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Next Episode of Creatures.

"Well .." he began, his eyes locked on my face. I didn't think i'd want to know the answer, but i kept my chin high. Not wanting him to take advantage of my fear. "We're going somewhere they won't expect." he continued.

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(Warning ; I will not explain everything because it is mostly written in the first Ep. of Creatures.)

Where were we ? Oh yes ...

"Well .." he began, his eyes locked on my face. I didn't think i'd want to know the answer, but i kept my chin high. Not wanting him to take advantage of my fear. "We're going somewhere they won't expect." he continued. They, as in Munisan and Kayus. I intook breath quickly not exactly wanting to know his ideal hidding place. "There's an abandoned slaughter house down on Corel Avenue, that's where we are going." he finished. My eyes averted his, and i looked at the ground. My mind playing out different scenarios that could happen in a slaughter house! He turned around and continued to walk away, his footsteps heavy and yet light at the same time. You didn't even know he was one of the other race until you looked into his eyes. A deep amber with blue circles around the pupil. Maybe he planned to kill me, i would never know. If only i could get into his mind, know every secret and every plan. I chastised myself, wishful thinking was not what i should be doing. I should be running for my life right now.

I stood there frozen, my mind reeling. I should be running right now, but i wasn't. Why? I couldn't understand my own motives. I stood there, dumbfounded, until i realized why i wasn't running. I was watching him. The way his hair blew in the wind, the strength in his stride and the way his eyes melted me when he'd look back to be sure i was still there. I blinked twice, i knew this sensation. I'd felt it before, in twelfth grade with Sean. It hadn't lasted long. I looked at the man, perhaps it was because i still had no name for him or because he was so sure of himself. I, on the other-hand, lacked self-confidence. My sight began to blurr, but he still hadn't noticed that i wasn't following him. I turned, knowing i should leave; that even if i felt certain things towards him it would never work.

A sudden arm around my waist made me build up a scream, but a hand was soon placed over my mouth in a steely grip. I had the urge to bite the hand until i smelt it. The hand's stench was almost unbearable, smelling of grime and molded corpse. I was yanked backwards, and soon there was no direct sunlight. A warm breath in my ear whispered, "Make a sound and i'll slit y'ar throat." I felt the cool touch of the knife's blade against my throat. I managed a small, stiff nod and vaguely wondered how long it would be until 'He' noticed i was gone. "Good girl." crooned the voice. I whimpered, "I ain't gunna hurt'cha. Just do what i say and you'll be allowed to leave in a sec." he growled, now roughly handling me. Oh god, now i knew what he meant and my fear factor spiked. Please, please let him realize that i'm gone! The man released me, "Get down on your knees, and stay there until i'm ready." growled the man. "Y-Yes, sir." i whimpered softly. I slowly got to my knees, and knowing his intentions i bent downwards and placed my hands on the cool cement. There was something hard pressed against my ass now, as he said, "Get ready, babe." he hissed in my ear. His breath making me cough, and then i screamed in pain.

When i saw him standing there i felt relief but also sheer horror. "Get off of her." i heard him snarl, his voice deadly. "Naw, i'm enjoyin' this." crowed the man behind me, who kept thrusting his cock inside of my tight ass. I moaned in pleasure and pain, not being able to speak. "She's enjoyin' it too, man." commented the reckless male. He looked down at me and i could see the anger in his eyes, yet i continued moaning. Please let him have mercy. "I'll give you one more chance." he snarled, and i noticed his front teeth sharpening along with his canines. Oh lord, he truly was one of them. The man froze, "Your one of those nasty freaks !" exclaimed the man. "Yes, and your about to be one of those dead corpses !" He exclaimed, mocking the man's voice. The man behind me froze as He advanced, his hands clenched into fists.

(Author's note - Sorry it's rather short, but it's a little cliff hanger there. Don't worry i'll update soon if people still want me too.)


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