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Unexpected Fun Night

Short story By: Mystic22

My first threesome.

Submitted:Feb 9, 2012    Reads: 9,387    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

My best friend and I have been best friends for about 7 years. And my boyfriend and I have been dating for a few months now. My boyfriend, John and I have had sex only once. But my best friend, Freddy and I have had sex multiple times. John never really does anything bad but freddy is bi and has done plenty of naughty things. I consider myself a pretty attractive 23 year old. Both Freddy and John are pretty handsome 24 year olds. John, Freddy, freddy's date Sarah and I all decide to go out to a bar for sarah's 22nd birthday. She ends up getting so drunk she throws up multiple times. Fortunately, Sarah lived right across the street from the bar, so Freddy walks her home. Meanwhile, both John and I continue having some drinks. John ends up pretty drunk and I'm only a little buzzed. So I decide to tease John. I start rubbing my hand over his legs, touching his crotch ever once in a while. John starts to grab my breast through my shirt and he kisses my neck. Just then Freddy walks in and sees John and I playing with each other. Freddy smiles at me and I know exactly what he was thinking. Since Freddy had very few drinks, he drove us all to my house. As soon as we all get inside, I throw John onto the couch and tear off all his clothes. I seductively remove my clothes, specifically to tease Freddy. As I lift myself onto john's cock, I hear Freddy take off his clothes and start stroking himself. I am turned on by my boyfriend's beautiful 7 inch cock inside of me and seeing my best friend's massive 8 1/2 cock start to form pre cum on the tip of it. All three of us start to moan together. The pleasure I was giving John made him clueless to Freddy jacking off in the corner, but it made me more horny. Then I feel John cum inside of me. I scream as I go into my own orgasm. Probably from hearing our screams, Freddy comes over and shoots his load onto my back. Freddy came a little later than John and I so John heard Freddy moan really loud as he came onto me. John looked up stared at freddy with his cock hanging out for everyone to see and said to me, "so you brought a friend huh baby? Well we don't want dear little Freddy to feel left out do we? Or rathe should I say big Freddy" looking at freddy's cock. My eyes widened as Freddy climbed on top of John and started sucking his cock! I began to get jealous by seeing my best friend give my boyfriend a blow job. I started to rub my pussy. I knew John ejaculated into freddy's mouth because he made that sound he does when he comes; so I stuck two fingers into my love hole and moaned. Then Freddy looked over at me and said to John, "oh look John, our friend here seems to be getting jealous. Do you mind if I help your girlfriend a bit?" "go right ahead freddy! She deserves it after watching you suck my cock!" I was surprised to hear my boyfriend talk so dirty! Then Freddy comes around behind me and sits me up doggie style. He sticks his gigantic dick into my ass, like he knows I like (which John doesn't know). He thrust his dick in and out of my ass getting me so wet! Just then John went under me and stuck his dick into my very wet and eager pussy! I couldn't believe I was being fucked by my boyfriend an best friend at the same time!! I was being throw everywhere from cocks thrusting in and out of my ass and pussy! It felt so wrong and naughty but it felt so damn good! Then Freddy came into my ass and I screamed! John continued to fuck my pussy and when I didn't think I could hold myself up any more both of us cummed again. John and Freddy pulled out their cocks from inside me as I collapsed onto the bed. John kneeled on the floor and started to eat my pussy sending me over the edge! As my boyfriend tongue fucked my pussy, Freddy stuck his dick into john's ass. John screamed into my pussy but kept tonguing me. I played with my breasts as I heard John licking my juices and freddy's balls smack john's ass. Freddy came at the same time I did and we screamed together! But we weren't done yet! John felt he needed to return the favor to Freddy. So Freddy went on all fours on the couch. John thrust his cock into freddy's asshole. I didn't want to feel left out so I got under freddy and started sucking on his cock. I tried suck the whole thing in my mouth as I massaged his balls and John fucked his ass. John repositioned me so he could finger fuck me as he fucked freddy's ass and I sucked freddy's dick. We all came for what seemed the thousandth time! We collapsed on the bed exhausted from our intense fucking. We would sleep for about half an hour then fuck some more. We did this for about 2 more hours. When I woke up the next morning I saw Freddy standing over the bed looking at mine an john's still naked bodies. "I have to go to work sorry. But I had a great time last night! With both of you! Tell John that he was great!" he kissed me and started for the door. He turned around and said "oh I left you something on the counter. Love ya!" and he walked out the door. I went into the kitchen without putting on any clothes. On the counter was my favorite Starbucks drink, a morning after pill, and a note next to the pill saying "just in case <3" I laughed and took the pill. I went back into the living room where John was still passed out on the couch. I kissed his lips and fell back asleep on his chest our naked bodies rubbing against each other. I smiled as I remembered last night.


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