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A writer researching the BDSM lifestyle meets a woman who will guide him into her strange and dangerous world.

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Curiosity Vella wore red. A satin and lace dress that dipped low in the back to reveal the tattoo of a vine of violets. The tattoo disappeared under the sheer lace panel only to reappear through the slit down her right leg. She was stunning. Her short blond hair framed her full flushed face. She closed her eyes slowly as she felt his hand caress her thigh, slip under her dress. His fingers teased her bare skin. She could tell he was shaking, restraining himself. She took a deep breath, gave him a quick glance then let out a soft sigh."Please…," she whispered.He threw a glance over his shoulder. The cramped jazz club was nearly full. A thickly built woman with a head full of tangled red hair sat on stage groaning into the microphone about unrequited love and plucking at the strings of an acoustic guitar.He quickly turned his attention back to the woman beside him. She leaned toward him. "Please…," she whispered again. Her lips brushed against the side of his face.He grabbed her hair, pulled her toward him and kissed her hard. His tongue swept across hers. The hand on her thigh moved quickly toward the warmth between them. She spread her legs slightly and his fingers touched the soft damp hair around the lips of her pussy. He tugged her hair, pulling her head back.His warm breath, the touch of his teeth against her skin made her shudder. She felt his rough, slender fingers slide inside her. She tightened around them, squeezing his them as they moved back and forth. His thumb brushed her clit. She arched her back, thrusting herself against his hand. The music on stage picked up as the other two members of the group joined in, the drummer taping out a lazy backbeat on the snare matching the bass player's soulful rhythm.He slipped a third finger into her. Vella threw her head back, laid her hand in his lap, felt the growing bulge in his khakis. A long sigh issued from between her luscious red lips as she rubbed her palm against his thickness. His fingers curled inside her, stroking the smooth mound of flesh inside. He stared at her, watching the waves of pleasure wash over her face. He pressed his thumb against her clit, now slick with her cum. She kissed him again, greedily tugging at his lips with hers. She undid his belt, his zipper, quickly pushed her hand inside and wrapped her delicate fingers around his thick swollen manhood.A trickle of cum pooled in his hand as he forced his fingers deeper into her. She moaned softly, rolling her hips against his hand. She laid her head on his shoulder and inhaled the sweet citrus scent of his cologne then gripped his cock, tugged on it. The stubble of his beard tickled her lips as she kissed his neck."Can…I get you anything?"Vella sat up startled. She exchanged glances with the waitress standing over the table then quickly looked over at him.A crooked smile clung to his lips. He looked up at the thin dark haired girl as she hesitantly stepped back from the table. "No…thank you," he said.The waitress stared at them a moment then quickly turned and walked away.He looked back at Vella, a slightly embarrassed grin on her face. He drew his hand from between her legs and held it up to his mouth. She watched him lick his fingers clean then leaned toward him. He backed away from her and stood. "Twenty minutes…," he said and zipped his pants. "The corner of Ruth and Vesselli." He leaned across the table and brushed the stray strands of hair from her face. "Don't be late." ***** It all started with curiosity. Three weeks ago, she saw him at Posey's Books idly browsing through the alternative lifestyles section. She found herself following him. He picked out a book on bondage, leafed through it stopping occasionally to study the glossy photographs. A tentative smile played on his lips. He looked up at her as she cleared her throat and their eyes met. She smiled back at him. He quickly turned away, tucked the book under his arm, and made his way across the store to the register.When she stepped out of Adele's two days later, the skin of her breast still burning from the needles used to finish her latest adornment, a tattoo of a vine violets, she bumped into him walking out of the bodega next door. He was dressed in a pair of tight denim jeans and a baggy button-down shirt with an advertisement for Habanera Cigars printed across the back."Hi again," Vella said and smiled. She glanced at the sign in the window of the bodega. Le Seduction Exotics. "Find something fun, I hope."He stared at her a moment, his gaze locked on her haunting green eyes. An awkward smile curled the corner of his mouth. "Hi…." He glanced down at the black plastic shopping bag in his hand then back at her and her perky nipples straining against her cotton blouse. "It…it's for research.""Research…," she said and smirked. She looked him over then started to walk