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The Late Night Show

Short story By: milkandcream

A boring Saturday night gets spicy when she peeps into her neighbor's bedroom......

Submitted:Oct 18, 2012    Reads: 7,488    Comments: 9    Likes: 12   

I kept surfing the channels but I couldn't find anything as much interesting as to keep watching it for 5 minutes. I switched the TV off and threw the remote over my couch in irritation. I checked my phone for any messages or calls. But, alas, there was nothing displayed on my screen. I kept the phone back in its cover and walked to the fridge to check for something to eat.

I had been such a fool to decline Mike's invitation to watch a movie at his place. I never liked that guy but I was only with him because he did wonders when we got down to the bed. He was real tiger in there and he knew how to pleasure a girl. I always felt so exhilarated when I was with him. But this feeling was only limited to the bed. Outside the bedroom, he was just a silly pile-on. He practically followed me like a puppy. I had already made it clear that we aren't anything more than fuck buddies but he insisted on having emotional connections with me. I tolerated his behavior only because I did not want to lose out on him. It's really difficult to find someone as good as him in bed and by now, I had built a sort of trust in him. So maybe you could say even I was dependent on him, even if it was physically.

Anyways, the story goes like Mike had invited me over for a movie. I knew we would do it in the end of it but I was already irritated at him for some reason which I can't remember now and I ended up refusing him. I thought maybe I could hang out with Jenny but she had other plans and none of my other back-ups were free. So here I was on a Saturday night, lazing in my cramped house when the rest of the world was partying their way into ecstasy.

I took a can of beer and walked up to my window and sat beside it on a chair. There was a nice, big building just across mine. I loved peeping into their rooms whenever I had the time. People always had a lot of drama going on in their life and I loved watching real life drama.

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson get their drinks and dinner out and sit by their table laughing about something. They were so perfectly boring. I went to the next window and watched as a little kid hurried through his lessons. Oh man, even I wasn't that studious when I was young. I turned to the window just below the kid's and my eyes popped out. I saw this really hot guy lounging on his bed in just his boxers. Tight boxers. He had an erection and his cock was looking like a giant sausage trying to break out of its cloth prison. I had to squint my eyes to see what he watching and I noticed that he was watching porn. I felt my pussy tighten and my nipples harden. I got closer to the window to see what he would do next. As the girl on the TV undressed herself, so did Mr. Handsome. He removed his boxers and placed them on the floor and started rubbing his massive cock vigorously. The size of it was enough to wet my panties. I took off my top and placed one hand on my right breast and started kneading it and placed another hand at my throbbing clit. I was watching as he stroked his cock up and down and immediately, I felt the urgent need of having his cock inside me. I fumbled for a candle lying in my drawer and found one. Though it was no match with regards to thickness, I could make do with it. And with a swift force, I pushed the candle into me and started grinding on it. I imagined his strong hands running all over my body and playing with my breasts and feeling my stomach. As I pushed the candle deeper, I imagined it to be his wild cock making its way inside of me and pleasuring me like a real man would. I took the candle out and now started rubbing my pussy. Even Mr. Handsome was now beating the life out of his cock. Seeing his urgency, I too increased the rhythm over my pussy. I was rubbing it harder and harder, matching the speed with Mr. Handsome. The harder he hit his cock, equally harder I was rubbing my pussy. I was moaning in pleasure now. My left hand was massaging my left breast and I was pinching my nipple with my index finger and thumb. I could feel the heat and wetness on my hand and I realized that I was going to come. I saw Mr. Handsome and from his expression I understood that even he was going to come. As my body shook with the wave of orgasm, I screamed in pleasure and let out a stream of my juices on to the chair and so did Mr. Handsome. He had squirted all his cum over the bed. I was cursing myself for not being there to lick all his juice into my thirsty mouth. I felt my hands slip down to my sides. My clit was still throbbing from the strenuous but incredible exercise.

Tired, I lifted my beer can and took a sip as I sat watching Mr. Handsome. He was now picking up his boxers and walking towards the window. Before I could move from my chair, he was there by the window and he saw me topless. At first he did not react. And then I saw him smiling a sly smile before he closed the curtains to his window and my late night show was over.


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