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Pure Passion.

Short story By: MissCosti

Tags: Erotica

A night of pure passion. With a twisty end.

Submitted:Oct 24, 2009    Reads: 4,154    Comments: 10    Likes: 5   

Would this finally be the night that James would show his heart to me? Would holding me lovingly in his arms suffice for much longer? Somehow, Sammy didn't think so.

James turned his eyes from the sunset and turned to look at her. His embrace tightened on her delicate frame and her burning green eyes fixated on him, almost willing him to go to the place he dared. But could he? She was so pure, so delicate, so beautiful. He knew that she wanted him to, and the way she dressed for him proved it. Even though they were in a forest at half past 10 in the evening she was still wearning a skimpy, navy blue dress that only just covered her tight bum. Talk about enticing him! He was so hungry for her that he didn't think his well intentioned morals could last this night, and to be perfectly honest, he didn't want them too. What would it feel like to be inside of her and have her moaning his name, begging for me? He started to gently stroke her ever so slightly tanned face, running a finger over her tender lips to lean in to kiss her. Sofly at first, running his rough hands down her back pulling her ever closer to him, all the while slipping his tounge into her mouth, not even giving her time to draw breath. Her gorgeous breasts grazed his white shirt as she pressed in agaisnt him and moaned sofly as she felt how hard he was agaisnt her thigh. 'Do you want it baby?' he whispered to her, slipping his hands hands down her dress to caress her breasts, slowly rubbing around her nipples, and kissing her neck and shoulders.

Suddenly she tore his shirt off him, longing to feel the skin that she had craved for so long, throwing itinto the distance, but throwing him down onto the hard earth at the same time increasing his desire. She sat on top of him and pulled her dress off over her head, giving him full exposure of the body he was going to penetrate this night. He grabbed a tuftful of her hair and dragged her head back knowing full well that all she wanted was him. He began to tease her, depriving her of the thing she wanted most. Her washboard stomach got him so hard and he began running his tounge all over it, finally reaching up to her left breast, still holding her head back he began to lick the side of her breast and felt her gasp, wanting more, and he reached the nipple, holding his lips just above. He held it there longer than neccessary knowing that this increased her desire, knowing that her bodywas beggingfor him. She began to moan his name and it was then he placed his lips over her nipple and sucked. She felt his breath and now finally felt his lips, it drowned her in arousing warmth wanting him to go further. She teared free of his grip and smothered him in her kisses feeling his bulging muscles as she clambered to touch any part of him she could while he grabbed her ass and kissed her just as passionately. Moaning she undid his belt as he thrust his erect cock agaisnt her, pulling his trousers off. There she was, laying naked underneath him. He gently kissed her breasts again, moaning into them as he inserted one finger inside of her pussy, feeling her back arch of the ground as he rubbed her clit faster and faster; she was gasping and begging him for more, so much more. 'Now now, Miss Hutington, patience is a virtue' he laughed, as he slid two fingers inside of her now faster and deeper than ever, she was running her fingers through his hair and with shaking fingers she ripped off the only thing that was stopping them from going furher. He was there, his penis was thick and ready. He pulled out his fingers and to increase the suspension even more he flicked his tounge inside her pussy to taste her. 'Your wet enough sexy' he said. 'How about you spread your legs baby. Yeah, just like that. You like the feel of that?' he asked her, putting his erect cock just at her entrance. She was quivering now. 'I'll push up some more if you ask nicely'

She looked him in the eyes, and kissed him with such passion it took him by suprise, panting into his mouth she whispered 'Please baby. I just want you in me right now. Please-' the rest of her words were cut out by a loud moan of ecstasy as the tip of his penis entered her, then he forced himself inside of her. He saw her breasts moving up and down as she panted, moaning his name. He screamed his name so loud when he began to thrust faster. She forced herself to sit up and began to ride him hard, matching his rhytmn which madethe pleasure even more intensified. James's hands closed around her back and began kissing every part of her body he could reach. Just the feel of her warm flawless skin agaisnt his made him want to keep going until she was fully satisfied. Sammy let out a scream of pure pleasure as he began fucking her harder and he felt her fingernails dig into his shoulders from the pain. She moved her leg for deeper penetration and cried out his name. The friction was now so intense that her body was beginning to tremble and she was screaming. They carried on until she pulled away from him, laying down on the ground, panting and trembling with satisfaction. But it wasn't over yet. She hadn't done her bit yet, and he had not seen anything. Pulling herself up to her knees she rubbed her breasts agaisnt his body and ran a hand down his upper thigh, seeing a gasp escape from his lips. She loved teasing him. She grabbed him roughly and stuck her tounge down his mouth as her hand slid towards his cock. She carressed his balls, and stopped. 'You know what Mr Saunders' she said softly. 'It's time to make you see that you cannot dominate me.' She pushed him forcefully up agaisnt a nearby tree and whipped his belt about from behind her back. 'and if your bad, this could hurt.' she said. He didn't know what the hell was going on, until he found his arms tied above his head with the belt wrapped around the tree. Inside he was pleading her to have her wicked way with him, to be in charge, to punish him. Her fingers ran down to give him a hand job, and in minutes he was pleading her to go faster and faster, and to suck him like she knew she wanted to. Ohh, it felt so good. He wanted to grab her head to make her suck his cock faster, and he knew he would moan so loud if she swallowed his load.

'Well Mr Saunders... I'll come back and see how your doing tommorow sexy.' said Sammy with a devilish glint in her eye...


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