away. "Lucky woman.""No…really…," he said, following her with his eyes. She stopped and turned to face him. Beneath her blouse, he could see a large piece of gauze taped to her chest. "Is that new?"She glanced down at her chest then lightly brushed her finger tips across it. "Not really," she said. "Just an extension of something old." She took a step toward him. "So what is this research you're doing?"A grin spread across his face."By the way," she said. "My name's Vella."Now she sat in her Phoenix red Jaguar wondering where the curiosity would take her. It was dark. She could feel her heart racing. Time was ticking away. The thought of what would happen to her if she were late made her wet. The intersection of Ruth and Vesselli streets was in the warehouse district. She brought the car to a halt in front of what looked like an abandoned bus depot, shut off the car and made a quick survey of the area. Her palms were sweating. She pushed the door open and started toward the building."Over here," a voice said.She smirked as she started toward the doorway. "I'm not late, am I?""Turn around."Vella stared into the darkness of the doorway a moment then slowly turned her back to the voice. There was an audible click behind her then the sound footsteps slowly moving toward her. Her heart thumped frantically inside her chest.He laid his hand on her bare back. "God, you have a beautiful body," he said. He moved his hand down the curve of her back down to her firm round ass. "This way." He gently turned her around and pushed her toward the doorway.She took a deep breath. The wetness between legs turned to a trickle."Raise your arms…," he said. "And lean against the wall."Vella held her arms above her head as ordered and pressed her hands against the cold brick wall.He put his arms around her, moved his hands slowly over her breast, and leaned toward her. "Say a word…," he whispered then took her earlobe in his mouth and pinched it between his teeth. "and it's over." He slipped the blade of the knife under the right shoulder strap of her dress and let it fall down the length of her arm.She felt the tip of the blade trace the curve of her breast, felt the serrated edge scrape across her nipple. He slipped his other hand inside her dress, squeezed her tit as he pressed his body against hers.Vella shook. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt the blade brush against her thigh. Her drawn breath escaped. Her pussy quivered. The blunt edge of the blade slid between her delicate folds of flesh. "Stick out your tongue."She hesitantly opened her mouth and licked her cum off the blade.He kissed her neck, his tongue flickering across her tingling skin, then brushed the hair back from her left ear. "Say the word and its over," he hissed.A thousand words ran through her head. No…Oh My God…stop…please. She shut her mouth tightly trying desperately to keep the words from spilling out. The blade of the knife crossed the lips of her pussy again. She shuddered. He carefully slipped the blade past her delicate opening and into her warmth. "Oh what a lucky knife," he muttered. "…to be inside you."Vella's pussy convulsed and the trickle of cum turned to a river. She took a deep breath, fearing what would come next. The faint scent of citrus filled her nose.There was a loud crack on the other side of the door followed by the rattle of chains.He withdrew the knife quickly, making sure not to damage such a pretty package.Vella gasped. Her legs gave out and she slumped against the wall.The door swung open.She slowly looked up and saw a curvaceous brown-skinned woman in a black leather dress standing in the doorway. The man who had been standing behind her a moment ago was gone. The woman stared down at Vella then swept her shoulder-length braids back from her round face. "You're late."*****"This research…," Vella said. She pinched a cigarette between her fingers, fought off the urge to smirk then slowly brought the cigarette up to her mouth and lit it. "What's it for?"He set the tiny recorder on the table between them. "It's for a book I'm writing."She exhaled a stream of smoke from the corner of her mouth. "What kinda book?" she said and glanced over at the traffic creeping past the coffee house. A crooked grin spread across his face. "Fiction…," he said and slumped back in the plastic Adirondack chair. "Crime fiction.""And this book is about…?""Uh…," he started. "I am supposed to be the one asking the questions, right?"She smiled then took another drag on the cigarette. "Ok…," she said. "What do you wanna know?"He stared at her a moment, twirling the tuft of hair jutting out from beneath his bottom lip. "How long have you been in the life?"Vella glanced down at the recorder as she let out another puff of smoke. "About fifteen years.""You do this all the time?"She shook her head. " No…," she said and sat up. "If I could I would, but my mistress doesn't live here.""Mistress…," he repeated. "Yes," Vella said. "Does that surprise you?"He smiled. "No," he said. "Just had a mental picture of you and another woman.""Turn you on?" she said and smiled.Embarrassment showed on his face. His gaze drifted downward as she crossed her bare legs. A tattoo of a violets started at her ankle. He followed it with his eyes as it twisted around her left leg. The pale skin of her thick luscious thighs glistened in the late afternoon sun. He shook his head. "Who's asking the questions, again?""Ok…ok…." She smiled and crushed her cigarette out on the side of the chair. "But…did it?"He looked away, his embarrassed grin widening. "I'll take that as a yes."