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Finding pleasure in group study sessions can be the most unexpected thing .....

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I hated Wednesdays.

Our history teacher had assigned Wednesdays for group study whether we liked it or not. And the grouping was done with one student being the nerd and the other an idiot. So here I was, the Idiot, waiting for the nerd to come over. I was assigned Julie as my teacher for today. Every Wednesday, we had a change of coach. Last 2 Wednesdays had been extremely boring and I was expecting the same if not better from this Wednesday too. Both the last time, I ended up sneaking for a party while my coaches sat getting their heads bitten off with my new PS3. But I can't work the same magic this time. I have got a freaking girl as my coach. It won't be easy to get her off. I have heard that nerdy chicks are hard to convince. She might instead end up convincing me to study history. Why my luck had to be this hard on me?

'Ting Tong'

'Okay so the nerdy is here. I had better clean up and set my stereo so that she knows I am not interested', I thought to myself.

'Hello there young lady, how did the bla bla bla ……was it too much bla bla bla ……'

My father was such a wannabe cool parent. He thought if he spoke to each and every person in high school, he will be the coolest dad in town. But it doesn't work that way.

'Billy, your coach is here. Please turn down that silly sound off and get to your books. And yes, please be good to her, alright. See you later, sweetie', and saying so my Dad closed the door of my room.

She came and sat awkwardly by my bed. I continued to change the music on my stereo without noticing her.

'Umm so shall we start?' she said after keeping mum for a good 7-8 minutes.

That was when I looked up from my booming music system and noticed her.

She was wearing spectacles which covered her hazel eyes. She had nice, rosy full lips. She was healthy though. Her hips and legs were on the heavier side but not very fat. And she had the most amazing breasts ever. Even though she was wearing a long dress, I could make out the contours of her sexy body. 'How did I never notice such a beautiful girl in my class?'

'Okay, so today I am going to start bla bla bla ….'

And she went on droning about History while I took a good look at her sexy body. My imagination had already started running wild. I wasn't a sex-deprived soul. I have had it with many girls but they were all too easy. She seemed a hard to get types and I would love nailing her pussy till she was out of breath. I could immediately feel the bulge in my pants. At first I thought that I should cover it up but on second thoughts, I would rather show it off to her.

'So when Alexander got there he…ummm Billy, are you like … umm ... your pant has got a bump?'

I instantly pushed her on my bed flat and jumped on top of her. Holding both her hands above her head, I started working my lips on her full lips. They tasted so good, like strawberries. I got more adventurous and pushed my tongue forward to open her mouth. She resisted initially but then gave in and I had a full-throated frenchie. Her mouth was amazing. I couldn't imagine how her mouth would feel wrapped around my cock. I broke off from the kiss and started working my hands over the zipper of her dress. She helped me out by arching her back forward so that I could yank her dress off from behind her. She tore open my t-shirt and then proceeded to my pants and then my boxers. My cock which was struggling to get out of my pants was finally free and now was in full glory in front of her. She stared longingly at it.

'Oh my goodness…… The moment I saw it bulge out of your pant, I knew I wanted it so badly. Baby, I am so glad you did it.'

What the hell? I thought she would be upset for forcing me on her but here she was talking about my cock.

'Oh c'mon babe, get that working. I am hungry for you, can't you see… Do it fast before your Dad comes in again'

The moment she said Dad, I got out of my thinking phase and as her hands wrapped around my neck, I worked my way down her neck. She smelt of roses and strawberries. I licked her all the way from the neck to her ears, leaving a trail of small, soft kisses. At times, I bit softly too. She let out moans when I did that which encouraged me. And then I neared the full curves of her rounded breasts. I kissed them gently at first. As I kissed her right breast, I played with the left breast, kneading and massaging it. I could feel her nipple harden. I started pinching it. She let out another moan and pushed my mouth to her nipple. I took it as an encouragement and bit into her nipple softly.

'Ohh Billy, go harder on them. I want to feel you hard and rough.'

Her words acted as a trigger and I bit harder into her nipples. It made her whole body shiver and she arched her back forward, pushing her breast into my face. I pulled up my face and took a good look at the breasts before starting to vigorously massage them.

They were so full, that I could feel my erection grow harder. She, too, was moaning away in full glory.

I suddenly got off the bed and walked over to my music system and played it in full volume. In case we got louder, this would save us.

I returned back to the bed but Julie stopped me.

'I want you to be standing just like this, while I play with your big man' and saying so she knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her agile hands.

The way she stroked them made me grunt in pleasure. She gently rolled my balls in her hands making me want to pass out right there. She took my cock and put it into her mouth and rolled it around a few times with her tongue. This made me feel very dizzy. This girl totally knew how to make a guy crazy. She then, licked the cock up and down with her tongue, leaving trails of kisses on it. She again put it into her mouth and this time, she went full throttle, taking it deep down her throat. I pushed her head forward, trying to gag her with my cock but she did wonderfully well. I immediately felt my cream shoot up in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and then licked her lips clean. She squeezed my cock before standing up.

'Now I want you to clean my pussy up. It is a flood in there.', she said with a naughty smile. She removed her panty, spread her legs and lied down on her back on the bed. I knelt down in front of her pussy. The scent of her pussy was enough to drive me insane.

I took to her thighs first, kissing them hungrily before I reached her pussy. It indeed was quite wet. I put my tongue in at first. I licked her clean of all her juices. She was wet and hot inside and I loved that.

'Oh baby, your tongue is driving me crazy. I want more, baby. Go deeper.'

I put in my tongue deeper inside and as I licked and slurped and ate her pussy, she moaned and screamt in pleasure. She was so high that she pushed my face deeper into her glorious pussy. I was only too happy to oblige. And I sat there, licking clean her pussy.

After a while, I got up and pulled myself on top of her. I placed my hands on her full breasts and thrust myself into her. She rocked forward violently.

'Billy, please do it harder. Kill me with your cock. I want it deeper inside me. Go baby go…. Give it to me harder. I want to feel you inside me.'

I liked the way she pleaded with me.

'Honey, tell me how badly you want it. I am not convinced.'

'Oh Billy, I beg you please push your cock deep into my pussy. I want to feel your darn cock rock the life out of my pussy. Pleasse'

This was enough to turn me on and I thrust my cock harder and deeper into her pussy. She started rocking beneath me and her nails left marks on my back as I continued thrusting into her. My hands still placed on her breasts, I planted a few kisses on her neck and then on her breasts before I gave one final thrust and then we both reached climax at almost the same time. She let out a loud scream while I moaned in utmost pleasure before falling limp on her. I rolled over to her side, breathing heavily.

'Oh my, that was awesome.'

She got up, picked up her clothes and went to the toilet to clean. After a few minutes she was out fresh and clean while I was still lying on my bed in content.

'Well, since we could not complete our lesson today, I might have to come tomorrow.' she suggested with a meaningful smile before leaving out of the room.


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