My first time.

By: mountainMike

Page 1, y first time, losing my virginity.

Losing it

 I was 14 we had relatives visiting and one of them took my room. I was relegated to a couch in our basement apartment. The apartment was rented by Air Force sergeant and his wife. She was 26 with long brown hair and a 5’ 6” compact body with 36 DD tits.  I was sleeping when she came over and sat on the couch. She leaned over and kissed me awake.  I looked up and she was naked with her hand on my cock. She leaned down and sucked me harder than I had ever been.  I sat up and pulled her onto the couch and slipped into her. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. 

Being my first time it did not take me long to cum. So she turned on the lights and  taught me where to lick and suck to bring her the relief she needed.  After the first time we started either oral or with protection

Two months later they were transferred to Germany and I lost my first love.

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