*****"Stand up," the woman said.It took Vella a moment to will the strength back into her legs. She barely heard the woman's voice commanding her to her feet. She stood finally then followed her through the doorway.It was dark. Beyond the woman, she could see the flickering light of candles coming from a room at the end of the dark corridor. And there was music playing, low pulsating tribal music."You have a good excuse as to why you're late?" the woman said.Vella closed her eyes, took a deep breath. She felt the coolness of her juices drying on her thighs. "I'm sorry…," she said softly. A chuckle bubbled over the woman's lips. "And after you wore such a pretty dress." She stopped at the entrance to the room and turned to face her. "After you."Vella stepped into the room, her eyes quickly surveying the collection of leather playthings lining the far wall. An assortment of leather floggers hung from a metal rack by the windows. Coiled around the wooden beams stretching across the ceiling were a pair of leather whips. A Catherine wheel stood in the center of the room, leather straps dangling from it's thick wooden spokes. Vella felt the woman's warm hands on her back slowly moving over her quivering skin, under her dress. She heard the satin rip. The straps slid off her shoulders. The woman pulled at the dress again and the lush fabric cascade down her body into a crumpled heap of red at her feet. She stood there naked watching the woman slowly walk around her. "So much for the pretty dress," a soft husky voice said.Vella turned startled and saw a short, dark haired woman walking toward her from the corner of the room. She was dressed in a white leather duster with a matching bustier and pants. Her white leather gloves barely covered her palms. A hesitant smile played on Vella's lips.The woman in white stood in front of her. "Don't move," she said. She stepped close to her, drinking in the smell of her skin, the scent of her perfume, the lingering hint of wine on her breath. She laid her hand on Vella's plump round ass.The soft leather felt good against her skin. She felt her hands move over the curve of her behind, up her back. Vella closed her eyes and reveled in the pleasure of her touch. She leaned forward, her breath drawn, as the woman in white stroked her breasts, teasing her erect nipples. "I said do not move," the woman in white said and squeezed her tit hard. Vella gasped. "I'm sorry, my mistress," she whispered. She stepped back and bowed her head.The woman in white smiled. She gently touched the still sensitive skin around the tattoo of violets curling around Vella's left breast. She laid her hand between them, slowly caressing her pale skin as she made her way down her stomach to the gap between her legs.Her body stiffened as she felt the woman's fingers on her clit. She inhaled sharply. A fresh spring of cum trickled over the lips of her pussy as a leather covered finger slipped inside her. "You've been a naughty girl," the woman in white said.*****"Have you ever gone too far?""What do you mean?" Vella said. She took a sip of her vanilla flavored coffee, glanced out at the street then sat back in her chair.He shrugged. "You ever do anything you regretted later?""No regrets.""None…?" he said and stared back at her."Only in what I haven't done," she said. She ran her finger tips over the patch of gauze under her shirt. "You gotta understand this, I've been fascinated by this lifestyle since I was really young.""And that doesn't scare you?"She smiled. "That's a whole different turn on.""What…being scared?"Vella nodded. She sat up, set her coffee on the table and leaned toward him. "It's like that rush you get when you know you're doing something that you know you shouldn't be doing." "I…," he started.She laid her hand on his thigh, stroking it. She threw a quick glance over her shoulder. "Follow me," she said the quickly stood.He stood, grabbed his recorder and dropped a pair of fives on the table.Vella hurried down the street, past the tattoo parlor and the bodega. Her eyes scanned the row of shops on lining the street. She looked back at him, grinned then crossed the street and ducked into a vintage clothing store.He darted across the street, dodging traffic and pushed through the frosted glass doors. The tiny elderly woman behind the counter looked over at him and a smile lit across her face. She nodded toward the far side of the store. He made his way around the dusty racks of old clothes and found Vella lazily plucking through a