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Captive Island Part 2

Short story By: mommy3

This is a continuance of the Captive Island. A few months have passed for Mark and Amanda. Is she obedient or still disobedient to Mark? This story contains bondage, fisting, spanking, and language. Not suited for young readers. Thanks

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Captive Island Part 2

Months later Amanda was trying to be as obedient as she possibly could, but was failing miserably. She was punished many times for back talking, trying to escape, and not listening to orders. Mark was having fun punishing her and was glad she was disobedient otherwise their relationship would be boring.

"Amanda sweetheart I want you to suck on my cock baby."

"No leave me alone. Go away."

"Amanda baby you know better. Why don't you be a good little girl and suck my cock?"

"Leave me the fuck alone! Go find someone else you pervert!" She screamed.

He became mad, but then determined to get her to do it. He took her by the wrists which had shackles on since whenever he took them off she would try to punch him and escape.

She struggled with him kicking and screaming telling him to go to hell. He slapped her ass hard which made her yelp. She still continued to struggle and he had to carry her over to the bench. He was grinning since he was having so much fun. He grabbed her chin and kissed her luscious lips forcefully making her gasp. While she gasped her thrust his tongue in making her moan.

He laid her on the leather covered bench which had restraints on them. He told her to bend over on her knees. She refused yet again which he smacked her ass ten times making it red and sore. She cried when he spanked her, but at the same time was getting wet.

"Amanda you need to kneel down correctly or I will bring out the whip. Do you want to get whipped hard on your ass?"

"No please. I will do it. Please don't spank me anymore it hurts."

She was taking her time which frustrated Mark and he turned around to go get the whip. She noticed him leaving and waited till he left the room. She was trying to get the shackles off and then realized he left the key on the bench. Yes success. I will finally be free of him. She thought.

Mark left the key on purpose to see what she would do. He wanted her to come terms to their relationship and not want to leave to escape him. He slowly came in and was disappointed yet again that she was trying to escape. He watched her grab the key and try to unshackle herself. He shook his head and now had to decide what her next punishment would be.

Once he came into the room she looked up at him and knew she was caught. Stupid you know you should wait to escape when he is asleep. She thought.

He gave her a stern look grabbed the key from her and picked her up in his arms. They were going to the next room with whips, chains, restraints, and other goodies. He was going to make sure she knew that her actions wouldn't be acceptable.

He was looking forward to punishing her. He put her on the table that had wrist and leg restraints on it. He laid her down pushing her wrists into the restraints. She tried biting him and he slapped her face to get her attention to knock it off. She kicked her legs trying to knock him off and he grabbed the vibrator next to the table and rubbed it on her pussy. She moaned unexpectedly not realizing he was going to do that.

He grabbed her ankles and put them into the restraints. Perfect. I like her restrained. He thought. She looked frightened and she should be.

He brought out a blindfold and covered her eyes so she wouldn't see. He didn't want to scare her with all his toys. He took the nipple clamps out and couldn't wait to put those on her ripened nipples. He put his hands on her breasts bending his head sucking on her nipples. He sucked gently at first then slightly bit her nipple causing her to sigh.

When her nipples were erect he took the nipple clamps and put them on causing her to yell. He was surprised by her response he thought she was going to object.

"Oh Amanda look at these little red cherries they look so good with my nipple clamps on you. You like that don't you sweetheart. Do you want more baby?"

"Ahhh…. No please stop. I am going to make sure you go to jail. I will make sure you rot in there."

"Still want to fight me. I guess I will just start punishing you more."

He pulled on the nipple clamps making her yelp. He then took them off and grabbed his whip. He flicked the whip on her engorged nipples. They were such a treat to look at and they were all his. She bucked when he used more force on her nipples with the whip.

"Oh baby you like that don't you. Don't try to deny it I can see that you do."

"Argg go to hell you asshole."

"Ooo… still haven't learned have you."

He grabbed his vibrator and put it by her pussy. He slowly rubbed the vibrator up and down her pussy's lips till she would be begging him to stop. Yet she was biting her lips holding in her cry. Hmm… well we will see about that won't we? He thought.

He moved the vibrator next to her clit and was moving it around in circles she moaned, but was still fighting. He decided it was time for desperate measures. He bent his head towards her pussy licking it slowly.

He took his hands to open her lips to lick around the clit. He licked around in circles slowly then picking up more rhythm. He lifted up his head to take a break.

"Mmm… my sweet you taste like strawberries and cream. So delicious my pet. Do you want more?"

"Ohhh… yes please more. Tease me more. I want your tongue in my pussy."

He looked up at her and gave her a kiss on her luscious lips for giving him an honest answer. Finally. She took long enough. He thought.

He went back down licking her more making her moan and twist at her restraints. She wanted to tease him too but wasn't able to. He looked up at her eyes and they were filled with lust. He went back to fuck her with his mouth shoving his tongue in and out of her pussy. He slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy in and out.

"Do you want more baby?"

"Ohhhh…. Yes please more please I want your fist in me. Please." She begged.

He slowly inserted more fingers into her pussy making her moan and buck. Eventually he had his whole fist inside of her pussy. He was moving his fist up and down slowly making her scream.

"Yessss… Oh harder please go harder and deeper." She begged.

He knew she was about to cum and pushed his fist in deeper her muscles contracted around his fist. She yelled ohhhhh…..

