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ALL IN A DAYS WORK ??????????

(Another story of not my usual stuff)

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My name is Peter Watson ex police sergeant of 22 years I am forty five years old, tall and of slim build average looking with dark black hair, now turned private investigator for the last two years specialising in adultery and missing people.
The events I am going to describe to you are of one of the most unusual cases I have so far had to deal with.
I received a very strange phone call three weeks ago from Mr X asking me to gather information on his wife; we agreed to meet out side a large department store down town where he would pass all the information required to me so I could ascertain all the evidence he needed about his wife or so I thought at the time.
So two weeks ago last Friday as I was stood outside Malls Department store when a tall well dressed man walked past my side slipping an envelope in to my hand, my next assignment I thought, he had previously said to be at his house by nine the key would be under the Angle outside, His wife and her lover would be home at about 10pm that night and enclosed was the �500.
I returned to my small but abdicate office collected my camcorder and special lence that I had made especially for these sort of cases. It was only 8pm which gave me time to visit my usual caf� for stake supper and coffee.
I reread the note within the envelope. After entering the door turn to the left go up the tall stair case to the second bedroom on the left, on entering you will see a large picture hanging on the Wall of two children, when removed will give you a hole which looks directly into the master bedroom, our room where she entertains her lovers when she thinks I am away, I know after her seductions she leaves with them for cocktails at Charlie's bar in Penny Lane, so that's when you will be able to leave. Replace the key under the Angel; I will be back in town the next day to collect my film.
A little bit worried what I did not understand was if his wife had been seducing men while he was away why he had not done anything before now, a question to ask him the next day I thought.
After finishing my large steak I paid the bill gave Betty the waitress a wink out of the corner of my eye and set off for my evenings work.
Arriving at the Large detached white house there as he had said was the key under the Angel statue, I opened the door and climbed the stair case to the room he had mentioned, there was the picture of two lovely children, and removing it I saw the hole.
Removing my camcorder and adapted lence clipped it on and placed it over the hole to see into the Master bedroom; great I thought the View of the bed is perfectly clear and on adjustment I could get the bathroom as well.
Now I had a built in ultra violet light, even with no lights on every thing seemed fine, I did wonder though what the hole in the wall was doing there in the first place still I have learnt not to question and this seemed like quite a straight forward case to me.
It was 9.50pm I just checked to make sure the door I had just come through was locked then I grabbed the large leather arm chair took it to where the hole was thinking I may as well be comfortable.
I looks around this exquisite room the bed was Victorian and the chest a draws and Freestanding wardrobe were hand carved I though this must of set him back a few hundred quid, maybe I should of asked for more money, my thoughts we disturbed when I heard laughter coming from outside the bedroom door sweating a bit, what to do if she should come in here.
I looked through the lens of my camcorder and the master bedroom door opened and there I could see a very tall attractive lady with long blond hair looks that a top model would die for and a figure which blew my mind away, I could feel myself getting a hard on all ready,
The lady lets call her mrs x as I never did find out her name was followed in by a rather rugged stocky man with dark receding hair big blue eyes, yet compared to her he was quite ordinary man and I would of thought with her physique she could of done a lot better.
He was carry a open bottle of champagne and she had two glasses kicking off her shoes and sitting on the edge of a large four poster bed covered in a maroon velvet cover, She called "David more champagne" and with that David pored himself and mrs x a large glass of champagne which they both gulped down David sat next to her as he slowly caressed her neck and slowly undid the zip of her bright red dress, revealing a cup less bra her nipples stood out and her breast so round and perfect, "Hell I wish it was me" I thought still this was really enjoyable and I got settled and prepared for what I though was going to be the thrill of a life time you only get once.
David caressed her bosoms licking and squeezing them gently as she moaned and groaned taking off his shirt and jeans where there sticking out of his g string underpants was his dick hard and proud A bit like mine.
