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Blondes have more fun (don't they?)

Short story By: mykaitch

I think this rates 'erotic'. I have been so busy it has been a while since I had time to write again. Hope you like this one.

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Blondes have more fun (don't they ?)

He had always preferred blonde girls ever since that time he did the second most stupidest thing in his then, short life; he drilled a hole through his bedroom wall which was adjacent to the bathroom so that he could watch his eighteen year old sister when she was naked. After that he charged his school buddies a dollar a time for a peek. Things were going well until his Pa decided to repaint the room one day while he was at school. When he got home that night his Pa took of his belt and laid into him with the buckle end. There were several open wounds by the time he paused to get a beer from the fridge, which was when he made a run for it and hid in the barn. His Pa was not finished yet and came out a hollerin' and screaming, and eventually made it to the barn when there was no place else to look. The kid would've gotten away with it too, but he moved too soon and sent some straw down below. The kid also knew that his Pa often left his shotgun out in the barn and he had grabbed it as he ran for cover. His Pa climbed the ladder, cussing and shouting. When he reached the top he found himself staring down the barrels of his own gun which made him madder than ever, and that is when the kid did THE most stupidest thing in his life - he squeezed the trigger. The blast all but blew his Pa's head off, and then he went up to the house and did for his mother and sister too.

It was a few days before anybody from town happened by and the kid was long gone, hiding out in the woods. The Sheriff found him in an hour or two thanks to Sam Wilson's dogs. He got twenty years for that hole in the wall, started in Juvenile at the age of thirteen and came out from Foulsom Prison at the age of thirty-three, but he still liked blondes. He found himself a few jobs here and there as he drifted slowly back towards his home state, and then fate played a hand and he found the perfect job; been there ten years so far as a well respected employee with the past all forgotten (not forgiven but forgotten).

She was waiting for him this night, naked on her back, her long legs spread slightly, her incredibly deep blue eyes staring at the ceiling. Long blonde hair cascaded from her head like a golden waterfall. He was transfixed by her beauty and could feel the swelling in his groin just by looking at her. Already his mouth was dry and his heart was pounding with excitement and expectation. Her skin was the whiteness of marble, as if she had been sculpted to perfection; she was Venus incarnate. He reached out a trembling hand to caress one foot, stroking every toe in turn, brushing over a wonderful ankle as he moved his hand with supreme gentleness and patience to her calf. He moved relentlessly up her leg, pausing again at the knee and the soft skin behind. His breath was now harsh gasps and his touch like that of a butterfly as he mode up her thigh. As his searching fingers found the soft hair above he fluttered then across, teasing, and then moving with the same agonising precision down her other leg. By the time he reached her other foot he could take no more and quickly pulled off his belt to let his pants fall, then tugged at his shorts to release his throbbing organ, glistening already with its own lubricating secretions.

This time he knelt over her and lowered his head into that mysterious golden triangle. His tongue sought her out, darting and probing, teasing, licking, nipping at her clitoris. He moaned and pulled away from her, kneeling now with his penis between her full breasts, playing with each nipple in turn, rubbing himself between them. The sensation was so deep it was almost painful and he conjured up images of his Pa with the bloodied leather belt, in an attempt to delay his orgasm. He withdrew his wet penis and moved up to her half open and so inviting mouth, its perfect white teeth almost sparkling as he slipped inside, feeling them grate slightly against his throbbing member. It was total and complete heaven, all this and with the most beautiful of all the girls he had had, and so much like his sister too.

Girls were the best perk of the job. Oh yeah, there was a health plan and dental care and luncheon vouchers too, even some overtime now and then, but the girls! He had tried Mexican, Hispanic, Chinese, French English and even a Russian but none could compare with the angel from California in whose mouth his penis was now resting. He pulled back rapidly, fearing he had left it too late, and then took her quickly and urgently, his shattering orgasm bursting free after three strokes and he fell, sweaty and spent on top of her. For a minute he lay there, exhausted and ecstatic, letting the feelings subside until he felt himself wilt, and his flaccid organ slipped out of her. He stood up and put his shorts and pants back on, watching her the whole time. After a while he gave a deep sigh of regret. The only thing he hated was the badly sewn up incision they always had, right down their front, from the autopsy - it spoiled them so much. He would have liked to turn her over and enjoy her sweet little ass, but the back of her head was mostly gone from the impact that killed her. He wheeled the gurney across the morgue and slid the body back into its place.


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