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The College Predator

Short story By: Murnit

Tags: Rape, Ex

A predator drugging and raping a young college girl

Submitted:Apr 8, 2012    Reads: 5,720    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

It was your typical Sunday morning at the grocery store. The air smelled of freshly baked bread and the faint smell of fresh coffee was drifting in from the coffee shop next door.

Alex was doing his normal picking of fruit and vegetable for the week when he noticed a petit redhead at the bakery counter. She had a bikini top on with a sarong wrapped around her tiny waist. Her legs were kissed brown by the sun smooth and well-shaped. He could see she had a well-rounded tight behind and wondered about her tits.

He loaded some tomatoes into his basket and then continued to pretend-shopping for potatoes, biding his time for a chance meeting.

Mandy took the bakery box from the counter assistant, these pies need to get to the hungry, and apparently starving bunch down at the beach. She smiles, it was her day to organize lunch but with their all night party she had totally overslept and by the time she finished her first swim she was commanded to the supermarket for some quick food.

She reaches the pay point at the same time Alex does and they share a quite awkward moment of:: whose turn it is.

"Ladies first" Alex flashes a white smile and Mandy notices his muscular arms and shoulders in the fitting Tee he wears. "Thanks" she says and pays for the pies before exiting the store, heading down to the beach.

Alex watches her leave, following her as she skips down the pathway to her group of friends. He pays for his groceries and after loading them into his van, parks it right at the beach end.

She has now removed her sarong and as he sits in his van watching her laughing with her friends he takes out his cock stroking it slowly. Her tits are bouncing in the small bikini top and her ass even better looking without the sarong on. He leans back closes his eyes and imagine her pussy, shaven lips swollen his tongue seeking her sweet juices. His hand is working rhythmically against his hard cock, feeling the lust for her tight body rising.

Surely he was to have her. Fucking her would be his pleasure, and he is a patient man.

A couple of hours later the sun starts to set and on the beach the group of young people starts a bonfire and some cold beers are passed around. Mandy loves this time of year with the weather being fantastic and college only a mere memory. She knows she looks good in her bikini and her hand glides over her tight stomach touching her belly ring. It's a pity Timothy is away with his family. They haven't seen each other for almost 2 weeks and she misses him and his hard cock inside her. She enjoys sex very much and tonight with couples groping and kissing each other here on the beach she feels very horny. She decides to take a walk to try and get her mind of her libido.

Walking past the parking lot she notices the same tall well-built man she saw earlier the day in the grocery store leaning against a van. "Hi again" he says and gives a small wave.

"Hi" she returns the greeting stopping, looking back at the beach. With four long steps he is standing next to her. "I'm Alex" and she looks up to him. "Mandy" she says not sure if she should just walk away or stay.

Alex knows he should act quickly as this could be his only opportunity and in one smooth movement he places his hand over Mandy's mouth and folds her arm in behind her back. In a matter of mere seconds he has her pushed into his van closing the door tight behind them.

"Hey ! let me go" Mandy just realized what has happened and she feels her heart pounding as the small confinement of the van has him hovering over her.

With one swoop Alex shuts her mouth with some duct tape he had already cut. "sjuu" he places his finger over his lips. He looks down at her heaving chest her tits barely covered by the small bikini top her nipples hard against the latex material

On the side of the van two chains with leather wrist straps are fixed and he quickly ties her hands with these having her nicely stretched out for him. Her ankles go into the two on the other side and her quivering body just exciting him even more. Alex slips his shorts off and his cock is now rock hard, fat and hungry for some young tight cunt.

He loosens her top and the side strings of her bottoms tracing his hand from her throat down to her stomach. Her wide spread legs presenting a smooth pussy and he runs two fingers down between her lips. Fucking beautiful he thinks, enjoying the sweet savour of this moment of full control he has over her.

He positions himself between her legs and lean over placing his mouth over her nipple his tongue slowly licking it, and then using his teeth biting and then sucking; her young body responding to his mouth.

Mandy feels paralyzed with fear and being bound and gagged she cannot even scream for help. She is spread open, the chains holding her captive in this van. She watches him sucking on her nipple and his tongue flicking her hard nipple has her feeling aroused even though she is still petrified. She can feel her lips getting moist by his touch and she feels his hand sliding down her tight stomach his fingers sliding over her mound. Mandy doesn't know if she is enjoying it or hating it.

Alex' fingers push in between his prisoners' lips and he smiles as he feels her moist. He doesn't move his mouth from her tits and slowly start rubbing her clit, every now and then sliding two fingers inside her cunt. Hmm he thinks she is tight and getting very fucking wet. This gets his cock throbbing and he knows where he wants it.

He sits up and reaches for a small little pouch. As he takes the needle out he looks at Mandy, "don't worry sweetheart, this won't knock you out,,,,just a little something to help you relax" and with that he stick the needle in her arm injecting the small amount of cocaine into her arm. Experience has taught him that this is usually the thing to get these college cunts raving.

He unties her straps, feeling her body taking the effect of the drug knowing that she will not be resisting any more. Turning her around he whispers in her ear…."lets fuck babe" Her giggle just making him more excited and her tight ass sticking in the air is the invitation Alex was waiting for. He puts his one hand on her back and with a hard thrust pushes his cock deep inside her wet pussy. His other hand grips a fistful of red hair and with each movement pulls her closer onto his cock. He feels her pussy tightening around his cock as she orgasm and as he moves faster he shoots his cum deep inside her, pulling out and milking the last drops onto her back.

"Now you clean me up nicely babe", he says spinning her around and pushing her mouth onto his dripping cock.

Mandy eagerly licks his cock clean tasting his cum and her juices in her mouth. She is not sure what just happened except that she had the orgasm she has been craving for 2 weeks. She feels kind of giddy yet funny and as she stumbles out of the parking lot with her bikini in her hands she wonders if she was raped or she agreed to fucking him here in his van. The drugs making her mind fuzzy but her body feeling fantastic.

Slowly the black van pulls out of the parking lot.


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