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Something erotic

Short story By: mykaitch

Tags: Erotic

I noticed that this genre gets the most hits (you naughty people) so I thought I would give it a go. This is just a very short one ( now that sounds personal but isn't meant to be).

Submitted:May 19, 2007    Reads: 6,573    Comments: 9    Likes: 3   

Something erotic

She knew that he would come today, he had promised her and now she waited with tense anticipation, looking forward to his expert ministrations. He had said that he would ring her but he hadn't and now she found herself willing the telephone to ring, unable to focus on anything until she could see him. She tried to read a magazine and promised herself not to be angry with him, knowing how difficult it could be and then at last, her door bell chimed and she almost jumped up from the settee. She opened the door and he was standing there. "You're late", she said in a gently reprimanding tone, "I have been waiting for so long...", and she beckoned him inside, closing the door. "You said you would call me", she said trying so hard not to sound upset, and he just smiled back which melted her and replied, "I know, I am sorry, really I am. I let my battery go flat." She could not be angry with him, he was there now.

In a few minutes she had forgotten all her worries. His skilful fingers were exploring, probing every orifice. She almost gasped as he thrust harder and then withdrew his hand altogether. "Why have you stopped ?", she asked. She wondered what he was going to do when he smiled and opened a jar of lubricating jelly that he had brought with him. "I thought I might need this", he said as he dipped one finger and then another into the sweet smelling substance. She watched as his fingers, moist and slippery now, probed again then finding her rim carefully circled around it leaving a clear glistening trail. A little fluid seeped out but he paid it no heed.

She had promised herself that she would be patient and let him perform his magic as she knew he could, but she had waited for so long now and all she wanted was the relief and she urged him, "please, can you go faster ?". He said nothing but a low grunt in reply and renewed his efforts, thrusting harder into the tight opening. Beads of sweat were on his forehead now but still he kept thrusting with one hand while the fingers of the other explored as if under their own will. She knew it would not be long now and some more creamy liquid leaked away, some of it falling onto her leg where it ran warm and sticky to her ankle. How much longer, she wondered, impatient now. "Please hurry", she said and suddenly he stopped and fell back, breathing heavily from his exertions. It was like a volcano erupting as a great flood gushed free and the thick slimy fluids were released as one.

"Is that it ?", she said, baffled, upset, angry, cheated, "sixty dollars for that ?"
"Look ma'm, I unblocked the filter and the flow pipe. I lubed the door seal and there's the call out charge too. Give it a rinse cycle with no load and she'll be as good as new.
"Do you take Visa?" she asked.
"Yep, no problem".

She paid the repairman and as soon as he had gone, put a full load into the machine before heading out to her job at nearby Wal-Mart.


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