Lisa's First Time

By: mommy3

Page 1, Lisa is the most popular girl in high school while Ariel is not. Ariel has feelings for Lisa. Lisa has a boyfriend and no clue. Then something unexpected happens and Lisa\'s world turns upside down. Will Ariel show Lisa how much she loves her? Will Lisa reject Ariel or try to see what Ariel wants. (P.S. This is my first time writing a lesbian short story so bare with me please. Thanks)

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Lisa’s First Time

Lisa was the most popular girl in high school. She was well known but has the tendency of being a stuck up bitch. You had to be careful to what you said to her otherwise other people would find out your secrets. She never kept quiet about anything. She also would stab people in the back when she had a chance.

Ariel was the unpopular girl in high school. She was known as the outcast but was a very sweet person. She kept secrets and never told a soul to anyone. She was honest, caring, and never hurt you intentionally. She was just shy and did not really have that many friends. She only had one friend in the entire high school.

One day while in English class the teacher assigned everyone partners to write a paper. Unfortunately for the both of them their friends were not there. Everyone else had a partner except for them which meant they had to be partners together.

Immediately once Lisa saw this she went straight to the teacher’s desk to complain about the situation. She said, “There is no way I will be partners with that freak.” “Oh yes you will otherwise I will give you an F for your paper.” He would not budge on any kind of persuasion and she eventually gave up.

She walked straight to her desk and pouted like a two year old. She so did not want to talk to this freak. Oh well might as well get over with it my parents would kill me if I got an F on a paper. She thought.

“Umm… what day do you want to do this stupid assignment?”

“How about we do it this Friday after school?” Ariel said.

“Sure I guess so I will see you next Friday after school.” Uhh… “Where do you want to meet?”

“How about we meet at my house?”

“Okay I will see you then.”

Later in the day Lisa is crying in the hall and her boyfriend sees this and goes over to find out what is wrong. He walks over and gives her a hug.

“Hey babe what’s wrong?”

“Oh the most horrible thing happened to me today guess who I have to work with for a partner?”

“Who is it?”

“I have to be partner’s with Ariel.”

“Who is Ariel?”

“Uh duh it’s the outcast Ariel.”

“Oh I am sorry babe. Did you try to ask the teacher for a different partner?”

“What are you stupid? Of course I did but he wouldn’t let me change partners.”

“Well I guess you will have to deal with it. It’s only for a couple of days what could happen?”

“What are you nuts?” “Of course something will happen what about my reputation.”

“You know what; I am so done with your drama I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“Yeah I guess I am you are such a drama queen and bitch sometimes I am sick of it. So go have a nice life.”

He storms off mad as hell while she is crying. I can’t believe he broke up with me. She thought.

Ariel saw her crying and asked her if she would be okay.

Lisa just ignored her and walked away.

Later that day Lisa saw her boyfriend kissing another girl in the hall. She started crying and ran into the bathroom. Everyone was making fun of her since her boyfriend broke up with her. Her life was a living hell and her so called friends don’t want to be with her anymore. Her life pretty much sucks.

Ariel saw how hurt Lisa was and followed her into the bathroom. No one deserved to be treated like this even though sometimes she wished Lisa would be a little bit nicer to her. Secretly she has had a crush on her.

Ariel knocked on the bathroom door asking her if she was okay. No response except crying.

“You know he doesn’t deserve you and you are better off without him.” “You deserve someone who will treat like you better.”

Lisa was shocked that Ariel was even talking to her but happy that someone cared about her. She came out of the bathroom stall and gave Ariel a hug.

Lisa decided she wanted to hang around Ariel and that maybe Ariel wasn’t so bad. She wanted to become friends with Ariel.

Screw them. She thought.

Ariel really wanted to give Lisa a kiss on her luscious lips. She was so tempted to kiss her but was afraid of what her reaction may be.

It was the end of the day and she could not wait till they went to her house. She decided she was going to kiss Lisa when they were trying to do the paper. She decided to not be so shy and just go for it. Hopefully Lisa won’t get offended. Well we will see. She thought.

Meanwhile her so called friends started making fun of her more. She could not wait to get out of school.

At least I get to see Ariel. She thought. She was really pretty when you looked at her closely it’s just that she hides herself with the awful clothes she wears. I guess it was like she was wearing a disguise. I realized I had some feelings towards her but don’t understand.  I am all messed up since my boyfriend left me. Some odd reason though I want to kiss Ariel on her lips.  What am I thinking? I don’t like girls like that? She thought.

Ariel was nervous and excited at the same time going to see Lisa. I think I just might kiss her once I see her. Will she like it? She thought.

