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Our Sexual Encounter

Short story By: Murnit

Sex with you

Submitted:Apr 14, 2012    Reads: 4,260    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

There are no other sounds , its quiet and we are standing close but not yet touching.

Your hand wipes away a strand of hair, then tracing your finger along my shoulder, down my arm. Your finger traces the inside of my hand and they wrap around my wrist. Tightly. You put your lips to my ear , as you whisper your desire for me, giving me shivers as I hear the hunger in your voice. Your other hand slides over my t-shirt feeling my bra through the thin material.

My lips slightly part as my breathing quicken, your touch slowly starting a fire inside me.

This moment has been in my imagination box for a long time, on paper for a while and now we've escaped our lives. To be together, to make love , to have sex... to fuck.

You release my wrist long enough to pull the tee over my head, letting it fall to the ground. Your lips against my skin, kissing my shoulder my tits heaving as I feel the fire growing inside me.

You trace your finger inside the top of my jeans and I wish they weren't there to be in your way. Your hand now has my other wrist; not letting me touch you as you slowly put your lips on mine, kissing me your tongue inviting soft.

"You know I want to tie you up", your eyes are full of promise and my knees feel slightly week as you reach for the pair of stockings draped over a chair. You use them to tie my wrist together then sliding in my arms now around you our bodies together bound like this unexplainable attraction.

My tits are pressed up against your chest and the skin contact makes your cock bulge inside your jeans, begging to be let out. Your long fingers quickly unbutton my jeans pushing them down as I step out of them, revealing a white satin g-string with small tie strings on the side. Your jeans are kicked off aside and your boxers have a slight damp stain as some pre-cum is oozing from your slit. They are dropped and kicked aside and you kneel down sliding out of my arms.

Your attention now focused on the white panties, hiding your desire. Your hands stroke down my thighs parting my legs slightly. You tongue flicks over my mound and my wetness grows the, fire in me burning hot. Your finger now traces the inside of my pantie and its smooth and soft. Your excitement grows and so does your cock. You kiss all along the line of my underwear and when your mouth reaches the side ties you use your teeth pulling the strings loose. Repeating the other side you pull the whole piece out through my legs smiling at me with it in your mouth.

As your tongue presses against my lips I feel it flat and wet and the sensation has me moaning softly. You are licking my lips like one would lick an ice-cream and you savour each drop of my sweetness on to your tongue.

Your tongue gets hard and you slide it in between my lips, tracing them with the tip and teasing my clit, My moans get louder. You are now oozing and know that there is so much exploration left. You just can it hold it back any longer and know that you have to be inside me right then and there.

You pull me down to you, kissing me and I taste my cunt on your lips and your tongue.

Pushing me back on to the floor you grind your body against mine, your rock hard wet cock sliding against my pussy and my legs open as if commanded letting you slide inside me. I shudder as you are big inside me filling me and my cunt closes tightly around your thick cock.

Im so close to orgasm and as you move in me your lips on mine.

I feel small contractions building deep inside me. Your cock moves in me wet and sticky as our fluids mix.

You feel a tightness in your balls and cock as you get closer and when I orgasm the sucking motion of my cunt has you shoot hot and sticky jizz deep inside me.

My fingernails digging into your skin as I grab onto you my body shaking as it rips through me. You groan, slipping your cock out watch me ooze you and as you lay down on the ground next to me, you take my hand knowing there will be lots more fucking done …


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