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The King and the Cage

Short story By: Murnit

Tags: Cage, Sex

An erotic tale with a twist ...

Submitted:May 9, 2012    Reads: 5,508    Comments: 10    Likes: 7   

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a handsome charming king. He was tall dark and had a devilish sexy smile. He had a queen by his side and she was the ruler of the king's heart. Her body slim, with the most beautiful tits in all of the land. They were full and round with plump nipples, and the queen loved playing with them pulling and squeezing them; and it made the king want her even more.
On a bright summers day the king and queen was strolling through the lush garden and the queen took his hand and said "there is something I require my king" and he looked down at her, smiling, her beautiful face showing no sign of aging, her dark hair fragrant and with no sign of grey. Her dark eyes pools he drowns in when she is on top of him.
"Yes my love, I want nothing more than to please you" the king replied kissing her softly. He moaned as her soft tongue slipped in his mouth and he is weak, knowing he will move the earth for her if she commands him to.
"We haven't had a proper celebration in quite some time and with your permission I would love to have a party" The king touches the queens back saying: "but of course my queen this would liven up the palace again"
Back at the castle the queen summons her staff and they start to plan the upcoming celebration, knowing the queen will only be satisfied with a magnificent event.
Every detail is planned from the theme to the music and the food.
The guest list, the high society of the kingdom and the promise of a magical evening on every ones lips.
Finally the big night is here and the anticipation heavy in the air.
Handsome men dressed with beautiful women by their sides. Diamonds sparkle in the soft light and champagne flows while delectable eats are gobbled up.
The queen looks radiant. Her dark her pinned up and an emerald green dress showing her small waist . Around her neck are diamonds dangling down between her tits.
The king also dressed in a dark suit looking sexy and his hand rests on the queens back as the walk the floor to chit chat with their guests.
As the king turns around to put his glass down his eye catches one of the servant girls. She is wearing a shortblack skirt, and her long legs are curvy and smooth. The white blouse cannot hide her full firm breasts and the king can see that she is not wearing anything underneath the blouse. Her little apron tucks in around her waist and as she turns around the king feels a little awestruck.
Her long blonde hair frames her face and she has big blue eyes a full red mouth and he traces the line from her mouth down her chest to her tits. The king feels a stir in his trousers, his weakness these young tight girls whom he shouldn't be thinking of at all. The servant girl sees the king looking at her, feeling his stare on her body and she smiles at the king, a promise of lust and seduction.
The king feels a hand on his arm and realizes he has been staring, clearing his throat he turns to the queen giving her a glass of champagne. "Here you go my love" and with that he swallows a whole glass trying to get his cock down and his composure back.
But the queen, knowing the kings love for young tight pussie, has seen the longing in the king's eyes. Knowing his restlessness coming around every so often.
She has done everything in her power to stay young looking, but the queen knows there is nothing to the king as his cock inside a young tight wet pussie, his hands touching firm skin.
The thought of this immediately angers the queen. She winks to her head advisor and whispers into her ear. As she hurries away, the queen smiles, knowing that she will be the one with the power now.
The celebration was a huge success, as all the parties are that the queen hosts. Guests have made their way back home and the king is walking back to his quarters when he hears a soft sobbing coming from the back area of the palace.
Curiously he walks down to the far side and as he turns the bend he sees her, the blonde servant girl. The king sighs, he knows this all too well as the queens jealousy has played out this way many a times.
The cage is built solid and the bars positioned so that escape is not possible. Its round and in the middle a mattress with some bedding. And on this bedding is the servant girl, her body trembling as she sobs. She still has her uniform on and when she sees the king she leaps up grabbing the bars…"oh my king, the queen had me thrown in this cage and I don't know what I've done to anger her" The kings finger wipes the tear away, her cheek soft under his touch.
"Now now, don't cry my pretty one" "the queen has her reasons and we should all try our best to please her"
The kings hand traces down her neck, his fingers loosening the top two buttons and down into her blouse. His other hand pulls her closer now almost against him and as his hand cups her firm breast, his thumb on her nipple, the king can feel his cock stiffen. I want her, he thinks his thumb now pressing and rolling against her nipple. She has stopped crying, enjoying the comfort of the kings touch and her nipples hard as more pressure is applied.
