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man calls for a woman for the night without any limits

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He picked up the phone and dialed a number he'd used before. He could hear a voice on the other end, "Charlene's, this is Mandy, how can I help you?" "It's Carter." he said. "Oh hello Mr. Carter, what can I get for you tonight?" "I need a girl for the night." said carter. "And what kind of girl can we get for you tonight?" usually he would give a precise description of the kind of girl that he wanted but tonight all he said was, "Send me one that can do what she's told, and doesn't have any limits." "I think I have just the girl for you Mr. Carter." she said. "and Mandy?" "yes Mr. Carter?" "Make sure she's wearing something really slutty." He then hung up the phone and began to prepare for his guest that would soon be arriving.
It usually didn't take the girl more than an hour or so to arrive. Since tonights call was more spontaneous then others that he had made he didn't put nearly as much thought into this night, but tonight that's not what he cared about. Tonight wasn't about enjoying each others company and having a little fun for a few hours and in the morning sending them on there way no strings attached. Tonight was about getting and doing what he wanted, when and how he wanted to do it. He figured he had enough time to shower and clean himself up before the girl arrived. After he had gotten out of the shower he laid himself out some clothes, his favorite button up shirt, a solid almost blood red shirt and a pair of jeans he'd had for years, they had a couple of small holes in them, after all no need to be to dressed up.
He went down the hall into the front room and walked over to his favorite chair. It was an oversized chair, almost big enough for two people but perfect for him since he was 6'5" and proportionately broad. It sat along the far wall from the hall way next to the sliding doors that went out to the balcony. He had the blinds drawn where they cast just enough of a shadow to cover his face while the light of the full moon filled the rest of the room. He was just about to turn the television on just so he'd have something to look at while he waited, then he heard a knock at the door. "Come in," he yelled. He saw the door knob turn and through walked the girl he had called for. She turned to close the door and then turned back around to face him. Neither of them said anything, she stood there trying to see his face, waiting for him to say something. "What's your name?" he asked. "I'm Kallie." she said. "Did Mandy tell you why she sent you?" "She told me what I needed to know." she said. He was entertained by that answer, It brought a small half smile to his face. "So what do you do Kallie?" he asked with the smile still on his face. "I do what you pay me for, just tell me what you want." "I want total, and complete submission. I want you to do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it." he said. She gave a slight nod ,"It'll cost you." she said. "I'm not done yet, I don't just want control over what you do to me, I also want control over what I do to you, no holding back, no stopping, I want to be able to do absolutely everything I want to you." It was only after he finished that he noticed a small smile begin to creep across her face much like the one that he had on his earlier. "Like I said, it'll cost you, but I believe you asked for a girl without any limits." "Yes, yes I did. So how much?" he asked. She considered it for a moment before she answered. "For total and complete submissiveness, doing anything that you want. . . . 5000 dollars!" Without saying anything he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a handful of 100 dollar bills, and counted out 5000 dollars and set it on the table next to the chair, "Pick it up when you leave, now take your coat off and let me look at you."
She looked down and untied the belt of the long trench coat she was wearing and let it slide off her shoulders but still held it closed around her, she moved her eyes away from the floor up to him and gazed at him for just a brief second and then let the coat fall onto the floor revealing what she was wearing underneath. Under the coat she was wearing nothing, she stood there in the moon light in all the glory that nature gave her. She stood with her arms slightly behind her and her back barely arched and her right leg in front of the other. She stood there knowing he wanted to look her over. The first thing he noticed about her was how tall she was, she must have been just under six foot, he looked over her very slowly starting at the tip of her toes. His eyes slowly moved up her legs, they were long and toned and seemed to go on forever. He wanted to see all of her, "turn around slowly" he said. She did what he said and slowly turned around, as she spun he very carefully studied the back of her legs as he followed them up to her full, perky, perfectly round ass. Above her ass she had two small dimples above each cheek and above her right cheek where her ass met her back she had a small rose tattoo that went along with the curve of her backside. As she continued to spin he could see how amazing her body looked from every angle. She was facing him again, staring into the shadow that was covering his face, waiting for him. He could see how curvy she was, she was a woman in every meaning of the word. Her skin seemed to lay perfectly over her tight stomach, her stomach that led up to her round, tear drop shaped breasts, extra perky from the cold air in the room, and her raven black hair just barely coming down to cover the top of them. He followed her hair up to her neck, her long elegant neck, he could see her neck pumping, he wasn't sure if it was fear or excitement, but he could tell that she was anxious about tonight. He slowly moved his gaze up to her face, she had a very soft yet very defined jaw line, and she had the most perfect lips you would ever see, full and powdy, they looked so soft he couldn't wait to feel them. Her nose, she had a small cute button nose that seemed to fit her face perfectly. And then those eyes, those big piercing blueish-green eyes, almost as if she could see him even in the dark. He could tell that she was exactly what he wanted tonight.
