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This is an erotica :

In the beginning, I was alone.
Roaming the streets in a desperate search of humanity. I couldn't tell for certain if there were none of my kind left but i had to be sure. I was exsausted and fell to my knees late on the third day of searching.

(Rape is involved.)

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In the beginning, I was alone.
Roaming the streets in a desperate search of humanity. I couldn't tell for certain if there were none of my kind left but i had to be sure. I was exsausted and fell to my knees late on the third day of searching. I could feel myself dying. Then another came towards me. a tall, slender man. In a white lab coat. I knew what was to come, my head was spinning as I was weak. The man approached me, seemingly wary but as I caught a glimpse of his eyes there was a mad gleam. My breathing caught in my throat, and I closed my eyes tightly. He chuckeled as he gathered my now shaking body in his arms and started in the way he came. I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes, nor to scream aloud. My inner self was demanding me to move, scream, somthing, but i couldn't. I just let him carry me.
I felt a traitorous tear slide silently down my face as he, after what seemed like hours, set me onto a cold metal table. I finally felt the beginning of a scream build up in my chest but i let it subside. My subconscious telling me to be silent. I lay there, cold, and still shaking. I didn't dare move an inch, even after I heard the man walk away. I allowed myself to sob silently for a few moments, and stopped just before I heard a door click shut. I felt a hand on my forehead. I froze instantly, not knowing what to expect anymore. Another hand trailed from my temple to my jawline and trailed down towards my breast. I closed my eyes even tighter, begging them with my mind to release me.

What had i ever done to .. their kind ? Nothing. Nothing at all, except try and find surviving humans whilst i may have ... critically injured (or killed) some. As the mans hand continued to trace downwards, I almost burst with rage and adreniline. "Get your filthy hands off of me" I said, anger dripping off the words. The hand on my forehead slid down to cover my eyes. He chucked darkly. I began to struggle, but in one swift move, he was straddling my waist and pinning me down. My eyes flashed open and i glared at the hand that was covering the light. I felt my survival instincts kick in and i immediately bucked, only to feel something hard pressing into my pelvis. I almost retched in disgust, "Get away from me you disgusting asshole !" I shouted, my words had power beneath them and i swear he flinched. Or maybe i was just going insane as his hand ran across my body making me shiver with horror and pleasure."now, now... you know you want this..." the man said teasingly. "You son of a b*tch! I'll kill you!" I screamed as he grabbed at the end of my shirt. I squrimed and screamed in horror as he started to pull it up, slowly.

"You say no, but look at how your body reacts." he said slyly. I cursed myself internally for having not been able to steal or buy a bra of any sort. As he rolled my breats nipple between his forefinger and thumb i tried hard to supress the moan that had escaped my lips. "You bastard !" I snarled at him, my anger taking hold of me until i felt his hands on my pant's zipper. "N-No. Please !" i tried to plead him, but he ignored. Looking at my exposed flesh like i was a science expirement. "Your a monster, one of those alienated freaks ! Why do you want a human like me ?" i asked, trying to break his concentration. To stop him from continuing. A hard slap to my face made me whimper in pain as he said "Alienated freak? oh ho, I don't think so, now you've made me mad. I'm gonna have you screaming in pain!" He nearly ripped my pants off in the 2 seconds he was off me. I struggled to get away, but he quickly was back on top of me."Do you take pleasure in this ? Making people suffer ?" I asked, my voice a hoarse whisper. After all, i was still suffering from my weakened and hungry state. He noticed that, "After your punishement, if you be a good little girl i'll give you something to eat and drink." he said. I didn't take any notice to his generocity.

I merely turned my head to the side, but stiffled a scream as his bony fingers dug into my cheeks as he turned my face back to him. "I have one rule that must be obeyed." he hissed, his voice deadly. "If you so much as try to get away from me, i will kill you. Slowly." he added, to emphasize his words. I nodded meakly, unable to speak for fear of him hurting me further. He patted my cheek. "good, my little pet." He smashed his lips into mine. I couldn't breathe. He traced my bottom lip with his tongue, asking for permission. Why he did it, I thought it was a test, so I reluctantly granted him entrance. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth as I desparatly tried not to struggle. Soon i could feel his hands roaming down my body, touching, feeling, pinching, playing with any exposed flesh. All too soon did i feel his hands roam further down towards my lower half. I felt panic overwhelm me. Not there, not now ! His lips were lifted from mine and i could feel him get off of me and lower his head near my pubic area. I was so overwhelmed with horror and panic that i hadn't noticed the door open and close. Only until i felt another pair of hands did a jolt of fear pulse through me "Ah!" I exclamed. I opened my eyes to see a blonde man sitting on my stomache. He didn't wear a shirt, but he leaned down, and started sucking on my now-hard nipple. The other man with the bony fingers had gotten off the table completely. "Ahh!" I moaned as the blonde continues sucking. I felt one of the other man's bony fingers penetrate my sex's lips. I gasped out in surprise but moaned again as the blonde's other hand rolled my other breast's hard nipple in his soft fingers. I gasped and moaned as the blonde bit my nipple lightly adding to the pleasure i was feeling.The bony fingers were soon replaced with a toungue. "Ahh..!" I moaned, blushing firecly. The blonde stopped sucking, and brought his lips to my neck.

