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Short story By: mum55

It was a lunch of pure bliss.

(This is not my usual stuff a little bit of entwined passion.....)

Submitted:Nov 11, 2007    Reads: 8,131    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   


The phone rings my heart beats, "hello", a deep voice replies to me, "meet you later at our usual place" "okay I replied" replacing the receiver my body starts to moan.
I walk into the lounge, and as usual, Derek is watching tv.Engrossed. As my husband of 12 years, I've sadly discovered he's as boring as a doorstop. He is clueless that what I'm about to tell him is a fabrication so I can get myself out of the house for some excitement.
I say softly "I'm on my way out to meet Penny for lunch see you later an hour or two" the reply from you "ok have fun" yet no kiss or look from you.
I check in the mirror before I leave, I am satisfied with the reflection I see.
Parking the car in the usual place, I slowly walk up to the lobby you are already waiting for me, with the suite key.
Even in the lift you can't wait pushing me against the door, hard passionate kisses then your hand slides slowly up my thighs, I am beginning to feel wet my passion starts to rise, however you don't go no further as you like to tease, knowing each time we meet I try to please by wearing no under ware, The lift stops, the doors opens an elderly couple get in, you quickly stopped laughing now, I hate you that instant for laughing at me you tease.
The door lift opens to our suite slowly we stroll across the room, two glasses perch on the table and white wine already chilled, you always think ahead, that's what I like about you.
Pouring two glasses I sit on the edge of the bed sipping the wine, the sweetness on my lips my passion now has faded from the lift.
We talk a little finish our wine then slowly you approach me, push me down lay a passionate kiss upon my lips then nibble my ears, while sliding your hand underneath my blouse a tight grip around my bosom, I feel my nipples hardening with each feel, inside I start to crave for your kisses all over me. I remove your shirt and kiss your chest I am now starting to feel wet.
We take off our clothes you stare at my nakedness, it stirs and arouse me even more, I grab my handbag pass you the oil which you slowly caress my body with, my nipples, bosoms, thighs you slide your hands all over them, a little oil I take as well, rubbing it all over you.
I feel your dick it's hard and stiff I start to massage it with the oil then follow down to your balls caressing them slowly, your squirm a little you lay on top of me, we slide and our passion is now driven higher, your hands rubbing a little harder now your fingers enter me slowly at first, then get quicker I keep my self in time with you, my hand still wrapped around your dick in motion together you cum so quick I shortly follow the bed and cover now wet.
A gentle kiss you place on my lips then take my hand lead me across the room where you sit on the chair, pull me to my knees kiss me once again. Touching my bosoms softly to start to rearouse me, I rub your chest and stroke your balls then you start to harden slowly I place my mouth around you dick slowly sucking it making it wet in and out my mouth it goes while you are stroking my neck and back, your nice and hard and I begin to moan, you pull me up, I straddle my legs and you slip into me now, up and down really slow the penetration is driving me wild, your kisses are passionate your hands caress my nipples gently to make me cum so quick then your rhythm quickens, you push inside me really hard then I feel you cum its electrifying.
We rest a while with gentle kisses and another glass of wine.
You run a shower and call me in, as the water rushes over our bodies and the gel we spread all over us, you start to harden yet again this time its rough against the wall, hard and furious in and out you penetrate, but I know this is what you like I give in and cum with you, now feeling so satisfied inside. I turn and give you one last kiss.
I finish my shower leave you there. I get dressed. Take the money out of my purse, leave it under the bottle of wine, Close the door, and think to myself, thank you Jenny for the escort date I had 6 weeks ago its still going great.!!


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