He wanted to see her dance. He pointed to the other side of the room at the stereo, "Go play track 3." he said. She walked over to the stereo, slowly crossing one leg in front of the other, his eyes were glued to her as he watched her ass tighten and relax with every step she took. When she got to the stereo she did as she was told, slow rock music began to play over the speakers. "Dance," he demanded. She began to move her body to the music, her curves moved swayed with the rhythm of the drums pumping through the speakers. She ran her hands all over her body, from her legs up to her stomach and up to her breasts, she barely squeezed and lifted them and let them fall as she continued to run her hands up her body. She ran her hands up the back of her neck and lifted her hair away. She stood there, dancing nude, her hair pulled up away from her body and her face tilted slightly upward and away from him, she was dancing as if she was the only one in the room. When the song was over he told her to turn the stereo off and come over to him.
As she walked over to him she noticed his face coming out of the shadow as he rose out of his chair. She was pleasantly surprised when she was finally able to see his face. He had short blonde hair, a very strong defined jaw, he had a large straight nose, it would have been to big for most but it somehow seemed to fit his face. He was a very large man, he must have been at least 6'5" and seemed to have shoulders 4 feet wide. What she noticed most about him were his eyes, he had the deepest blue eyes, eyes as blue as the sea. They met in the middle of the room, he reached out to slide his hand around her waist and pull her against his body. He ran his other hand up her arm and to the back of her neck. He pulled her face to his until he could feel her lips on his, her lips were so soft, they seemed to lock perfectly with his.
He expected her to naturally pull away but it was as if she wanted to feel him as much as he wanted her. He slowly slid his tongue between her lips and into her mouth, he felt her tongue gently pushing back, massaging his tongue with hers. He took his hands away from her body and began to unbutton his shirt, she slid her hands over his broad shoulders as he undid his last button and pushed his shirt off of him and let it fall on the floor. She ran her hands over his half-naked body, his arms were so big and felt so powerful she couldn't help running her hands over them. She worked her hands over from his arms to his strong well muscled chest and down his smooth stomach. She ran her fingers side to side on his waste line just above his pants, she could feel him breathing heavier. She unbuckled his belt and moved her hands up his side and around to his back. She grabbed the flesh on his back as he continued to caress her lips with his. He slid his powerful hands behind her again and down over her ass, he slid the tip of his fingers between her cheeks and squeezed tightly as he violently lifted her off the ground and wrapped her legs around him. He felt her nails dig into his back from the shock of being jolted off the floor. He carried her over to the wall and pinned her back against it. He could feel her legs squeezing him around his waste, she didn't want him to go anywhere.