rack of vintage evening gowns."What do you think?" she said and turned to face him. She was holding a red satin and lace dress.He smiled. "Nice…," he said. "Very Jessica Rabbit."Vella grinned. "I'm not bad…," she purred. "I'm just drawn that way." She chuckled, her voice making the sound like crystal chimes. "Hold this, I wanna try something."He took the dress and held it up. "I'd love to see you in this," he said. Vella knelt on the floor, tucking herself back behind the rack of dresses. She grabbed his legs and pulled him toward her."What the….""Don't let my dress touch the floor," she whispered.He looked down at her grinning up at him then quickly glanced around the store.She undid his zipper, reached inside and pulled out his slowly swelling cock. She glanced up at him nervously scanning the store. His salty manhood filled her mouth. She pulled back slightly, letting her tongue caress the underside of it.He stiffened. Vella tickled the hood of his cock with her tongue, slowly stroked the length of his shaft. With her free hand, she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. She planted a kiss on his balls, stuck her tongue out again and licked her way back up to the tip of cock, taking him into her mouth again.His legs were shaking. The warmth of her mouth wrapped around his hardness. He leaned forward, resting his arms on the metal rack. Her tongue felt like velvet against his skin. "Oh…God," he breathed. He reached under the clothes rack, ran his fingers through her hair and cupped the back of her head.His cock slid over her tongue, grazing the back of her throat. She moaned softly. His hand was on her head. She felt his pulse quickening, throbbing against the inside of her mouth. Her breathing slowed. She slid one hand into her shorts, and caressed the lips of her pussy, felt the wetness between her thighs.Her teeth scraped along the sides of his dick. He gripped the clothes rack with one hand and her head with the other, thrusting his way deeper into her throat. He looked across the store at the elderly woman at the counter. She was watching him. "Jeez…," he said, his drawn breath escaping in a rush.Vella could hear him breathing heavily, sucking in air. Her lips tightened around his cock. She slipped a finger inside her pussy and worked it back and forth, matching the rhythm of his thrust.He felt his legs tremble. His balls tighten. A wave of heat washed over him.Vella pulled her hand from between her legs, gripped his ass with both hands and held him tightly. A blast of hot salty cum splashed against the roof of her mouth. She moaned loudly.He let go of her head and slumped against the rack of clothes. His face was covered with sweat. She stood, a grin on her face and laid her head on his shoulder. "You came so hard," she whispered.He giggled then looked over at her."Were you scared?"He chuckled. "The old lady was watching us," he whispered.Vella glanced around the store and saw the woman behind the counter. She smirked then turned her attention back to him. "She was watching you." She laid her hand on his back, feeling his breathing slowly return to normal then stepped past him. "I have to get going," she said. "I have to meet someone."He backed away from the rack, his legs still wobbling, and turned to face her. "Wha…?""My dress, please…."He glanced over at the red dress draped across the rack then handed it to her. "Can I see you again?"Vella smiled.*****She snapped her fingers then tossed her braids back form her face.Vella jumped and glanced over at the woman in the black leather dress."Over here," she said.Vella glanced back at the woman in white. She took a cautious step away from her and followed the beautiful brown-skinned woman over to the round wooden pedestal in the center of the room. She stood on the platform, turning her back to the woman. The woman in white walked around the platform, her gaze roaming over Vella's luscious curves. "What a naughty little brat you've been," she said, her husky voice lingering in the air. She grabbed one of the leather straps dangling through the spokes of the wheel. "Hold your arms out."She quickly stuck her arms through the spokes in the Catherine Wheel and watched as the woman fastened the straps around her wrists. She could hear the other woman moving behind her, her footsteps moving away then slowly getting closer.The first strike of the flogger hit just above her waist line, the braided leather thongs curving around her hip. A flare of pain shot through her. At the end of each tine was a plastic bead. Vella inhaled sharply. The sudden lash of the flogger made the muscles of her pussy tighten. She hung her head, felt the painful pleasure sweep over her then slowly seep away. The next lash landed on her back raising half a dozen red welts across her pale skin. She arched away from the blow. Her flesh tingled. Another strike across her round firm ass. Her legs buckled. She gasped, clenched her teeth."One more time," the woman in white cautioned, her raspy voice echoing across the room. "…And it's on your