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Her best-friend's Boyfriend

Short story By: milkandcream

What happens when Jenna meets her best-friend's boyfriend.....

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'Look, Jackie, I do not know why you would want to do this……. But I ….. Can you please just once … Okay fine you can just fuck off' saying so, I cut the call.

'What's wrong, Jen?'

'Nothing to worry about, Naila. Jackie just ditched me again for his friends. That's all.'

'Oh darling, I am so sorry. What are you going to do now? You know, me and Krish are going to be together today so…. You know, I needed the house for myself... Just for tonight.'

I and Naila shared an apartment together here in New York. Both of us worked our asses off for a local entertainment channel, so during the weekends we romped about with our respective boyfriends. It had become a sort of a ritual for the both of us. We would spend Friday night like wild cats and the next morning we would share the juicy details of it with each other over a cup of coffee and French toast.

Only difference here was most of the time , I would be ditched last minute by Jackie , my boyfriend and so I and Naila would spend the night dancing at some local pub and Naila would go off with a handsome hunk and I would return back home to sleep, alone.

Naila was not half as good-looking as me but she somehow managed to score some pretty hot guys. In fact this guy Krish, her latest squeeze, was a really cute guy whom she had met last week at Toto's. Somehow, things got really hot between them and they started seeing each other. It is a week now since they started going out and today was their weekly romp day.

'Well, Naila babe, I will figure something out. You can ….'


'Oh my goodness, that must be Krish' and saying so Naila jumped to the door like a small kid. She opened the door and burst into his arms.

'Oh baby, what took you so long? I was worried waiting for you. I almost thought you had forgotten about today.'

'No chance sweetie. How can I forget you…? Oh hey Jenna. How are you?'

'I am good, Krish.' I said dejectedly. I was upset as tonight Naila would be having the best night of her weekend and I would have to rot at some local pub watching couples making out. I went in sadly to my room to check what to wear tonight. After 20 minutes or so, I stepped out and saw Krish on the couch with a drink in his hand, alone.

'Hey where is Naila? I needed to borrow her heels.'

'Umm well Naila had to run immediately for an urgent meeting at work. She was in a hurry'

'What??? She left you alone here and ran off?'

'Well, so it seems. Umm Jenna, could you just you know, stay in here until she comes? She was saying about some guy who would come over to bring her package from work. If no one is here to sign it, it might just go back'

'Oh no, there goes my outing at the pub. Now I would have to stay here indoors with Naila's boyfriend. We did not have anything in common to talk to. Maybe I could just give him more drinks and get him occupied with the music and movies. 'I thought. I walked over to the mini-bar and got some more drinks.

'Hey Jenna, why don't you join me? I hate drinking alone.'

I was unsure at first but then I thought what the hell and made a glass for myself too. After about 5-6 glasses, I was pretty sloshed. I was having my 7th round when the drink splashed onto my dress.

'Oh damn fucking shit. I just spent huge freaking dollars on this dress and now it's spoilt.'

'It is okay Jenna. You just go in and change. Don't worry'

I went in to my room and picked out a shorts and t-shirt to change into. I pulled my dress over my head and threw it over my bed when I felt hands come around my waist. I turned to face Krish. He gave me sly smile.

'Krish, what are you doing? Naila will be very angry…'

'Jenna darling, do you know you looked so hot in that dress. I was tempted to see what you would look like without that dress ….'

And saying so, he put his lips over mine and we kissed.

He pulled me closer and started kissing me passionately; biting roughly over my lips and playing hide and seek with my tongue. It must have been the alcohol or my hunger for sex, but I gave in and we had a long and hot kiss before he threw me onto the bed. He placed his hand on my blue lace panty. It was wet. He started rubbing it, slowly at first and then with some force. I was moaning with pleasure. He increased his rhythm over my pussy. I could feel the juices oozing out of my pussy. He must have felt the throbbing in my pussy because that very instant, he pulled my panty down and started licking my pussy dry. The way he went up and down my pussy made me want to tear the sheets off my bed. I clung on the sheets for my life. His tongue was creating havoc in there. He then stood and pulled his pants down and stripped himself of his shirt too. I watched his bulge struggle to get out of his boxers. He wanted to tease me and so sat on top of me and rubbed his clothed cock over my face. I was desperate and so pulled off his boxers and took in his length into my mouth. I licked his cock and softly sucked on it, making him squeal with pleasure and satisfaction. I loved how his face looked like when I sucked on his cock. I kissed lightly on his cock before he pulled it away. He then proceeded to my chest and started tugging at my bra. I arched forward so that he could pull it off easily.

He sucked noisily at my breasts, biting and licking my now-erect nipples. He left a trail of hickeys over my breasts and neck. He went down again and gave me a good, deep lick for my pussy.

'Jen baby, turn over.'

I did as he told me to. 'Sit up on all fours, alright.'

I obeyed him. I was on the bed while he stood behind me. He positioned my hips towards his rock-hard cock and pushed in with force. I screamt out loud in pain and pleasure. Soon, we were grinding together. He slapped my butt on and off and that really tuned me on. I urged him to continue butt-fucking me. He then reached his hands forward to cup my breasts in his hands as they moved back and forth, in rhythm with our grinding.

He then climaxed, leaving a hot stream of his cum inside me. He then pulled out his cock off my butt-hole and stood tired while turned to face him. I took his cock in my hands and started stroking it, up and down. It immediately got hard. I stroked his balls too. Krish was going mad with all this attention. He pulled on to my hair for support. I put the cock in my mouth and played with it with my tongue. I sucked on it like a lollypop. It was amazing. I slowly released it off my mouth. Krish then pulled me on my feet and sat on the bed. He then placed me on his lap. I could feel the crown of his cock touching my pussy.

'I hope you enjoyed it, Jen baby?'

'Oh darling, yes I did. You have no idea that how hungry I had been for something like this. Today must have been something special.'

He slowly maneuvered his searching cock into my pussy and again, we rocking back and forth vigorously. He took to my left breast in his mouth and right breast in his hand. I put my hands over his neck and moaned into his ears. After a while, I could feel the rush of orgasm making its presence felt inside me. The pressure was building up and so was my breathing. I could feel the ragged breathing of Krish too and then, we both climaxed one after the other. Tired and exhausted, Krish fell back on the bed with me on top of him. I rolled over to his side, pulling the covers over me. I gave Krish a gentle kiss on the cheek before getting into a deep sleep.


'Good morning Jenna. How are you doing today?'

'Hey umm Naila ….. Ummm... When did you come back last night?'

'Well, I came back around 11:30 or so. Why what happened?'

'Well, Naila I know this is going to sound horrible but I … well I ... I actually slept with Krish'

'You slept with my boyfriend?'

'Umm yes, Naila ….. And I am really sorry. I did not mean to. We were drunk and I did not do anything. He was the one who came in and …'

'Jen baby chill, I was the one who told him to do so.'

'What? What the hell are you talking about?'

'Well, you were so upset about not being able to have a romp for yesterday night, so I thought why not gift you a night full of lust and sex with my darling Krish. After all, what are friends for' saying so Naila hugged Jenna in a tight embrace.


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