She could feel the contrast of his warm body on her front and the cold wall on her back. He was holding her up with one hand while taking the other and cupping her breasts. She felt his tongue flicking back and forth on her nipple, she grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her chest. He began to push her legs down off of him to where she was standing again, he wanted to run his hands all over her body, he wanted to feel every curve. He ran his hand up the back of her head, weaving his fingers between her hair and closing a tight fist around her dark locks. She let out a gasp as he yanked her head back and pulled her down to her knees. She knew what he wanted, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down while he still had a hold on her hair. He kept her head tilted back so he could see her eyes as she ran her hands up his legs until they met at the top of his thighs. She took the shaft of his dick in one hand and massaged his sack with the other, she could feel him pulsing in her hand as she slowly stroked it back and forth, she almost couldn't get her hand around the girth of him. She felt the blood flowing through the veins as she went slightly faster with each stroke. He pulled her head closer to him, he ran the head of his cock side to side on her smooth, powdy lips. She slipped her tongue through her lips just enough so he could feel the smooth friction. He then pushed himself between her lips and into her mouth, his body tensed from how good it felt. She moved her head back and forth, gliding her lips along the shaft of his penis from the head all the way to the base. He could feel his penis going into her throat each time she went all the way down, she would gag ever so slightly every few times she took him all the way in. He liked it when he felt her gag on his cock, he pulled harder on the back of her head making her take each inch every time. He pushed himself into her mouth and kept himself there, he could feel her mouth tensing around him, her body jerked as she gagged on his dick. He pulled her face away from him, his cock was throbbing with every beat of his heart and dripping with spit from her mouth. She was short of breath from gagging on his long shaft. He jerked her head back and looked in her eyes, he could see a very slight smile sneak through her eyes, he then realized she was taking this night as a challenge, she wanted to see how far she could go.
He was happy to accomidate her and see how much she could handle. He wrapped his hand around her throat and pulled her to her feet, once she was on her feet he clamped his hand on the back of her neck and led her to the other side of the room. She let out a small scream from the pressure he put on her neck as he threw her length ways on the couch. She layed there on her back with her hands laying across her body and her legs spread, it was then he saw her moist, clean shaven pussy soaked from her own juices. She was slowly running her fingers over her stomach with her eyes fixed on him. "What are you waiting for?" she asked. He then put his knee into the back of the couch and ran his arms under her bent knees and pulled her down to where he wanted her. He moved his face down between her legs, he wrapped his arms around the outside of her thigh until his hands came back to her inner thigh, he spread her pussy as he began to lick her inside her velvety pink hole. She moaned as he slid his tongue slid in and out of her wet slit. He pulled her against his face forcing his tongue in deeper each time, with each dart of his tongue he could taste the tangy flavor of her juices. He made sure he breathed through his nose so he could deeply inhale the aroma of her secretions. He could smell the subtly sweet yet musty scent she seemed to be radiating directly into his nose. He moved his tongue out of her hole and up her soft tissue until he was flicking his tongue against her clit. Her back arched as he flicked his tongue back and forth, he continued to pull her into his face, she grabbed the back of the couch and almost lifted her body off the couch from the mixture of pleasure and pain from his tongue directly rubbing over her clit. He took his right hand and rubbed her asshole with his middle finger. He could feel her anus was soaked from the mixture of his spit and her own secretions that had slipped down between her cheeks. "oh god, right there!" she said while in the middle of moaning. He continued stimulating her with his tongue and fingers, he moved his other hand up along her body till he got to her large, supple breasts, he could feel them form to the shape of his hand as he squeezed them until he heard her gasp and then squeezed them harder. She continued to moan as he played with every part of her, he could feel her body tightening, he knew she was about to cum. He flicked his tongue back and forth even faster and circle his finger around her asshole, it was just a few more seconds and he felt her body thrashing around. It was like a flash flood in his mouth, as her juices gushed out of her. She tried to push his head away but he wouldn't stop, her body continued to quiver from the explosion going on between her legs. He finally stopped licking her clit, he wanted to be inside of her. He pulled away and licked the off the excess fluid that was left on his face and wiped off what he couldn't reach with his tongue. He moved up to where he was on top of her between her legs, he shoved his tongue in her mouth, she was still panting from cumming just a few seconds ago. He could feel her trying to gracefully move her tongue around with his and catch her breath at the same time. He slid his arm underneath her back and pushed off the couch with the other and swung her around so she was sitting on top of him. He leaned back against the cushion and made her lean forward, he pulled her face against his again, sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth while squeezing her tits with the other hand. He grabbed ahold of her hair and yanked her head back again, "Put it in!" he told her. She did as she was told, she lifted her ass up off of his legs, grabbed ahold of his throbbing cock, it seemed even bigger then before, she could feel it jump as she ran the head of his cock along the lips of her pussy. She brought the tip of his member to the opening between her legs and slowly slid down. His body tightened as he slid inside of