As soon as Ariel sees Lisa leave the school she walks up to her and gives her a hug. She then proceeds to kiss her on the cheek. Lisa looks shocked but doesn’t move. Ariel takes that as a good sign and continues to kiss her on the lips. Oh god her lips are so soft. She thought. Ariel breaks off the kiss to see Lisa’s reaction.

“What did you do that for?” Lisa said.

“Did you like it?”

“Umm... Yeah I guess so.”

“Do you want me to kiss you some more?”

“Yeah go ahead.”

Ariel kisses her lips softly at first but then uses more force. She tells Lisa to open her mouth and puts her tongue inside her mouth caressing Lisa’s tongue. Lisa moans. Ariel grabs Lisa’s head and continues to caress her tongue more. They both gasp and are out of breath.

“I think we need to get to my house. I want to lick your pussy so bad. Do you want that?”

“I guess so I am not really sure. I have never done anything like this.”

“Okay we will take it slow and I will stop if you tell me to. Let’s go I want you so bad.”

They arrive at the house and Lisa notices that they are the only ones here. Where is everyone? She thought. Oh well I guess I will let Ariel kiss me it feels really good. I never felt like this before. What could it mean? She thought.

They went into Ariel’s room when she grabbed Lisa’s hand to push her onto the bed. She started kissing her mouth slowly licking her lips to make her open wide. She took off all Lisa’s clothes throwing them onto the floor. She grabbed Lisa’s breasts while squeezing them and licking on her nipples making Lisa moan. She slowly made her way towards Lisa’s pussy with her hand slowly rubbing her clit which made Lisa get wet.

“I think you like this. You are soaking wet baby. Do you want some more?”

“Ohh… Yes please it feels so good. I want more please don’t stop.” She begged.

Ariel bent down towards her pussy licking slowly back and forth in circles making Lisa moan. Lisa’s pussy was flowing with her juices to make it easier for Ariel to insert two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh my god. I am going to cum. Yes right there please suck harder please make me cum.” Her back was arched when she came.

Ariel was kissing her more which made Lisa want to tease Ariel. Lisa wanted her badly and she ripped off Ariel’s clothing. Lisa grabbed Ariel’s breast and sucked on her nipples till they were erect. She stopped and asked if she was doing it right.

 “Yes you are doing fine just do what I did to you.”


Lisa grabbed Ariel’s breasts with her hands to pinch her nipples that were erect. She slowly sucked on them and licked around her areola. She bent down towards Ariel’s pussy licking her slowly. Wow her pussy tastes so good. She thought.

She forced her tongue in deeper into Ariel’s pussy which made Ariel lose control. Ariel grabbed Lisa’s head and told her to keep going.

Please… I... lick... your... pussy… she gasped.

Lisa stopped what she was doing. “How am I going to do that?”

“Come up here and I will show you.” Ariel said.

“All right but won’t I hurt you with all my weight.”

“No please I begging please just lick my pussy. I want you to lick my pussy till I am soaking wet then insert two fingers into my pussy.”

Lisa did not need to be told twice. She did exactly what she was told.

She licked her pussy till she was soaking the bed and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Ariel moaned muffled since she was licking Lisa’s pussy.

Ariel stopped for a little bit and asked for Lisa to put more fingers into her pussy. Lisa was unsure but she did it slowly so it would not hurt her. She slowly inserted more fingers which became her whole fist.

Ariel was moaning crazily and bucked almost off the bed. She was telling Lisa to move her fist back and forth. Lisa was slowly pushing in and out of Ariel’s pussy but she found out she enjoyed seeing Ariel have an orgasm.  

Ariel came and screamed loudly.

“Well baby I think we need to do this more often. What do you think?” Ariel said.

“Yes we need to do this as often as we can.”

“Okay we will do this tomorrow and whenever other time you want.”

“Alright I guess I should get going.”

“Yes come here I want one last kiss goodbye.”

They kissed each other slowly and before things got out of hand they both heard the front door open. They quickly got dressed and took out the homework. Ariel’s mother knocked on her bedroom door and asked how she was doing.

“I’m fine mom just doing my homework. See ya later okay.”

“All right it’s getting late better tell your friend to leave.”

“Okay mom.” “You better leave before she comes back in here. I will see you tomorrow.”

Lisa leaves and hopes she will get to see Ariel real soon. She never thought she was going to like girls now she loves Ariel. I can’t wait till Ariel licks my pussy again. She thought.

Ariel was anxious for the next day and had a hard time sleeping. I am so glad she loved me teasing and kissing her. She thought. Oh well till the next day.


























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