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Us 3 Part 2

Short story By: Murnit

Our night continues

Submitted:Jun 24, 2012    Reads: 887    Comments: 15    Likes: 10   

Though now dinner is over , and we sit out by the pool, you request the bathroom and Danny tells you the way , we sit and chat together , he is keen for this evening but neither of us have done this before.

My hand slides to his cock its big , hard and a damp patch of pre-cum is staining them I rub it softly .

I am concerned for you are taking a while and I fear you're lost or worse gone home . I send Danny to find you, kissing his lips and rubbing my hands over his designer stubble as he walks off ,a pang of jealousy runs through my body .I know already that he wants to make love to you as much as I do maybe more for he adores blondes. I finish my brandy. You have both been gone a little while and its now time for me to find you .

I head for the bedroom ,you are in his arms already kissing him full on the mouth and his hands are rubbing softly but passionately over the outside of your dress ,your hand is on his chest unbuttoning his shirt and my tummy churns at the sight of this beautiful blonde on his arms removing his clothes and being so willing . I walk over to you both and you feel my lips gently begin to lick on your neck as my hands find the zipper of your dress and slowly begin to tug it down ,sliding it off your shoulders you shrug it off quickly and move closer to Dannys' chest pressing your firm breasts against him.

My hands flick open the fastener on the pretty lacy bra you are wearing and you step back so Danny can see them , they are large and full your nipples tiny, tight but hard and wanting his tongue I slid my hands under them and lift them to his mouth he covers your breasts in tiny kisses the way he does mine and again the pangs of jealousy shudder my body .

Danny sits on the bed and pulls you to his lap his hands now caressing over you and your head is thrown back in enjoyment. I sit on the bedroom chair and watch as his head moves expertly over your body he licks at your thighs and parts them slowly so I get a glimpse of your pussie still covered in sheer panties , though not for long as Danny removes them with his teeth and tongue taking n agonizingly long time to do so .

My heart is in my mouth as he buries his head between your legs both of you forgotten that I am here intent on your own pleasure . I take my clothes off and sit back and watch touching at my nipples and rubbing gently at my clit as then I hear you moan that you are cumming and this is the part Danny loves the best so spreading you wide on the bed he moves his head to watch the throbbing and pulsing of your cunt loving the way you drip on his fingers He turns recalling I am there and offers me his fingers to lick , they taste sweet and musky and I want to lick your pussie too .

I join you on the bed and feel your hands reaching out to my tits ,they are also big and firm but my nipples are longer and dark and your fingers grab them , rolling them expertly between finger and thumb I sigh with relief for we will all enjoy this evening . Dannys' cock between us is hard and throbbing and he lies back his cock is big, about 8 inches and thick and he keeps his " manscaping" up so his balls are hair free , I dive down to them and begin to lick there ,they are full and I know he must be oozing pre-cum as you start to lick the shaft .

I can see your pink tongue swirling on the head and drilling in to his slit and hear him moaning with pleasure , he cannot last long with this my hot licking alone has him blowing his load fast enough he must me raging at the feelings of his wife and a stunning blonde giving his cock their utmost attention .

I notice his hands are on ur nipples and slip my fingers to your pussie sliding my fingers inside and I am in awe of your heat and tightness ... he is going to love fucking you .


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