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Paint my passion

Short story By: MissAnna

Tags: Paint, Passion, Sex

Two lovers and a dark night

Submitted:Feb 11, 2013    Reads: 1,513    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

As I lay naked here in the forest staring up at the stars on the night sky the full moon caress the curve of my breast as he paint the lines of my portrait.

I could tell that he loved this moment just as I did

It was beautiful to watch how he worked the brush with his beautiful big hands

He interrupted my thoughts as he came closer to show me the portrait. It was truly beautiful.

You could tell that he had taken his time
"It's perfect"
He smiled down at me "I'm glad you like it" he answered.

At that moment I felt a sensation of heat coming from my clit so I moved my hand to my most sacred place of all.

But I didn't touch
I just had my hand on my vagina

"Do you like this?" I asked
He stared at me as he answered "very much".

I bit my lip

He came closer to me now as our lips met

He tasted divine so I pulled him closer to me

He was a dangerous man, yet he feel so safe

His passionate kissing awoke something inside me

Something I never felt this strong before

I needed him inside me

I pulled down his zipper

He broke our kiss just to pull his pants off

As his pants came off I took his cock into my hand and moved it up and down his shaft

He was thick and beautiful

Our lips meet again
He made silent groans in my mouth as he kissed me

His mouth slowly reached my round shaped breast as his tongue caressed my nipples

I pulled my hand off his cock just to pull his shirt off

He was completely naked now

I lay my body down on the grass and I pulled his body with me

He was on top of me now and his erection reached my most sacred place of all

I bit my lip once more as it felt so good to have him on top of me

I wanted to explore every inch of him

He smiled down at me

And then his mouth was on my neck once again kissing and licking me

I couldn't take it no more

"Stratos I need you inside me now" I said

Slowly his erection entered me

I closed my eyes as I took in all the pleasures

He started to move slowly inside me

And he kissed me

Never have I experience this much pleasures from sex before

I opened my eyes to watch the beautiful man above me

He seemed to feel that my eyes opened so he broke our kiss to stare down at me

I smiled up at him showing him how much I loved this

He smiled back at me and started to move faster inside me as the stars and the moon shine bright above us

Minutes or hours later I felt my orgasm getting closer

I screamed the moment my orgasm hit me as he pumped harder until he also came in a deep orgasm.

To be continued


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