She removed her dress then her figure shone she wore matching pink g string and suspenders and stocking, David pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her from the neck down while caressing her body as he went slowly, reaching her fanny where he parted her legs and buried himself in the wetness and she lay there screaming "more more I am Cumming rougher more" then all of a sudden she screamed even louder as I take it she must of sarcoma to his licking and sucking.
Mrs x turned and removed David's smallg stringand indulged her self in sucking his dick slowly and I could see her penetrating it fully into her mouth.
I myself undid my trousers and started to caress myself as I was sweating with all what I was seeing, as I pulled up and down so she moved her mouth up and down on David's giant dick, him moaning and rubbing his hands up an down her back then she swung her legs around as he penetrated her with his fingers it was alt all getting so intense then as he shouted she moaned and between us we all came together.
I quickly did my rousers up and took a quick gulp of water to concentrate as this was a job after all.
Mrs xgrabbed David and they lay kissing and cuddling whispering to each other, caressing each other all over, Mrs x grabbed a bottle of what looked like oil from her bedside draw and started to caress David's dick till it stood tall again. David was stroking her nipples and caressing her fanny while licking her stomach, then after a couple of minutes mrs x got up from the bed and leant over it while David positioned himself behind her, as he entered her she groaned and pulled at the bed spread, slowly at first David went in and outof her pussy cupper ling her breasts in both hands and together they moved in rhythm moaning and groaning David then after about 10 minutes quicken his pace and penetrated her quicker she was crying out "quicker quicker" thenshe screamed he yelled "your such a great fuck" in reply she said "I know but so are you".
They lay in that position for a little while then both stood up just looking at each others naked body.
I wondered what was going to happen next; I had to adjust the camcorder many times and use the zoom and to capture everything.
David took Mrs X in his arms and slowly kissing her lips let his hand gently stroke her body and she in return stroked his. Then he lay her on the large fluffy rug and went over to his jacked pocket when he pulled out a bight green vibrator which was long and thick, he lay beside her and turned it on gently rubbing it over her nipples and breasts, then slowly down to her pussy were he gently stroked it forwards and backwards mrs x was squirming and pleading for him to give it to her but David loved the torment I could see it in his eyes.
Slowly he slid the vibrator into her while nibberling her nipples at the same time mrs x arched her back in rhythm with the vibrator David then switch the vibrator to top speed which sent mrs x mad she was shouting and puling at the rug David by now had got another hard on and pulled out the vibratore grabbed mrs x over to the chair were she straggled him and they fucked for a good 15 minutes grabbing and kissing each other, till they both gave out large cries where they had come.
Mrs X got up and left David as she fled to the bathroom to take a shower, David in the mean time had another glass of champagne then decided to join her.
I thought there not going to do it again shorley, but as they washed each other down with soap and kissed and caressed each other David pushed her gains the shower wall and entered her kissing and frolicking in the shower David let out a faint cry and let Mrs X down, he then kissed her long and passionate left the shower and began to dress.
Mrs X dried her hair and applied her make up and redressed wearing no underwear and a bright blue dress,
I heard her say "lets go to Charlie's for a night cap and I am not wearing any underwear we could walk if you know what I mean" David took her hand and they walked out of the bedroom down the stairs and out the door,
I myself sat there a little while as to compose myself for that was the best Blue movie I had seen or taken myself for ages.
I gathered my stuff to gether and put the picture back straighten up the room and left leaving the key under the Angel.
Back in my small office I transferred the film onto a disc watching it yet again to make sure I had captured all of what I had seen and edit it so it was a great watch.
The next morning the phone rang and it was Mr X making arrangements to pick up his film, he said he would be at my office around 11am, so I went round the corner thinking maybe if I went to Charlie's bar I might meet mrs X but I would see, I had my usual breakfast gave Betty another wink as I left,
Mr X arrived smack on 11am, I greeted him "Hope this is up to your liking" I said.
"I am sure it will be" he replied.
"There is just one question if you don't mind me asking why have you got a hole looking into your master bedroom?"
"That's quite a reasonable question, I like to watch my wife having sex with other men I tell her I am off out of town and I know she likes a good fuck so I do what you did sit and watch her, but this time I did have to do out of town and I could not bear to miss anything that's why I hired you, and did you enjoy the show" A little embarrassed I smiled gave Mr X the disc saying "you know where I am if you need me again".


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