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Marlene is visiting the UK for the first time , sex is part of travel, isnt it?

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Marlene has her passport stamped by the official and as she put it back into her bag she smiles….London…..finally!!

Even after an 11 hour overnight flight from Johannesburg the blonde still looks gorgeous and attract many stares, although today she doesn't even notice the glances. She has been planning this trip for months, cutting back on many a luxury to save and now she is finally here. And she does not intend to waste any moment of it, and her cheeks blushes slightly by the thought of the adventures to come her way.

She walks over to the conveyer belt and her eyes start to search for her suitcase. She has on a pair of jeans hugging her round firm ass and accentuating her thighs. The long sleeve t-shirt barely hides her big bouncy tits. She has tied her long blonde hair back and if one was to look closely you would see the sparkle in her green eyes.

She will be visiting London before her return and has a train to catch to Birmingham where her cousin has offered her a room for a couple of days. With her suitcase on wheels she easily proceeds towards the exit to make her way to the train station.

The station is busy with travelers arriving and others departing to various destination. Marlene settles on a bench after buying her ticket, still taking in the atmosphere of where she is.

The train is on time and she unloads in her compartment, happy to have booked a little single for the journey. Although not a long one she kind of prefers some solitude.

In the dining cart she is seated behind a couple. With some interest she studies them, noticing the lady laughing every so often, wondering what the man is telling her that has her giggling so much. She can't see the woman's face but she has short blondish hair and when she talks her hands are also talking, gesturing.

The man looks attractive with grayish hair and the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes Marlene has ever seen. And they look very naughty… His eyes catches hers and she realize she must have been staring and she glances away, for only a moment and glance back and she see him looking at her again. Marlene's heart races and her tongue traces her lips….hmmm she hasn't been fucked in a while, a proper fuck and she wonders if he would oblige. She feels her pussy getting wet as she imagine this strange older man pinning her in her compartment and she pinches her legs together putting some pressure onto her clit almost as if to stroke herself.

After eating something light Marlene wanders back to her compartment, the older man still in her thoughts and as she reaches the door she sees him coming down the passage. She doesn't move and when he is close to her she decides to make a move... What the hell; she is in a foreign country, on holiday, horny as hell and wanting some much needed and anticipated fun and excitement.

"Hi" she says,

"Hi" he greets and when wanting to walk by she softly touches his arm. "Could you be so kind to assist me with my suitcase? I can't seem to open it up, could be the mechanism that is shot"

The man cleared his throat, glancing back down the passage and then nods in agreement.

Marlene slides open the compartment door and let him in. Her huge suitcase is on the seat and as he leans forward to open the mechanism she touches his hand, "See it won't budge" as she tugs on the case, her blonde hair falling over his arm.

"I'm Marlene" she says and flashes him her prettiest smile, her eyes full of promise.

"O yes sorry Hi, I'm Eric" the man says and for a moment he gets lost in her beautiful eyes. His eyes next wonder down - as men's eyes tend to do - to her tits, they look big and full and bouncy and her hard nipples shaping the material.

He can smell her perfume, fresh with some sweetness like a light summer floral and it intoxicates him. Her body close to him in the small compartment has his cock growing and Eric can see the danger in the situation.

He turns his attention to the lock of the suitcase and gives it a hard tug. Its snaps open and Marlene giggles "Oh thank you Eric, see sometimes it's just a man's touch" and she again flashes that seductive smile

Her hand rests on his arm and she moves it down to his hand holding it. "You are so kind" she says and Eric feels his cock getting harder. His eyes darting from her tits to her face and he has the urge to kiss her full pink lips right there.

"I just don't know how to repay you" Marlene is now flirting and teasing Eric and she has notice the bulge in his pants. She moves a little closer to him her tits almost pressing against his chest. "How can I repay you Eric? Just tell me" Her mouth moves closer to his her lips slightly parted and her tongue so inviting.

"Oh no thanks necessary" Eric stumbles a bit over his words as he feels exposed standing there his hard cock now pressing against his trousers. But he can't move, fascinated by this beautiful sexy creature, his wife a couple of doors down, forgotten.

"Is that so" Marlene moves even closer and her tits are now pressing against Eric's chest and she runs her finger up on his arm. "I think you need to be thanked properly for being such a gentleman" and as she moves forward Eric cannot contain himself any longer. My god he thinks she must be at least 30 years younger, and he pulls her into him feeling her body tight against his.

As they kiss Marlene's hands move down unzipping Eric's trousers pulling them down and the boxers he is wearing, releasing a very hungry cock. She lifts her arms as he pulls the top over her head and her bra lands on the floor next to it.

"Oh fuck" Eric moans as the sight of her full breast and hard brown nipples has his cock oozing. He starts to lick her tits flicking her nipple with his tongue while squeezing the other one pinching it until she starts to whimper.

Marlene can feel her juices flowing as his tongue works over her tits his hand squeezing and caressing them. Her nipples are now rock hard and she starts to unbutton her jeans.

"Wait" he says "Let me" and he does the last two buttons pulling them down and letting her step out of them.

"You are so fucking gorgeous" he says as her black satin G-string against her milky white skin has him throbbing. He pushes her back onto the seat and spread her legs looking at the dampness of her underwear. His cock is fat, hard and lightly oozing as he pulls her legs over his shoulders licking her lips through the material. Marlene moves her hips as the sensations pulses through her. The noises of the train silencing her moans. As he probes her slit with his tongue through the satin material he can smell her, and its driving him wild. Like great sex on a quiet afternoon, with a tinge of honey and his mouth waters for her.

He pushes one hand in under her ass lifting her up as his fingers sliding between her cheeks pressing her arse. His tongue now lapping some juice trickling down between her arse as the silk underwear is soaked with her juices.

He pulls the G-string off dropping it to the floor and her open legs presenting a smooth clean and soaking wet pussy. It looks plump and swollen in desperate need of a good fuck. He pushes her legs down and rams his hard cock inside her. Eric groans as her young tight cunt sucks him in closing around his hard fat cock. And he starts fucking her fast and hard, their moans silenced by the train rambling towards Birmingham.

"Oh fuck" Marlene yells as his big cock rams her tight cunt.

Eric pulls out and as he sits down he pulls her to him, Marlene immediately climb on top, eager to have his throbbing cock inside her and she slides down his hard shaft inch by inch.

Moving her hips Marlene slips his cock out letting it rub over her clit and then back in again her tight cunt. Her hips moving faster as the tightness builds and Eric's fingers pinching her nipples, they are red from all the pinching and it heightens her intensity having her cry out. Each time her hips thrust down Eric can feel his balls tightening his load building and his cock moving fast inside her tight cunt.

He feels a strong orgasm ripping through her body and he shoots a stream of hot sticky cum into her cunt. It starts to drip out of her onto his balls as she rubs her swollen clit on his cock. As he leaves the compartment she looks out of the window and smiles rubbing her sore pinched nipples.

This is going to be a fucking amazing holiday.


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