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When mom was out 2

Short story By: misscupcake

Tags: Erotica, Hard, Sex, Dad, Son, Rape

The young boy, afraid of his father now, endures another experience with him.

Submitted:May 27, 2010    Reads: 10,049    Comments: 12    Likes: 6   

Yesterday, me and my father had sex. Well, he had sex with me. And he threatened he would be back today for more I guess. I had it on my mind all day. But now, I was even more afraid, afraid it would be worse this time. So when I heard the door slam at 6 o'clock today, I spead upstairs to my room and hid in my closet. "David! Daddys here!" he called from the living room. I didn't respond. I expected some sort of miracle to wake my mother up and get his attention. She was on her daily nap in her room. I could here dad stomping up the steps. I pushed myself farther back into the closet. Drapping me with clothes, trying to be perfectly hidden. Then he slowly eased himself towards my door. And knocked. I didn't answer. I had my hands tightly over my mouth, not letting a tiny noise out. He waited a few seconds, then knocked three more times. The knob to my door was being shaken, he was trying to open it. I stuck my key in the lock to he couldn't get in. "I know your in there! Don't ignore me!!" he yelled with the most chilling voice. He tried kicking and punching the door open, it didn't work. I heard his foot steps leave. I had a sigh of relief. Then, something sharp and metal probably was being used to slice the lock. When I heard a big click, I knew the door was open. He swung open the door. "Now...hiding from me isn't gonna' work Dave. I want to play with you." these words were locked in my head. I was silent. I could see threw the little wooden shades for the door, that he was looking everywhere for me. Under my bed, in my bathroom and he even looked out the window. Then he turned around, facing the closet. The only protection I had was the closet doors and piles of clothing ontop of me. He twisted the handles of the door with all his strength. I slid as far as I could from the doors, until I hit the wall. He then swung both of them open, breaking the left door off its henge. I peeped my eye through one of the clothing flaps, and saw he had a big bulge in his pants. Dad started lifting up hundreds of my clothes, I prayed he would give up and leave. But he didn't. He saw my foot sticking out of the clothing and dragged me out the closet. "Dad, DAD! NO STOP, PLEASE YOUR HURTING ME!!!!" I screamed. "Aha, my little son, this is all apart of becoming a man." he threw me onto the floor and ripped my gym shorts off. Then unbottoning his pants and pulling his big, erect penis out. He held my face onto the floor. Then jolted his dick into me. Thrusting harder and harder. It was the roughest thing ever. "OW, OW!!! STOOP!" I yelled as tears filled my eyes. "Ah...ah...AH! FUCK DAVID!" he went harder. My legs started to shake. He took hold of my dick and fondled it. As he thrusted his dick in me, rubbed my dick, he licked my neck. "David, your getting hard too." he whispered in my ear. I couldn't take it. A load of cum spewed from my dick and covered his hands. He got out of me and turned me onto my back. Spreaded my legs, and viciously sucked my dick. I didn't want to like it, but I didn't hate it. I found myself pushing his head farther onto my dick. He then got off the floor and said, "Suck it. Make me cum." he said taking hold of my face and shoving his dick in my mouth. I licked it round and round and sucked every part of it. He cummed in my mouth, on my face and all over the floor. "Please, I want to stop!!" I begged. He shook his head and picked me up. Then putting me in the bathroom shower and turning on warm water. He got in with me and closed the door. Pushing me up against the wall, he went harder into me. The water made him slide farther into me. I was about to collasp. His hand got hold of my dick from behind. "Your better then your mother." he said. I got chills in me. In pushed him off me and turned around. "No! No! No! Stop it dad, I don't like it." He got close to me. He bent down to my level and pressed his hands against the wall. "No, I like it. I like the feel of your dick went its hard, and when I taste your sweet cum. If you tell your mom, she wont believe you." he said in a low, dark voice. He kissed me. I asked him if I could get a condom from my closet, even though I had none. He alowed me to. I thought it was the perfect chance to make a run for it. When I entered my bedroom, I saw the handle to my door trying to be opened. It was my mom. "David sweety? Are you in there? Hello?" she knocked. I couldn't let her in. I wouldn't be able to explain the loads of cum on the floor, my broken closet door and me naked. I ran back into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. My dad lay in the tub, masterbating. "Ah, good. You ready for more?" he asked. I looked away. He then pulled me down to the tub and turned off the shower. Ran a warm bath water. He laid me ontop of him as the water filled the tub. Making me move my hips onto of his dick. "Ride me! Ride me! AH AH AH!" he yelled. I brought me to lay on his chest. He made out of me and rubbed my dick. As this happened. I could still here my mother knocking on the door. She never knew what was happening behind it.


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