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Captive Island (KiiaX Romance competition)

Short story By: mommy3

For Kiiax's Romance Challenge! This story has some bondage, fisting, and sex scenes. This is a story about a man wanting to have a woman use all of his sexual preferences.He decides to capture a woman and have his ways with her. He is about to find out this woman has some preferences to and his plan may backfire on him. Or would she be stuck with him forever? I won first place in Kiiax Romance Competition. Thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge Kiiax. :)

Submitted:Oct 9, 2009    Reads: 4,622    Comments: 32    Likes: 15   

Mark was sick of trying to find a woman that would pleasure all of his needs. He had an obsession of tying up women. He tried dating some women but as soon as he brought out the rope to tie them up they freaked out and left. He came up with a plan to capture a woman and make sure she was not able to leave. Mark is a professional sailboat man who teaches people how to sail a boat. His plan was to have the woman make an appointment to try to learn to sail. He had to make sure this woman had no family members left and was all alone in this world.

Amanda was previously out of a job, apartment, and boyfriend. Just great now what am I supposed to do? She thought. If only I did not walk in my boyfriend's house and see him having sex with another woman. He of course tried denying it and it was obvious he was cheating since the woman was sucking on his cock. He then had the audacity of telling her that they were over and that she needed to pack up her things and get out. Amanda had pride so she said nothing and did not cry in front of him. She decided she needed to go somewhere to get rid of this pain she was experiencing.

Mark was just about to give up on his plan when he noticed a woman on the beach crying her eyes out. He looked her over and thought God she would be great tied up while I spank her ass. I have to her and I will. I need to get her to come with me and come on my sailboat. He decided she was going to be his captive. He was so excited but he had to remember to play it cool and try not to freak her out.

Amanda saw this attractive man walking towards her way. He was a muscular built with long blond hair tied in a ponytail with shorts and a black tank top on. Oh my God he is so handsome. She thought. Should I go talk to him and then realized he was coming even closer to her. He looked so good she started having fantasies of him spanking her and having sex with her.

Mark came up to her and said "Hello, my name is Mark Henderson. Do you know how to sail a sailboat? "She replied "No I do not know how to sail could you teach me." "My name is Amanda Fletcher. But I prefer to be called Mandy" Mark said "sure I actually teach people how to sail for a living. Do you want to come with me?" She said "I guess so. "

Mark was excited and started asking questions about her life. He asked her if she had anyone special in her life or any family. She said "No I just was dumped by my boyfriend and my parents are dead. " He said "I am sorry that your parents died and sorry that you were dumped." In his mind he was happy she had no one so she would not be able to escape from him. She asked him if he had family which he relied by No my parents are gone too. I also do not have a girlfriend or wife. Why the hell not you are fine as hell? I wonder what is wrong with him. She thought.

She was dressed in a light lilac flower sun dress that flowed to her ankles. She had her light wavy brown hair flowing down to her waist. She had a slender figure but with curves too. She was a delightful package. He could not believe her boyfriend cheated on her. What an idiot? He thought. She looked like a supermodel.

Mark had a private island in the Bahamas which was called Little Dead man's Cay were no one was around. He decided to go there with Amanda. He told Amanda that he had to go to his home for something. He could not believe that she was so trustworthy or naïve. He wanted to tie her up right now and fuck her pussy.

Amanda kept looking at Mark and wanted him badly she wanted to tie him up and have her way with him. I wonder what he would think if she tried doing that to him. He kept looking at her and she could tell that he wanted her. She decided to throw caution to the wind and have sex with this stranger it was actually one of her fantasies. She also wanted him to tie her up and have his way with her.

Mark had to get off the boat to get the rope and handcuffs to tie her up. I wonder what her reaction will be. As soon as he left to get the things he noticed that she was not on the boat and became mad. He then looked around and saw her on his island coming up to his house. Once he saw her he kissed her on his mouth. Mark's mouth was warm moving softly against her. She wouldn't have expected his kiss to be so soft, so tender and sweet. Her lips parted as his tongue slid along the crease of her mouth. He took the offered parting and thrust in, just to the barrier of her teeth. A shock went through her, stirring her blood like never before.

Amanda knew she should scream, try to get away, but she didn't want to. It had been a long time since she'd felt protection in any form. His lips moved along hers and they felt so good. Her stomach was tight with his nearness, and she instinctively knew that when he took the security of his body away she'd be left feeling empty. She was tired of feeling empty. She wanted the completeness she felt next to him.

With slow purpose, he drew his fingers down her throat to the top of her chest. When she didn't move, only stared up into his hot gaze, a small smile curled his lips. He closed his eyes and drew forward once more.