toes." She nodded to the woman standing behind Vella.She raised the flogger again and brought it down on Vella's back, the tines following the tattooed violets snaking around her side. The beads stung her breast.Vella threw her head back, her teeth clenched tightly. Her pussy quivered. Another lash then another in quick succession. Her drawn breath escaped in a rush whistling through her teeth. Sweat beaded on her forehead. There was throbbing between her legs.The woman grinned as she raised the flogger again. She brought it down on Vella's backside turning her ass red.The dam between her legs burst and cum spilled over the throbbing lips of Vella's pussy. She sank to her knees, gasping for air. She looked up at the woman in white through the spoke wheels of the platform."On your toes," she barked.Slowly she pulled herself up, balancing herself on her shaking legs. She took a deep breath and looked over her shoulder. He was standing in the doorway watching her, a look of shock on his face. Vella smiled. She turned her eyes back to the woman in white then raised herself up on her toes.*****He took a deep breath as he stepped through the stained glass doors of the Cobalt Room. The tiny jazz club on 14th street was packed. On stage was a blues trio featuring a stocky red-headed woman fingering a battered acoustic guitar. They were playing a funky blues number. He threw a quick glance around the room and didn't see her. A heavy sigh hissed through his nose. He weaved his way between the tables and found a seat at the bar.The bartender, a slim built man with a bushy gray/blond beard and mustache, ambled over to him brushing the brim of his black felt fedora back from his forehead. "What can I get ya?""A Guinness…," he said.The bartender nodded. He spun away from the counter and grabbed a mug from the freezer."And I'll have a Bacardi and Coke," a voice said.He turned to see Vella sliding onto the stool beside him. "Hey, sexy…," she said.He glanced back at the bartender. "Put it on my tab," he said.Vella laid her hand and on his leg and gently ran her nails along his thigh. "I didn't think you'd ever come."He grinned then reached for his beer. "With you, that wouldn't be a problem," he said and grinned. He grabbed the frosted mug of beer and swallowed a quick gulp.She chuckled. "So how's the book going?""After our rendezvous this afternoon, I didn't get much of anything done.""You weren't worn out were you?" a smirk clung to her lips. She glanced over at the bartender as he set her drink in front of her. She took a sip then stood. "Come with me."He smiled.She returned his smile and shook her head. "I want you to meet some friends of mine."He stood and followed her across the club. Along the wall on the far side of the stage was a row of private booths. He could see someone sitting in one of the booths. As they got closer, he saw two women, a dark haired woman in a white leather jacket and an attractive brown skinned woman with a head full of braids. They both looked up at him then abruptly brought an end to their conversation."Hi…," the brown skinned woman said.The woman in white stared at him. She picked up her pack of cigarettes, tapped one out and pinched it between her fingers. On the ends of her left thumb and middle finger were a pair of metal tips. "So you're the one she's been talking about all night."He glanced at Vella then nodded."Seeker…Stiletto…," Vella said. "This is Evan." "Have a seat," Seeker said, smiling.Vella stepped back, offering him the seat next to the brown-skinned woman then sat beside him. She laid her hand in his lap, glanced over at him and smiled.Stiletto eyed Vella a moment then turned her attention to the stranger. "She says you're writing a book about the lifestyle."He felt her hand gently tickling his thigh. "Yeah…one of the characters is into the life," he said. "Thought I should get to know more about it.""And what do you think?" Seeker said. A glass of lime juice and rum sat in front of her. She took a sip and watched him shifting slightly in his seat.Evan smirked. "It's interesting." Vella's hand moved up to his crotch and he felt his cock swell slightly. A lump rose in his throat. He glanced at her then at the dark haired woman across the table. "How did…how did you meet?"Vella laid her head on his shoulder. She stroked the growing bulge in his khakis. "Still is my mistress," she said. "Seeker is a domme in training." She looked over at the dark haired woman. They stared at each other a moment. Stiletto smiled a crooked smile then nodded her head. Vella looked up at Evan and kissed him lightly on the curve of his jaw then squeezed his hardness.He turned to face her, closed his eyes and covered her mouth with his.Seeker smiled. She looked over at Stiletto and shook her head. "What are we gonna do with these two?""Vella…," Stiletto said, raising her voice slightly.She sat up startled and turned her attention to the woman. She stood abruptly as she beckoned."Brat," Stiletto grumbled and took a drag on her cigarette. "Stand right there." She laid