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The Alley Encounter

Short story By: milkandcream

Sex with a stranger will always remain a fantasy for many of us.
Just a little write-up on that...

Submitted:Oct 13, 2012    Reads: 7,335    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

I was walking along the road to my house when I sensed someone following me. My sixth sense suddenly got on high alert telling me that something was wrong. I turned back and saw that a rugged man was slyly following me. He was quite far from me but his burning gaze conveyed his true intentions. I took in his physicality and couldn't help but admire his well-toned body. His rippling muscles tearing out of his tight navy blue t-shirt sent shivers down my spine. I clutched my books tighter across my chest to cover the sudden erection of my nipples. As my eyes met his I turned into the corner of the road into the alley. I started walking slowly towards the dead-end on the other side. That was when I heard the hurried footsteps rush behind me.

Two strong hands took me by my waist and brought me to the dark end of the alley roughly. I was now facing my stalker. He had the most amazing pair of blue eyes. Blue eyes which were now looking hungrily at my wet lips. He took the books from my hand and flung them across the alley. He pulled me tightly across his body and started kissing me passionately, biting on my lower lip. I took in his lips with equal vigor and started licking them. He stopped. He looked at me uncertain. Maybe he did not expect his victim to be so forthcoming. But I did not give a care and got back to kissing him, this time I was the one biting him. His lips were so soft in between of my lips. I tightened my grip around his neck as he did the same along my waist. I could feel his erection find its way along my thighs. I felt my panties getting wet with excitement. His lips then found their way to my neck and he started giving me soft but hungry kisses on my neck and collar-bone. His stubble made my skin tingle. In an instant he threw me down on the strewn newspapers on the path below me, stripped himself of his t-shirt and jeans and got above me, ripping my thin tunic to shreds. He helped me get out of my tight jeans aswel. As my tunic uncovered themselves under his hands, my black lace bra half covering my full breasts made their presence felt. He took a good look at them before roughly pulling apart the bra from behind me.

My pink nipples had hardened by now and he dug into them like a tiger. His mouth took in my right nipple while his left hand played with my left one. He bit into my nipples hard and fast, making moaning sounds as he pinched my left one with his thumb and fore-finger. I screamt in extreme pleasure. I hadn't experienced such kind of pleasure before and so now I was finding it difficult to contain myself. He massaged and kneaded my left breast so much that they hurt but it was a pleasurable pain. Slowly he went down and kissed my stomach, causing my skin to break into goose-bumps. When he reached my navel, he let his tongue explore it while holding my hips firmly with his strong, large hands. Now I could not take it any longer. I wanted him inside me immediately. I arched my back forward as he went lower down my waist. He kissed me on my black panty which was quite soaked by now. He smelt along my panty before flicking it off. And the same way, he flicked his jockey innerwear too. Then he proceeded to put his tongue along my wetness and continued playing my clit with his tongue. I let out short moans and gasps. I was getting impatient now. He slowly moved upwards my body and then he thrust his penis into my wet enclosure. He thrust continuously and I rocked under his heavy physique. Both our hips were grinding in a muted rhythm. I had planted my hands behind his back and my nails started leaving their trails on his light skin. His hands again reached for my breasts and his mouth searched my lips. He was grinding me roughly and so were his hands working that way with my breasts. And then he shot his hot cum inside me. I too came at the same time. His body fell limp on me.

He lay like that for a few seconds before turning on my side. I was also laying there all sweaty and hot from the experience. I could feel the juice trickling over my thighs. He reached down and licked it dry. Then he propelled me on my knees and stood in front of me, his cock hanging right in my face. He thrust his hips forward and pushed my face into his cock. I opened my mouth, allowing the cock to get in. I rolled my tongue up and down his thick cock. I looked up and saw the satisfied look on his face. This served as an encouragement and I started playing his cock with my tongue. I twisted and turned the cock in my mouth. He pulled at my hair in his excitement and that was when I realized he was going to come. He shot his juices inside my mouth and I swallowed them with great satisfaction. As I got up, I licked my lips of the remaining traces of his juice. He pressed roughly at both my breasts with his large hands, making my nipples hard again. I gave a gentle squeeze to his cock in return. I started wearing my bra and panties when I felt a finger poke my shoulder. I turned back to see the guy hand over his t-shirt to me. I took the t-shirt from him, wore it on and slipped into my jeans. I took my books from across the alley and walked straight into the daylight with a broad smile on my face.


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