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Ghost or Spirit soul

Short story By: MisteryMe50

I translate this story from one of my own stories and hope you enjoy it.

Submitted:Jun 23, 2014    Reads: 431    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Tommy had walked her to her door, and she had thanked him once more for the pleasant evening and had given him a warm hug with a lingering kiss.

As he had turned and walked away to leave, Jackie had closed her eyes and said a prayer for a peaceful night of sleep without interruption.

She had really needed some rest and felt as if she could sleep for days on end. She had decided not to take a bath, but rather go straight to bed. She had put on her pajamas and, leaving the bed stand light on, gotten into bed and was soon fast asleep.

Some time in the night she thought she had felt something touching her on her back. The sensation was like her back was being rubbed softly. "Mmmm it feels so good," she had thought in her subconscious state as she turned onto her side, and put both her hands under her cheek.

In her sleepy state, she thought she had felt the duvet move aside as a hand moved gently over her hip and finally settled softly on one breast. She had rolled to her back as she had the sensation of a hand sliding over her stomach to remove her bottoms, spread wide her legs and expose her smooth, shaved pussy. She also had had the sensation of having her breasts exposed and her nipples gently pinched and rolled between thumb and forefinger.

Jackie had wakened with a start as her thoughts and imagination ran wild and she wondered who or what was doing this to her. She had even pulled the duvet cover over herself as she had begun to have some creepy thoughts that it might be a ghost or spirit.

She had made some soft sounds and tossed her arms back to clutch the bed posts as she held her breathing as normal as possible. At any rate, she wondered if this was really real or not, and if so just who it was. Jackie didn't't think anyone would have believed her in any case, but she determined she would 'go with the flow' even if it did have some affects on her.

There had been the sensation of hands sliding over her body from the middle of her breasts to her stomach and over her navel to her pussy. It had felt as if the fingers were exploring her body on a discovery tour to find out what excited her. She had felt her lips being pulled apart as her pussy was opened and a finger rubbed over her clit. Jackie moaned as she had sucked in her stomach in pleasure and clutched the bed post harder feeling the sensation of lips on her nipples. It had felt as if there had been one hand rubbing her pussy and the other holding her breast as a mouth suckled and softly bit on her nipple.

The lips had then moved down to her navel and the tongue moved around a little before delving deeply into her belly button.

The pleasurable sensations flowed over her as she had felt that all her senses were in over drive. Common sense had demanded she open her eyes, but Jackie still had desired more. The touches and sensual feelings had almost been too much for her, but she just had not been able to open her eyes. Not just yet!

She had begun to rub her own breasts as what seemed like two fingers pushed deep into her pussy and the tongue rhythmically caressed her clit till she cried out. She had tried breathing shallower to calm herself and hold onto the feelings of pleasure.

Jackie had turned half to her stomach and her hips had began to move as if she was having real sex. She had felt a light weight against her, but it had only been the hands and fingers moving inside her. She had tried to hold out, but a big orgasm had ripped through her body leaving her trembling and shivering. This had been a sexual experience in a manner unlike any she had every experienced before … something truly not seemingly of this world.

Sitting up in bed, Jackie had looked around trying to understand what had happened. Her bed had become very wet and she was naked and sweaty. Her pussy was pounding from the powerful orgasm she had had and her heart was beating rapidly as it always did from every other very intense sexual encounter she had ever had.

Jackie had never minded having sex as long as it did not hurt her. This experience had been rife with some really weird feelings, and this night she had just wished for a full night's sleep.

She closed her legs, opened her eyes, and wondered if it had been her hand on her pussy rubbing it. What do these sexual encounters with a ghost mean? She knew that she could not talk about this with anyone as she felt no one would have believed her. Had it really been a ghost or spirit soul that had so deeply touched her and left her so shaken?©


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