her cigarette aside. A stream of smoke billowed from the corner of her mouth. She put her hand through the slit of her dress. The silver tips on the ends of her fingers bit into the flesh of Vella's thighs. She could feel them tracing circles on her inner thigh, raking across her skin.Evan stared at them, watching Stiletto's gaze roam over the curves of Vella's body. "Lay your hands flat on the table," she said firmly.Vella leaned forward slightly, placing the palms of her hands on polished mahogany table.Stiletto brought her hand out from under her dress. She slowly moved it over the lush crescent of Vella's hip, the points of her fingers dragging along the length of her back. She ran her fingers over Vella's breast. Her perky nipples strained against the red satin dress. She caught one of her nipples between her silver finger tips and pinched.Vella gasped.The music on stage stopped and a rumble of applause swept through the crowd.She let go of the delicate pink bud then slid her hand inside, cupping her tender mound. The pointed ends of the silver finger tips raked across the bare skin between her breast, tracing the freshly made trail of purple flowers.Vella's arms were shaking. Her pussy trembled lightly.Stiletto glanced over at Evan, a grin on her face then turned her attention back to Vella. "Now…," she said, her husky voice dropping to just above a whisper. "You know you can't cum yet."She nodded. "Yes, Mistress….." She looked over at Evan and their eyes met. She smiled, inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. The silver nails scraped across her nipple again.Seeker laid her hand on Evan's lap and felt his swollen manhood. She gave it a quick squeeze and smiled. "Evan…."He turned abruptly and faced the woman."Like what you see?"He nodded.She glanced at the two women and grinned. "Then I have a job for you." She stood and ran her hand over his smooth bald head. "Let's give them a little alone time."Vella opened her eyes and watched as Seeker walked away, leading Evan back across the club toward the bathroom. She felt Stiletto's hand pull away from her, sliding out of her dress.She picked up her cigarette and took a quick drag. "Sit," she said and slid over in her seat. As she slumped into the seat beside her, she ran her fingers through Vella's hair, her silver nails caressing the back of her neck.Vella smiled.She took her hand away then pulled the metal tips off her fingers. "I've got a little surprise for you," she said and turned to grab the leather clutch lying on the seat beside her. Vella squirmed in her seat, a grin stretching across her face.Inside the tiny purse was what looked like a black rubber glove. Stiletto pulled it over the ends of her fingers then fastened the strap across her wrist. A tiny spark of electricity raced down her middle finger. She looked back at Vella and smiled a wicked little smile.*****Evan slowly walked toward Seeker, his eyes on Vella strapped to the wheel in the center of the room. A mass of red streaks crisscrossed her back, her plump round ass. He shook his head, stunned.Vella looked back at him, her face red and glistening with sweat, an undeniable look of ecstasy in her eyes. "This is what you wanted to know," Seeker said. She hung the flogger back on the rack and took a step toward him. "Pleasure in pain."He turned to face her."She's a true pain slut," Seeker said. "Look at her…." She backed away from him, stepped up onto the platform and caressed Vella's ass. She raised her hand then brought it back down swiftly, stinging her raw backside.Vella threw her head back, clenching her teeth tightly."And she doesn't cry out," she said then stepped back down. She laid her hand on the bulge in the front of his pants and glanced over at Stiletto making her way around the platform. "Some of us take pleasure in her pain.""How is my little pet?" Stiletto said. She laid her hand against the side of Vella's face and gently stroked it."Please…," she sighed softly. Her eyes fluttered. "Please…."Stiletto smiled. "Not yet…." She brushed the hair back from her face. "But soon." She looped her pinky through the silver collar around her neck and drew her close to plant a soft kiss on her quivering lips.Evan took a hesitant step up onto the platform. He stared at Vella's naked, raw body tethered to the wheel. A giddy grin swept over him. He glanced over at Stiletto and she nodded back at him.Vella felt his fingers on her back, moving over the lattice work of welts. A rush of air filled her lungs. His hands moved down her sides down to her ass. She could feel her insides spasm…clenching…throbbing.He leaned forward, kissing her shoulders, his tongue gently sweeping across the red marks across her back. His lips moved down her spine to touch the small of her back.She felt his hands on her ass, his lips moving from cheek to cheek. Her eyes closed.Evan stood. He glanced over at Stiletto then back at Seeker standing at the edge of the platform. She held out a short whip made of several strips of suede. He took it, felt the weight of it in