her, she got halfway down and stopped, trying to let herself stretch before taking him all the way in. She slid up and down in short quick strokes getting used to him inside her tight canal. He was ready to be inside of her all the way, he grabbed ahold of her hips and pulled her down as he thrusted into her. She felt every inch as he slid inside her, her nails dug into the top of his shoulders as she let out with a small scream. He could tell from her face that she was feeling that pleasurable kind of pain, the kind that hurts but you dong want it to stop. He grabbed a hold of her ass with both hands and rocked her hips back and forth. "Ahhh, ahh god," she screamed as he continued to thrust deep inside while pulling her towards him. "Tell me how that feels." he told her, "ahhh god…. It feels like you're gonna fuckin tear me!". She felt one of his hands leave her ass and return with a smack that reverberated through the muscle in her ass and leg and made her jump from the surprise. She forced herself to forget about the pain and focused on the pleasure she was feeling from his oversized cock stretching her to her limit. She leaned forward isolating her hips as she bounced up and down on him, feeling every inch of him and every move that he made as he slid in and out of her. He continued to smack her ass, switching off between his hands she never knew for sure which side it was going to come from, it felt like he wanted to leave hand prints on her. With her forehead pressed against his they could feel the warmth of each others breath as they both moved faster in sync with one another.
He felt could feel the pressure building inside of him, he wasn't ready to let go yet. He grabbed her and threw her onto her back again length ways on the couch. He took her legs and held them together as he shoved himself inside of her. With her legs clamped together her pussy felt even tighter then before, and with her legs together she could feel the girth of his dick pressing against every wall as he pumped himself in and out. He was fucking her as hard as he could now trying to go deeper with every push, he could see her tits shaking back and forth from the violent motion. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them in her hands. He then pressed her knees to her shoulders and pinned them there with the weight of his body, he could go even deeper like this. He lifted himself and threw himself inside of her with all his body weight. She screamed as she felt him hitting the back of her pussy. "Does that hurt baby?" he asked with a smirk creeping across his face. "Yes, ahh fuck yes it hurts!" she said gritting her teeth. He couldn't contain himself any longer, he knew he was going to cum any second. He grabbed her hair again and jumped off the couch in one motion, he pulled her off the couch and onto her knees on the floor. He guided his cock into her mouth and made her gag on his dick once again. "Put your hands behind your back." he told her. She did as he said as she wrapped her lips around his thick shaft. She could taste herself on him, somehow it turned her on cleaning her juices off of his cock. She could feel him pumping into her mouth, sliding back and forth. Her body would tense every time she gagged from him hitting the back of her throat. She sensed his body get tighter and a second later he filled her mouth with his salty cream, the first shot was large and nearly filled her mouth. A little more came out with every pump after that until there was nothing left. She kept her lips wrapped around him as he slid out of her mouth, making sure he came out clean. She held his cum in her mouth until he told her what to do with it. "Swallow it." he told her. She obeyed, she swallowed his load in one gulp, she felt it line her throat as it slid down. "Now get up, I'm not done with you yet."
He stood her up and led her down the hall to the bedroom. Her round ass was swollen from the repeated smacks she received when on top of him, and she had two faint hand prints on either side. He picked her up and threw her onto the bed on her stomach. He went to one side of the head board and tied her hand to the bed post, then went to the other side and did the same thing. She looked at him with curiosity wondering what he was going to do to her. He climbed on the bed on his knees where her legs were between his. He grabbed her underneath her hips and lifted her upwards so she was on her knees with her face pressed into the pillows beneath her. He spread her ass apart to admire both of her holes, he squeezed the tight muscles of her ass as he stuck his face between her cheeks and began to lick her asshole. "Oh god yeah." she said. He forced the tip of his tongue into her tight, voluptuous ass. As good as it felt she couldn't help but to tense her body every time his tongue was inside of her. He moved his head away after he had gotten her anus nice and dripping wet, he began to circle her asshole with his thumb, applying deep pressure as his thumb circled. "Ahhh, ahh yeah." she said as she felt his thumb going around and around. He spread her knees apart and took his cock in his other hand and rubbed it back and forth along the opening of her pussy, he ran it from her clit to the back of her slit. After teasing her for a while she felt him stop when he got to the opening of her pussy, he continued to circle her asshole with his thumb as he slid just the tip of his dick in and out of her. When he entered her pussy again his thumb followed the motion into her ass, she gasped at the feeling of the double penetration "oh fuck" she yelled. She could feel his cock sliding in and out but his thumb stayed in constantly, she could feel his cock and thumb pushing against one another as he glided in and out. She felt him take his thumb out of her ass and his cock out of her pussy. He stood up and walked around to the foot of the bed. He grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her knees out from under her, he spread her legs and tied them to opposite ends of the foot board. He then climbed over the foot board onto his knees and between her legs. He shoved his face between her cheeks again and licked her up and down, he could hear her moaning from the feeling of him licking the soft tissue of her anus. Only when he had her ass slopping wet did he pull his face away. He moved himself up her body, laying on top of her outstretched figure.
