pushed him away, making some distance between them.

"Don't worry Charls, you're not committing a felony, I'm actually in my thirties now, far from the 17year old boy you left behind." he smiled at her, closing the small gap between them in one stride.

She relished in the remembrance of his smile and realized how loving it really was, that and the tone of his voice were about the only things that haven't changed.

"Still" she sat on her couch, clutching on to a pillow "I don't know, I'm so confused, I… I didn't expect…" she looked at him and almost felt sorry for him, she knew that he wasn't expecting this.

"You didn't expect it to be the dorky kid from your teenage years" he paused for a moment, trying to think of the 'right' words to say "Sorry I'm not the night in shining armour" he finally said, looking into her eyes as he sat next to her "This is why I didn't tell you who I was."

She looked at the man sitting next to her and moved up to him, leaning her head on his shoulder, after all she did feel for him now, she did want him, she slowly traced his body with her finger. "Well you do have the horse." She felt the chuckle deep in his chest "How did you know it was me? Why did you take me like that?" she whispered to him.

He took her hand in his and pushed her down on the couch, seducing her neck with his tongue he whispered in her ear "I saw you in the shop, most likely the day you arrived, I heard you speaking to Lynda the shop keeper. I remembered as a kid I use to follow you up in the mountains at night, I took a chance and thought you would want to revisit 'those' old memories…"

She felt her cheeks turn red against his "You followed me into the mountains as a kid." The naughty thoughts of what she use to do in the middle of the night deep in the woods returned to her mind.

He lifted his face to meet hers "Don't worry, I never actually saw you masturbating, but boy was it fun listening to you" He smiled while he watched the snow white complexion of her face turn tomato red.

"You should never spy on a girl in her private moments, James" she clutched her cheeks trying to hide from his penetrating stair.

"It was fun though, you taught me so much and you didn't even know it."

"Still, that was private." She scolded him.

"Who was Ryan, you use to moan his name a lot?" now he was just teasing her, he was quite astonished at how easy it was to be around her.

"James!" she yelled at him, giving a punch on her arm. "You can't say things like that to me…" she tried to hide her blushed complexion again.

"Shhh, you talk too much." He took her hands in his "and let me see that face, it's been so long."

She looked him in the eyes, biting her lip before she answered "It's been so long".

He kissed her again "Ages" he breathed into her mouth.

For a few moments they laid like that on the couch remembering past memories and laughs, until they felt they knew each other, the grownups they now were. He then picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, where he continued to strip her down and then made love to her for the first time not as strangers but as lovers.


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