his hand then turned back to Vella.The small cat-o-nine-tails whistled as it cut through the air and came down on her back. She flinched at the new wave of stinging pain sweeping over her skin. Another strike, harder than the first landed on the right side of her ass. His cock throbbed as he hit her again and again, alternating from one side to the other.Vella sighed. "Please…Mistress," she whispered, turning her eyes to Stiletto.She held up her hand and stepped toward Evan. "Release her." She nodded to the restraints as she took the whip from him.He quickly undid the buckles on the straps tying Vella to the wheel and wrapped his arm around her waist.Stiletto stood behind her. She ran her fingers through her hair, curling it around her fingers. "Now…," she whispered, pulling her head back. "You may come."*****Her body was still damp from the shower when he laid her across the king size sleigh bed. She looked up Evan as he lay beside her. The citrus scent of his cologne filled her nose. She touched his face, pulled him toward her and they kissed.He kissed the bottom of her chin. He could taste the remnants of her sweat as he kissed her neck, flicked his tongue under her silver collar then made his way down the curves of her body to her breast. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, rolling his tongue around the perky pink bud. His left hand gripped her right breast and squeezed it gently.Vella felt his teeth pinch her nipple. She thrust against him, rubbing the lips of her pussy against his thigh. His mouth moved from breast to breast making her shiver slightly. She brought her leg up, stroking his hardness pressing against her thigh.Evan looked up at her then kissed the warm soft skin of her stomach, his tongue slipping in and out of her belly button. She giggled. He drug his nails down her sides, stopping when he reached her hips. He stroked her thighs, spread them open and brushed his face against the soft patch of blond hair between them.The warmth of his breath caressed the lips of her pussy and drifted down between the crack of her ass. It made her shudder. The touch of his tongue against her clit felt like warm velvet. She draped her legs over his shoulders and pressed her thighs against the sides of his head.His tongue twirled through the short tuft of blond hair, circled around her clit then danced lightly across the sensitive knot of flesh. He closed his lips around it, ran his tongue along the underside of it, felt it swell in his mouth as he sucked on it. The taste of her excited him. He moved down, the stubble of his goatee tickling the lips of her pussy.Vella bucked, pressing herself against Evan's advancing mouth. She felt his tongue brush the rim of her anus. She could hear the faint slurping noise of him lapping at the trickle of cum spilling through the opening between her tender fold of flesh then followed the trail back into her pussy.He thrust his tongue inside her as far as it would go. The salty sweet taste of her cum coated his lips. He backed away from her, licking his lips and stared down at the woman squirming beneath him. He pushed his hardness into her feeling her heat close around him.She squeezed, the muscles of her pussy tightening around his cock, greedily pulling him in. She wrapped her arms around him, kissed him, licking her juice from his mouth.Evan felt her legs coil around his as they rolled over on the bed. She was on top now, grinding her body against him forcing his rock hard cock deeper and deeper inside her. He looped his arm around her waist, rolling his hips to match her rhythm. He looked up at her and saw that undeniable look of ecstasy in her face again. She was beautiful. Her skin glowed under the candle light. She pressed her hands against his chest, steadying herself as her pounded his cock into her. She could feel the rumbling in his loins, not unlike the feeling she had deep inside her own. She pushed herself back up, feeling the whole length of his cock sink deep into her pussy.She felt the throbbing inside her as he came, exploding in slow motion. His hot thick cum filled her. She slumped forward and lay on his chest exhausted.A long sigh escaped Evan's lungs as his drawn breath was released. He cradled Vella's in his arms, lay back on the bed and stared up at the rafters of the abandoned bus depot.He looked over at the arched doorway on the far side of the room and saw stiletto and Seeker watching them. He nodded and slowly closed his eyes.Vella propped her head up and kissed his chest. She let her tongue dart across his nipples the looked up into the bliss of his dark brown eyes. "Stay with me," she whispered her lush pink lips gently brushing his. A giggle bubbled over his lips. He stared up at her, drained. A weak smile tugged at his lips. "You were awesome…amazing."Her smile widened. "Now you see…," she said and laid her head beside his. "Intense pleasure from intense pain.""Now I see," he said and brushed her hair back with the tips of his fingers.


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