She could feel his cock between her cheeks. He wasn't inside of her, he was thrusting along the length of her ass rubbing against her smooth skin. She could feel his dick getting harder, she knew he wanted it to be peaked before he put it in her ass. She could feel the head of his penis catch the edge of her asshole every thrust as it sent chills down her spine. When he was as hard as he was earlier he stopped teasing her. He reached down to guide himself inside of her, her ass did not want to let him in, he could feel it tense every time he pushed. He reached up and yanked her head back so he could see her eyes, "How bad to you want me to fuck your ass? How bad do you want it?" he asked. "I want it so bad, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck my ass!" she said. He reached down with both hands and spread her ass apart and forced himself in. He guided himself in slowly, he heard her scream into the pillow as she yanked on the ropes binding her hands. He inched himself in until he could not go any further. He kept himself inside of her ass, stretching her out, he could hear her continuous shouting into the pillow. He yanked the pillow out from under her and took the pillow case off of it. He rung the pillow case tightly into a cord and wrapped it around her mouth, it ran between her teeth and around the back of her head where he had a tight grip on both ends. He used it as leverage as he began to thrust into her ass, pushing off of the mattress with the other hand. Her ass was so tight and smooth, it almost seemed to hug his head with every deep thrust. She could feel him moving back and forth, she had never been opened up this wide before, she didn't know which was stronger, the pain or the pleasure. "It hurts doesn't it?" he asked. "Yes, yes!" she said muffled by the makeshift gag in her mouth. "You want me to stop don't you?" "NO, NO DON'T STOP!" she screamed. This just made him fuck her even harder. "AHH FUCK." She screamed as he pumped himself inside her. He could feel himself about to cum as could she. He held off as long as he could but it was no use, one final thrust and he exploded in her ass, filling her up with everything he had left. Her body was shaking from the mix of agony and ecstasy, she had come just before she did. As he slowly pulled out her body trembled, he could see his cum inside her ass as it slowly closed, locking his fluids inside. He reached up and untied one of her hands, he could see her wrists and ankles were red and raw from pulling on her restraints. "Untie yourself." he told her. She untied her other hand then her right foot then her left. "Stand up and come here." he said. She did as she was told, she stood up and walked over and stood in front of him. He took her chin in his hand and gently tilted her head upward and kissed her lips. "You can go now." he said "Don't forget to pick up your money on your way out." Again without question she did as she was told. She turned around and walked down the hallway, she collected her money, put on her trench coat and walked out the door.
It was now 5 a.m. He knew his wife would be returning from her shift at the hospital in a couple of hours. He cleaned himself up, put his wedding ring back on, locked the front door and climbed into bed, the same bed he had just fucked Kallie on. It was about 6:15 by the time his wife got home, he woke to the sound of the bedroom door opening. His wife walked in, all he could see was her silhouette from the light coming in from the hall way. "Hey hun, how was work." he asked her. "It was great." "Well that's good, you gonna come to bed?" he asked. "Yeah I'm coming, I just want to get a shower first." she walked over to the bathroom on the far side of the room. He watched her take off her scrubs starting with her top, and as she took off her bottoms he saw her familiar rose tattoo, right where her back and her ass meet.


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