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Blind sighted by fear Chapter 2

Short story By: mywayornoway89

Lauren discovers what passion is

Submitted:Mar 1, 2012    Reads: 328    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Looking up at these men i felt true fear, i looked any where but into there eyes."Lauren we don't mean to scare you, we are simply here to bring you to our master." one saidBy the way my my name is Ky, this here is zane and you know mikalah.'' "Now before you think we did anything to you, you are wrong, we sinply had the maid clean you up. Mary anne please fetch her a robe." A young woman i did not notice before snuck out the door and didn't glance back. "Please bring me home." i whispe" "That woould be immpossible, please be calm dante will explain everything in a little while."' "Would you like a glass of water you must be parched." i nodded not trusting my words. I kept silent for what felt like hours planning my escape. so far i could'nt see any windows. It was quite a large room as i looked around the door burst open. A cloaked figure walked in and shut the door quitely behind them, they walked with no sound i noticed. "Princess Selena, its been a long time since i have seen you and it has taken quite some time to find you." This cloaked figure said by the voice i knew it was a man "What do you mean princess selena my name is lauren you have the wrong person please let me go this is a mistake." I pleaded The man slid his hood back and revealed one of the most beautiful faces i have ever seen and i was instantly frieghtened, i tried to push back in my chair. I couldnt understand my reaction to him but my body told me not to get any nearer."There is no mistake selena you are to be my queen, my vampire queen." Shocked i stopped pushing my self back and just stared at him."Vampire" i whispered "Yes, vampires by the look on you face id assume you have had the dreams." He looked at me intently and all of a sudden i didn't feel afaird anymore. "Dante, your name is dante i have dreamed about you my whole life every night but i have never seen your face." This confused me 'Why,why haven't i seen your face?" He pulled up a chair next to me and un did the ropes the bound my hands and feet i immediately got up and started pacing. "I never let you see my face because i was sure you'd recongize me before i was ready for you, please come sit and talk im sure you have alot of questions?" I looked at him " Can we walk and talk i have to use the ladies room." Anything to escape this room for christ sake. "yes we may, right this way." He held out his hand in an invintation to take his hand, i walked right past it. He just shrugged his shoulders and followed me. "Where are we.''' I bluntly asked " In my home" he flatly said I was amazed this was no home it was a castle something tickled at my memory i ve been here before, but how is this possible. I looked over at him he was staring at me "The bathroom?" i asked "Oh right, sorry my mistake, second door on your right." I ran to that door opened and slammed it shut, ran to the toliet and peed the best pee in my life. When i was done i took a good look around no windows, ofcourse not just my luck. I got up and washed my hands and walked out. Dante wasn't there in his place were two young women. The bowed before me "Princess Selena your bath awaits you, in the master suite." I didn't know what to say. "My name is lauren not princess selena." I replied icily "Well dante did say you'd be some trouble but we have been instucted to call you by you rightful name, now if you will just follow us this way." I followed with out another word what am i going to do . When we reached the bath room i almost choaked on my scream, there dante was naked in this huge round tub steam coming out. The women started to take my robe off."NO" I yelled "What do you think you are doing" I said I looked right in to dantes eyes almost like i was being pulled too. "Get undressed selena" His fangs emerging, and i did as he said with out another thought.


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