The king hears footsteps down the pathway and he lets go of the servant girl, taking a step back just as the queen comes closer.
"Well well, I see Betsie put this little slut just where she belongs" the queen says almost spitting out the words. "She shall stay here until I have decided her punishment" and she puts her arms around the kings neck. pulls his head down and kiss him, showing off her possession of him.
That night the king cannot sleep, his mind is filled with the blonde young servant girl, locked up in a cage, and his want for her grows knowing he must her tightness on him, and as the king turns on his side, he knows that he shall have her.
Over the next couple of days the queen keeps the servant girl in the cage, barely allowing her food and enjoying taunting her by touching and groping the king when they are there. That afternoon the queen attends a summer-tea and the king uses the opportunity to walk down to the cage.
He opens the cage with the key he took from the queens dresser and as the servant girl falls into his arm, they kiss and he pullsher young body up against his. He feels her soft mouth opening up and his tongue traces her lips.
Through the back kitchen door the king leads her to one of the many bedrooms and pushes the door to lock. On the bed the king has her for him to look at, and he slowly removes her blouse and the touch of the material against her skin has her nipples hard and puffy. Ferm.
The king bends over her and he blows soft kisses onto her skin lifting her breast to his mouth and she moans as he closes his mouth around it. He gentle sucks on her nipple flicking his tongue over it and squeezes the other one with his hand, pushing them together as his tongue swirls around her nipple. The king removes his trousers his cock big and hard the slit slightly oozing pre-cum.
His mouth now kisses down her stomach and over her skirt. He kneels between her legs and his hands glide from her knees up to her thighs spreading her legs as if slowly unwrapping a present. Knowing what awaits but enjoying the pleasure of seeing it as if for the first time.
His hands are now at the seam of her little skirt and he pushes it up slowly. Her legs now wide apart, revealing a gorgeous pussie. Her lips perfectly formed and the mound hiding promise that makes the king licks his lips.
"Show me your sweetness" the king says and he sits, waiting in anticipation, his hands slightly trembling as the servant girls uses her fingers and slowly present her to him.
The king shudders as a hard clit protrudes and he can see her wetness making her pink pussie all shiny. Her tight little hole looks as inviting and the king enjoys watching the wetness becoming more his mouth now aching along with his cock.
"Do you want me to please your slutty cunt, servant girl?" the king asks.
"Oh yes king I do I really do" and the king does not need any further invitation. His teeth nibble on her lips, sucking them and kissing her thighs. His hand is now under her round ass lifting her slightly giving him access to her pussie. The king can see her lips and clit is swollen from his kissing and blowing and know she is ripe for him. He has dreamt so much of having her, watching her through the windows as she sat in the cage.
The king kneels down and buries his head between her legs. His tongue licking long strokes, stimulating her clitty and her moans become louder her back arching slightly as he dips his tongue into her tight hole. Her juices are flowing into his mouth and the king pushes two fingers inside her, exciting him as he feels her tight cunt closing on them. His tongue is now swirling on her clitty and his fingers rhythmically working inside her and he can feel she is at the point of climax. As he increases the pressure in her pussie she cums and squirts, the kings tongue right there to lap up all her juices. He keeps the pressure inside her prolonging the orgasm and he loves her taste his lips wet as her orgasm slowly subsides. Her body shuddering still.
The king knows he will not be able to last very long and as she pulses from the last of the orgasm he lifts her legs up high and the king groans loudly as he pushes inside her. She is so tight from the orgasm that he has to force himself in, feeling her closing up around his big cock and her juices has it hot and sticky.
This is what the king has been fantasizing about. Young and tight and ...not with all her beauty can the queen make him feel the way he feels with this young servant girl.
The king grinds hard into her, his need to fill her urgent and the sheer tightness of her has him cum within minutes.
As he slips out her now soft, he keeps her legs up high, watching as his jiz start seeping out of her, her lips still swollen and puffy, pink and pretty.
And the king knows, she might be going back in the cage but he will sure have her again.
Although the queen is the ruler of his heart, this young tight thing is the ruler of his mind.


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