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Emma Johnson thinks this is a terrifying day for her, the day which would finally reveal if she had gained the job that she had been working towards for years.

But as she is called into her boss's office, the promotion becomes the least of her worries as this mysterious man shows her things she didn't think was possible.

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Emma was perched nervously on her desk chair, unconsciously twiddling bits of her golden curly hair between her fingers. Today could be the day that she possess the job she's been working all these years towards; editor in chief. In all honesty if she didn't get this job Emma didn't think she could handle working at the same company working underneath her opponent, which would be the ultimate humiliation for her, and act as a constant reminder that she, had lost.
'Emma, could I see you in my office immediately please'. Oh Christ, this was it, Emma thought. She stood up and was consciously aware of her colleagues staring at her. She smoothed down her black shirt, on which she had purposely left some buttons undone so that her boss- Mr Anderson- could have a clear view of her sumptuous cleavage. She was wearing a tight navy blue skirt, that cut just about her knees, so it showed of her tanned and lean legs, but still looked professional. Confidently striding towards his office she took one last look at herself in her computer screen, as if this would help her get the job.
Knocking three times on his door he called 'enter' and she quietly closed the door behind her. Hesitantly, she stood there for a couple of minutes as he stood a little bit in front of her with his back to her. Everyone in the firm knew that one wrong move can cost you your job around here. 'Move away from the door' he said in a gentle yet demanding tone. She quickly steered away from the door, a little unnerved at the way he was acting, and he seemed different today.
'Come stand right here, in front of me.' He whispered his eyes still lowered to the floor. Emma hesitated slightly, it was when he clicked his fingers and his figure seemed to stiffen slightly that Emma rushed to the front of him, eager to impress and for him to just tell her if she had the job or not.
'Mr Anderson may I just as-'her voice was cut off by his lips engorging hers, her eyes widened in shock but she let herself fall into the kiss. He became more passionate and aggressive as his tongue gained entry to her mouth and his hand travelled down to her shirt. He could already feel her erect nipples through her shirt as he caressed them lovingly. She moaned slightly as his hand snaked its way underneath her bra, rolling her erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger whilst his other hand gently massaged her left breast. His fingers twirled Emma's nipple and pinched them and she loved every second of it, she could feel her black lace thongs getting wetter and wetter as the moans escaped her lips.
Emma had never noticed before how intimidating and unbelievably mysterious this man was as he draped his hands across her waist and lifted her on top of his desk, his coarse hands swept across it, clearing it of all the clutter and forcefully pushed her so she was laying down and looking up at him. He even thought she looked a little afraid and apprehensive of him. He slowly started undoing her buttons of her shirt, revealing her breasts once more, but they seemed trapped, so he let her bra fall off the desk, bringing his tongue to trace the curves of each of her breasts, smoothing her golden waist length hair out of his way, and began slowly beginning to kiss and gently bite her nipples enjoying watching her breath sharpen and fasten.
Licking his dry lips with suspense his cock was already bulging against his pants longing to feel Emma's lips, but no, it had to wait. Oh, he could already smell and feel that she was wet down there, travelling his way downwards with his fingers slowly tracing her spine down her back as his lips kissed down her washboard stomach in a perfect line, watching her breasts rise and fall with her fast breaths.
Just to tease her more than anything he suspended his lips above her soaking wet pussy licking all around her slit, yet taken by ultimate surprise as his tie was ripped off of him and thrown recklessly on the floor. She tried to unbutton his shirt too, but he grabbed her by the wrists and laid her back down on his desk. Leaning over her he left a couple of inches between their faces as he said sternly to her 'Calm yourself Emma. You have no say in this matter, unless you want to find yourself unemployed. Now why don't you just let me finish my job and you just lay down there and enjoy it. Don't try to be my boss again, or you will have to receive a disciplinary. You hear me?' Emma nodded slowly to him, taken aback by this sudden change of character again, and found herself turned on by on it.
He returned back to kissing her around her pussy, and then pulled her lips apart, slowly running his tongue up and down her slit smirking as her gasps and moans became more frequent. His tongue travelled to her clit; using his tongue once again he began to lick it, knowing how sensitive it was he began slowly at first so she could feel every hint of ecstasy. Inserting one finger inside of Emma he stayed at the same pace until her hand flew up to make him go faster; he caught it and whispered to her 'I told you about this'. Sucking her clit and feeling her juices made his penis harden even further, so he jammed three fingers inside of her hearing her moan as he went faster and faster, all the while she was struggling not to beg for his cock inside of her. Suddenly he flipped her onto her front to begin giving her luscious arse some required attention. He started to spank her as hard as he possibly could with his hand, whereas his other hand was twitching to get to his belt just to show her what it's really like if she disobeyed him. From a great distance it seemed she was begging him to stop this, he could barely feel her struggles to remove herself, all it took was one hand on her slender back to stop her from getting away; it was too easy. 'Beg Miss Johnson, I want you to beg for my forgiveness.' While he was spanking her he bought his tongue down once again and began to lick her arse and slide a finger in her tight bottom to mix the feelings of pleasure and pain.
Without warning for Emma she let out a stifled scream she was laid on her back again as she felt his thick and erect penis enter her, but only the tip. She squirmed and tried to push herself down on his cock but still he restrained her. 'You're so tight baby' he said to her as he forced all of himself into her. She let out another scream of ecstasy not able to try and stifle the sound, he was so big inside of her and she started to gasp uncontrollably as he started to thrust rhythmically. She began to meet his rhythms, wrapping her slim legs around his waist, too afraid to meet his stern gaze; it was as though his eyes were burning through her. My God, she couldn't stand it any longer, grabbing the back of his neck and digging her nails into his bare skin she screamed to him 'Fuck me harder Sir! Show me what it's really like to be punished by you!' He groaned into her breasts as he began to thrust even harder in her, he lowered his head to her right nipple, his warm mouth pressed firmly against her breast, Emma didn't think she could take anymore, he was thrusting harder and faster, and faster and harder, she clung onto his shoulders for support as his back became arched as he longed to give her the biggest orgasm she had ever encountered. He shuddered as he finally exploded inside of her, and Emma encountered the most amazing feeling of pleasure she didn't even think was horrible, moaning loudly as they both came together.
As quickly as it started Mr Anderson removed himself from her, as he had collapsed on her fragile body when he had come. Reaching up to pick up his tie off of the floor he had himself smart and respectable again in no amount of time. Emma was still lying on his desk, her chest still heaving and slightly paralysed by shock. Her shirt and skirt were abandoned somewhere in his office, and her high cream shoes was all she had left of her dignity.
'Miss Johnson, you really are cluttering my desk. Now, I have work to do if you could please remove yourself from my office. I'll call you back in again tomorrow. That will be all'


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