He started biting the soft, sensitive flesh. I bucked and squirmed with pleasure. I screamed out in ecstasy just as i was about to hit an orgasm. Although the brunett pulled away just seconds before. The blonde shoved away the brunett and undid his pants, throwing them to the ground. Then, he penetrated me forcefully making me scream in pain and pleasure. "no fair" The brunette complained, getting back on top of me. The blonde was rocking into me, faster each time, making me moan in pleasure. The brunette slapped me across the face, making the room spin. "wha-? ahh!" I screamed in pleasure again as the blonde came inside of me. I noticed how the brunett's eyes were staring down at me hungrily and i pleaded internally that he would do nothing rash to overcome the situation. After the blonde had come he pulled my body towards the edge of the metal bed letting my head fall limp over the edge as he rammed his large erection into my open mouth causing me to gagg and moan as the Brunett entered me and rammed continuously. I couldn't control my emotions. I moaned, making the blonde's member vibrate. In turn, the blonde moaned. The brunette continuing to ram into me. He started going faster - which didn't think possible - causing me to see stars. I swallowed, my throat closing aroung the blonde's member, causing him to reach his peak. He pulled out of my mouth, while I choked on his seed. I swallowed, needing air to pass through to my lungs. I screamed when the brunett orgasmed inside of me, my body fell limp on the bed. I moaned, whimpering as well. The blonde kissed me, and then turned to the brunett.

"She'll be a perfect expirement. Shall we bring the others in the morning ?" he asked."No. we'll keep her separate." the brunette hissed. the blonde sighed, knowing he'll never again get me alone for sexual purposes. "Fine." he said, grabbing his pants and storming out of the room. The brunette chuckled as he turned back to me. "now, what can we do for you for food?" The blonde slammed the door closed, his mind working deviously. He would sneak the girl from that low-lifed brunett if it was the last thing he did. He peeked through the door, "Munisan wants to see you," lied the blonde. The brunett snorted, "Fine, i'll be there in a - " the blonde interupted him, "Now." he replied tautly. "damn Munisan..." the brunette mumbles under his breath as he grabs his pants, puts them on and skulks out of the room. I curled into myself for warmth. I didn't see the blondie walk towards me. he dropped a bra, underwear, jeans and a tank top on me. "get dressed. quickly!" I didn't notice i was getting dressed untill I put on my shirt. "lets go" the blonde lowly hissed at me. I hurriedly rushed out of the room, unsure of why he was doing this for me. A voice in the back of my head whispered fervently, maybe it's not for you. Maybe he wants you for his own.. but i shoved the thought away even as we entered a door that led to a dark alleyway. "where are we going?" I whispered as the blonde pulled my arm, keeping a firm grip. He didn't answer, but tugged me to a dead end. He slid an old weathered brick to the side.

Hearing a 'click' some bricks slid to the side granting entrance. then, they closed after the weathered brick fell back into place. I stopped, now afraid of this man who i'd mistaken as help. "Where are we-" i couldn't finish for there was a stinging pain on my cheek. I raised my feeble hand and pressed lightly, realizing then that he'd slapped me. "Shut up and follow me. Or i'll let Kayus have you." he snarled, his eyes burning. "wha-" my face was greeted with another hard slap. "shut up, or I'll have to punish you... my pet." I lowered my gaze, and followed the blonde, afraid of what my 'punisment' would be if I didn't do as he said. "Hurry up pet!" I picked up my pace, and was soon running again. A cold wind whipped me in the face and it felt so much like the blonde's slapp that i whimpered slightly. He glared back at me with warning in his eyes, and so i sped up to meet his pace. I wondered if he would allow me a question ... my trail of thought was abruptly ended as i felt his hand on my breast. "You have a question ?" he asked, i nodded mutely. Wondering why it was that he always had to touch my boobs. "Ask me." he growled, "Where are we going ? Who's Kayus ? Who was that Munisan ?" i blabbered, finally stopping myself as i saw his scowl. "I said you have A question." he grumbled. "w-where are we g-going?" I managed the words out. I didn't know why I suddenly felt scared. The blonde chuckled. "well," he started ....



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