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Chance encounter ,

Submitted:May 5, 2012    Reads: 3,381    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

Bronzing bodies, colourful towels on white beach sand. The sun burns hot and yellow and the cooler with beers restocked frequently.

Ian takes a cold bottle and decides to stroll along the tropical beach. He needs to get away from the family crowd for a couple of minutes and just be with his own thoughts. The bottle touches his lips and he gulps down some of the cold beer enjoying the taste.

They are here for a long weekend break with what seems every family member between him and Michelle, making him yearn for some peace and quiet. Things are hectic at work and what should have been a romantic weekend away turned into a whole family gathering.

Deep in thought he walks much further than he planned to and as he walked around the curve of the beach he notices a little secluded beach behind the dune. Music playing peaks his curiosity.

She is on a bright green towel, her little radio bellowing some indie song. Ian takes a long sip from the beer bottle and his eyes take the picture in. Long legs, lightly kissed by the sun, a round ass in a white gstring bottom, her back smooth and curved. She is resting on her elbows, reading a book and he can see her tits are full, barely covered by the white bikini top. She is blonde and he feels a stirring in his shorts as he traces her body.

Not that he is a man that is deprived. Sex with Michelle is great and satisfying, often and passionate and his love for her is deeply woven in his soul. He does not fuck around and he knows she is faithful, their marriage of 22 years as good as it gets. She is beautiful with long dark hair, hazel brown eyes and her body slim and firm.

He traces the blonde's body, they are the weakness in him and he feels a stir of excitement of lust in him, boosted by the alcohol he walks closer. "Hi" he says, almost feeling nervous.

She turns her head, her sunglasses just revealing her eyes inside them, "oh hi" she says and flashes a smile that makes Ian's heart jumps a beat. "Are you lost?" she asks with a little smile teasing him.

"Eerrr no" Ian says, we are having a barbie here and I heard your music playing". "Oh" she replies as she looks at him taking in his body; from his long legs, his slightly bulging shorts his chest smooth and broad shoulders. Handsome face, some gray hair, overall a man that has the ladies looking twice.

"Well since you here, be a doll and do my back with sunscreen" her hand holding the bottle tanning lotion as if she just knew he would.

Ian looks at the bottle in her hand and then at her gorgeous skin. He sips the last of the beer and takes the oil from her and kneels down next to her. She tries to untie the straps of her bikini top and he softly pushes her hands away…"let me" he says and starts working on the straps. As if unwrapping a gift he slowly starts to loosen the top, taking his time looking at her skin, her back and her legs, seeing that her body is young and strong. He rubs the oil into her skin, slowly using deep pressure strokes and she sighs as his strong hands work into her muscles. He lifts her blonde hair from her back pushing it to the side and rubs more oil into her shoulders. Circling his fingers and she moans relaxing under his hands.

He pours more oil on her lower back and work oil down her sides his fingers just slipping into the seam of the thong. "Legs too?" he asks…….. she only answers with "hmmm".

Ian uses both hands oiling and rubbing her left leg his fingers on the inside of her thighs using long strokes. Then the other leg. He is rock hard and can feel his cock slightly oozing as her skin heats up under his hands and a soft moan every now and then the response from her.

He now softly traces his fingers on her ass cheeks the feeling of them under his fingers exciting him, Michelle the children and family now forgotten. His desire here, on green towel her body warm under his hands.

She wiggles her ass slightly as he rubs oil into the cheeks and his fingers slip in between them as she slightly part her legs. If there is one thing Ian knows its pussie and his fingers slide down her ass touching her lips. She is smooth and as he slide them inside her he can feel how wet she is. His fingers touches her hard clitty and the coconut oil mixes with her juices , soaking his fingers as he put more pressure on her clit, keeping a steady rhythm stimulating her and more wetness flows from her body.

She turns around and her bikini top stays behind on the towel, her tits big, bouncy full and her nipples plump and pink. Ian feels his mouth drying as he looks at her face; very pretty with blue eyes and her lips pink and full.

She pulls him on top of her, sucking on his wet fingers as she slides her hand in his shorts, gripping his rock hard cock, stroking him slowly. His mouth closes over hers, kissing her hungrily their tongues teasing and touching. Their kisses becoming deeper and hungry, her soft mouth has him wanting her even more.

He moves his mouth down her throat kissing, his breath warm on her skin and he moans as his mouth closes on a pink nipple sucking and licking. His hand, pulling the other one, having her breathing faster as he increases the pressure with his mouth.

Her mouth is near his ear and she whispers softly, "Fuck me babe" and Ian guides his throbbing cock to her tight entrance, letting out a groan as he pushes into her. She is tight and grips him as he enters her. Her legs wrap around him and he starts pounding her, his cock fat inside her stretching her young pussie. With each hard thrust her tits bounces and Ian can't stop looking at them, at her face as she looks back at him their eyes locking.

Her moans increases and he can feel her body tightening as contractions rip through her and as a big orgasm crashes over her he feels the pressure around his cock. Her legs lock tightly around him and he cannot hold on any longer. He blows, his body shuddering as he cums.

A kiss for her pink mouth as he leaves, empty bottle in hand. His mind filled with memory of a blonde on the beach as he joins his wife and family. You never do know who or what is around the next corner….


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