Amanda gasped as his mouth pressed harder than before. The first kiss had been test, for it was nothing like the hot explosion he now assaulted her with. His tongue worked expertly to pry apart her mouth. His teeth nipped until she gasped. When her lips parted, he thrust his tongue boldly inside, groaning lightly as he conquered her silken depths.

Mark moaned. His body pressed harder into hers and she felt his stiffened rod pushing into her softer belly. It was fire to her skin and so very big. She knew what he wanted from her, though she'd never done it herself. Fear worked its way through her. She whimpered, her eyes growing wide at the feel of his hips rocking into her. Pushing his shoulders lightly, she managed a weak gasp of protest. "No."

Instantly, Mark left her, taking his ravishing lips away. Her mouth was full, swollen with the heat of his kiss. He gripped her arms as he held her before him, keeping her distanced from his body. Amanda swallowed nervously, not sure what to do. She waited for him to speak, to act.

Mark said" You were supposed to stay on the boat since you did not listen you will get a punishment." Amanda noticed the rope and handcuffs that lay on the ground. Once she saw this she got aroused more and suspicious at the same time. She asked" What were you going to do with those?" He said "I am going to handcuff and tie you up and you will be my captive. You will give me pleasure any time I want it."

"Just who the hell do you think you are to boss me around?" Amanda said.

Mark said "I am your master and you will follow all rules or there will be consequences." Amanda said "I am no one's master and will never follow your rules." Mark growled and grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder while she was punching his back. Mark spanked her ass hard so she would quit punching him. Mark said "enough now you will get your punishment. "

Mark put her in his bed and started tying her to the bed with rope while she was kicking her legs to try to escape. Mark said "I will not hurt you calm down and try to relax." Amanda said "Fuck you I will not calm down and you will regret this." She then kicked Mark in the head knocking him unconscious. She then tried to find a way to escape and was working on untying the knots on her wrists. While she was doing this she was able to untie the knots and get free. I am now going to have my revenge and see if he likes to be tied up. She thought.

So while Mark was unconscious she stripped all of his clothes off of him and tied his hands to the bed. She then looked around to see if she could find any toys to use on him. While she was looking through his dresser and cabinets she saw a paddle, dildo, anal beads, and whip. Oh boy I am going to have fun using these. She thought.

Amanda decided she was going to tease him first but she had to get him up. So she slapped him hard in the face which got him up." What the fuck. What are you doing?" Mark said. "Shut up you are in no position to ask what I am doing especially since you are now my slave. "Amanda said. Mark was shocked that his plan was backfiring on him but he did have to admit he was getting turned on.

Amanda said "You will stay here as long as I want you and will not complain otherwise you will get punished. Is that understood?" Mark said "Yes do your worst you probably are all talk." This pissed off Amanda and she put her mouth on his cock and started sucking and nipped his penis. Mark groaned. He thrusted his cock further in her mouth. She was really enjoyed when he did that and became wet. She was still sucking on his cock and almost till he came but then stopped.

Amanda decided to get the dildo out she put the dildo in her pussy while Mark watched. She was moaning and he bucked on the bed trying to break the ties on his wrist. She was so aroused by the dildo and pleasuring herself she did not notice he broke free of his bonds.

Mark pounced and grabbed the dildo thrusting into her harder that is when her eyes opened. She realized she was in big trouble now. What was he going to do to her? Will he hurt her? Mark then kissed her hard on her mouth and grabbed her hands imprisoning them above her head.

Amanda tried bucking him off to get him away from her. This only aroused her and Mark more. She was scared and excited at the same time. Mark said" Now you will get punished for disobeying me." He grabbed the ropes from his bonds and tied her hands together. While he did this he saw the paddle and decided to spank his new slave. He spanked her lightly at first and then harder. She yelled and screamed at him to stop. He did not stop but continued until he thought she could not take it anymore. Even though it was painful he noticed her pussy was soaking wet dripping on his sheets of the bed. He then started finger fucking her first with two fingers and then a third finger. She was getting wetter and he put more fingers in her eventually he was able to put his whole fist in. He started fisting her in the pussy up and down she was so wet there were sounds coming from her pussy. He eventually took out his fist in her pussy and fucked her pussy.

He wanted her bondage and started tying her up so she could not move. While he was doing this she was crying and became scared of what he was going to do. Mark said "Do not be scared I will not hurt you this is your punishment."

Amanda decided to do whatever he said and maybe he would let her go. She did not realize she would be staying there forever.


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