He looked up at her face flushed and thought she was the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen. He loved her with all his heart and hoped she did too.

"Please take these restraints off me Mark. I want to tease you so bad."

He looked up at her to see if she was just trying to find a way to escape him, but realized from her plead and body language she was serious. He grabbed the ankle restraints and undid them the same with the wrist restraints too.

As soon as he did this she pushed him down onto the floor stripping him of his pants. She was frantic to get the pants off and almost ripped them into shreds. She wanted him badly and he knew it.

She kissed him on the mouth hard then grabbed his cock into her hands tugging in an up and down motion. She bit his lip for him to open his mouth which he did growling in the same process. She thrust her tongue massaging his tongue in his mouth.

Once she was done kissing him on the mouth she went by his neck licking all the way down. Once she reached his stomach she licked slowly by his thigh towards his dick. She licked his dick up and down slowly and then grabbed his dick with her hand putting it in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his head of his cock making him moan. She started sucking on his dick faster all the way down her throat. She loved to deep throat him.

He grunted and groaned grabbing her head slamming it further down onto his cock making her moan. He lifted her head off of his dick because he wanted his cock inside of her warm juicy pussy.

"Amanda no more you are going to make me cum. I want to be inside you right now."

"No I want to tease you until you cum. Please I want you to cum in my mouth."

"No baby maybe next time I want you too badly and you are gonna get it."

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"Take it however way you want it. I am going to make you beg for me to stop."

"Ooo… like I am so scared you don't have what it takes."

"All right you asked for it." He growled.

He pushed her onto her back and slowly put his cock inside her pussy teasingly. He made sure his head was only inside.

"Mark," she moaned and dug her nails into his back, urging him to go into her aching pussy all the way.

She grabbed onto his ass trying to get him to go more inside her.

"Do you want more of me inside you?"

"Damn it you know I do? Arggg… you jerk please put more of your cock into my pussy!" She screamed.

He slammed his cock into her so hard she lost her breath for a moment. He did it again with less force but went deeper making her gasp grabbing onto his shoulders.

He looked at her and kissed her mouth softly nipping on her lip to get her open her mouth. He wanted to taste her inside and out. God he loved her. He thought.

She kissed him back with built up passion and was crying slightly because the feeling was so intense. He looked at her and asked why she was crying.

"Are you still mad at me sweetheart?"

"No it's just this feeling is so intense it's too much for me to handle."

He kissed her again while moving slower inside of her making it last longer. He thrust quicker making her moan and wrap her legs around his hips to make him go in deeper. He was caught off guard and groaned knowing he was going to cum in her pussy soon. He squirted his semen into her wet pussy.

He never wanted her to leave his side. He had to find a way to show her how much he loves her. Who would have thought that he fell in love?

He had a vague idea that she was in love with him too, but was too scared to tell him. He knew that he would have to eventually let her go otherwise she would become to resent him. He wouldn't be able to deal with that.

"Amanda in a couple of days I will be leaving. You can leave without me if you want to?"

"Are you telling me that I am a free to go? You don't want me anymore?"

"Yes you are free to go but no that doesn't mean I don't want you anymore. I love you." There he said it now he just had to wait what she was going to say.

"You love me. How can you love someone when you treat them the way you did to me?"

"At first I liked you and thought it was only going to be fun but then things changed. You were still resistant and still are. I love you because no matter what you have gone through you didn't ever give up hope."

"You stupid crazy fool why would I want to stay with you? You make fun of me and held me captive for many months. You don't love me you just lust me."

"No Amanda I love you with all my heart. I will make it up to you if you stay with me sweetheart. I want you to become my wife."

"What! Is that a proposal? Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Yes my stubborn witch. I want you by my side and as my wife. I will love you till the day I die."

She was crying when she heard this because no man ever said that to her. It was always I will get back to you or I will call you later. She was scared to accept his proposal but knew that she also loved him in a sick and twisted way. She knew that he was her soul mate and if she walked away from him it would break her heart.

"Of course I will marry you. That doesn't mean I will always obey you."

"Good I am looking forward to punishing you my sweet little witch."

They left the island together to get a priest for them to get married. Once they found the priest they all went back to the island to get married. It was sentimental to them since this is where their love grew.

A few months have passed and they were arguing back and forth about the most stupidest things. They still loved each other, but sometimes got on each other's nerves.

Amanda was expecting their first child, but found out days later she was going to have twins. She didn't tell her husband the good news yet.

"Honey I have something to tell you it's important. It's about my pregnancy."

"What is it? Is something wrong are you okay?" He asked. He was very worried about her being pregnant.

"No you silly man I am fine. Umm… well you know how I went to the doctor for a check-up well we are going to have twins."

He looked at her with slight horror and surprise all at once. Then he took a deep breath and passed out.

She looked at her husband and quickly bent over him to check to see if he was okay. She heard him breathing so she knew he was fine. She decided to take matters into her own hands. She took his pants off and put her mouth on his cock teasing him slowly. That woke him up and had him smiling.

"What am I going to do with you my sweet little witch?"

"Oh I can think of many ways for what you can do to me. Come my husband I want to take you to bed." She purred.

He willing went with her by picking her up to take her to their bedroom. He looked at her with adoration and fell in love with her more knowing that she was carrying his babes.


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