Something else erotic

By: mykaitch

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Something else erotic.

Her husband had left for work and her son had gone to the job he was doing while home from College. Now she was looking forward to her visitor and was pleased to see him arrive exactly on time. She welcomed him into her home, noting that he had cheekily parked on her drive and thinking that the neighbour’s curtains would be soon be twitching, but what the hell. She was going out later in the day and so she had got up early and enjoyed a good long soak in the bath. Underneath the robe that was tied tightly around her trim waist she was naked, and felt a little bit naughty when she opened her door to her visitor. He was ready for her the moment she closed the door again, and she instantly realised that this young man knew exactly what he was doing. She cast admiring eyes over his rigid tool, as he undid his zipper to release it. It seemed to her that it was straining against the thin material that covered it, eager to be free. His hand was wrapped around its thick shaft and he asked her if she could help him to guide it to wherever she liked. Her long slender fingers eagerly joined his as together they guided his tool to her most secret of places. They were dark forbidden places where nobody but she had ever explored, not even her husband had dared to find them, but today she needed to share them with the handsome stranger. She was so excited at the prospect of at last achieving satisfaction.

    “In there”, she said, “do it again”, as his tool brushed lightly some soft downy hairs making them stand up and quiver like golden corn in the wind.
    “My god”, she said, “that is so good, even my husband hasn’t found that spot.”
    “Your....your husband ? Well he be home soon ?”, he asked nervously. She picked up on his sudden concern and said, “oh no, you needn’t worry about him.”
    “Not at all, I just sort of thought....well..”
    “You thought what...oh my that so amazing. You can do that as long as you want.”
    “I hoped he might want to join us.”
    “No, he’s not interested, but please keep going, I can’t believe how good that is.”
    “I am glad you like it. I know I am young but my technique surprises most people.”
    “I bet it does, I never imagined you would be so well equipped.”
    “Can we stop for a while, my mouth is kind of dry and I would really like to do some sucking with you.”
    “That’s a great idea, I’ll get us both a beer.”

She took a can from her refrigerator and the warm air condensed on the cold metal, the moisture beading and running in rivulets down the side as she passed it to him. It dripped from the base of the can as he tipped it into his mouth, savouring the golden cooling liquid. He drained the can and placed it on the table, then noticed the spreading dampness that he had caused. She drained hers too and although its coolness was refreshing it did nothing to lower the rising temperature that was raging in her body.

    “Sorry, now I’ve made it all wet down there”, he said with embarrassment.
    “You said you were going to do some sucking....”
    “Oh yeah, you bet. I like that the best.”
    “How come you know so much, I mean at your age. Why, my son is older than you.”
    “Your son ? He’s lucky to have such a beautiful mother, if you don’t mind me saying so.”
    “Thank you”, she said and felt a pink blush rising up her neck.
    “Can you feel that ?”
    “That soft throbbing sensation, is it your tool doing that ?”
    “Yeah, isn’t it great ?”
    “Oh yes, every bit as good as you said it would be. I’ve never felt anything like it before.”
    “It is kind of special – everybody likes that.”
    “Can you blow for me again, please ? “
    “My pleasure.”
    “Just blow gently where you made it all wet, you know, down there.”
    “How is that for you ? Is that the spot ?”
    “Fantastic !”
    “Are you sure your husband wouldn’t maybe like to watch ?”
    “No, really. He’ll be fine.”
    “And he doesn’t mind us doing this?”
    “Not at all, as long as I am happy, he’ll be fine about it. Like I said, he just doesn’t care.”
    “That’s a real shame. Let me show you what else I can do for you.”
    “I can hardly wait. You really are amazing”
    “Look at this”, he said proudly and she could see that somehow he had made his magnificent tool even longer.
    “Oh my God! I have to try that. Its incredible ! How do you do that ?”
    “Oh you know, you just need to press the right buttons”, he said modestly.
    “I think we should stop again. Can I get you something to eat, a sandwich maybe ?”
    “Why thank you, that’s very kind of you.”
    “Ham, and I have some really nice Mayo too ?”
    “Yeah, thanks. There is some stuff I need to explain so that you can really take care of my tool, if you want to that is.”
    “Oh I think I do. Let’s eat”, she said as she busied herself making the sandwiches.

As he ate she couldn’t help noticing how some of the Mayo leaked from between the slices of bread and the creamy white secretion oozed between his fingers. He sucked it off each finger, anxious not to leave a telltale stain on his suit. She ate hers too and then he was eager to resume, and so was she. There was only another hour or so to spare before she had to start cooking the evening meal and she wanted to make as much use of the time left as she could, after all, he was not cheap.

    “What else can you do for me ?”, she asked, her voice strained and low.
    “If you could just sort of lean over the back of your settee...”
    “Like this ?”, she said pretending to reach down behind the smooth leather covering.
    “Yeah, that’s perfect. Now I’ll go round the back and you can hold my tool for me.”
    “Gosh, that is fabulous. Can we try it with the armchair?”, she asked.
    “Well why not, but I do have to be going soon.”
    “Okay. Well you have done everything you said you could. It was truly fantastic.”
    “Yep, sure is. If you buy one now you get the full tool set, a spare set of filters and remember, there is no dust bag to empty either. Do you want it now?”
    “Oh absolutely young man. Write me out a receipt and I’ll pay you cash.”
    “Thank you very much for asking me round to demonstrate it.”
    “You are very welcome, but I do have one more question for you?”
    “Fire away, I’ll do what I can.”
    “Do you know anything about washing machines ?”.

PS: The caption in the picture reads “I wonder if he is this good with a vacuum cleaner”.

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