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The Phone Call by Mike Brennan

Short story By: Mike Brennan

Tags: Humor, Sex

This is a fun little exercise in dialog. I hope you find it entertaining.

Submitted:Apr 11, 2008    Reads: 4,019    Comments: 7    Likes: 10   

"Robert, pick up. Robert, pick up. It's me, your Better Half, your Sweet Suzette, your One True Love, your… Oh, hi! Babe. You ARE still there. How is that report coming?"

"Yes, I have been drinking. I think I might even be a little drunk. I think my judgment might be impaired. If you can say "judgment impaired" can you be drunk? Anyway, I think that it might be, so I thought I would call you to make sure what I am thinking of doing is a good idea."

"I know, I know, you're busy. This will just take a moment. You remember Jess from the office? Yeah, yeah, the one with the short red hair. Anyway, since YOU were going to be working late tonight, me and Jess, I mean Jess and I, went out to dinner and some drinks after work. We got to talking about things, like work and where we grew up and men and sex and stuff. It turns out the Jess likes to be tied up for sex."

"Rob, are you still there? Did you drop the phone? Anyway, we came back here, and had some more wine, and talked some more, and well, I tied her up. Robert? Are you there? You need to hold onto the phone better."

"Anyway, I know you keep saying that it is OK with you if I do something with another woman, but I wanted to check and make sure it was REALLY OK, and to ask what I should do, 'cause I've never done anything like this before… No, I'm not joking. You don't believe me? Here, I'll put Jess on, and she can tell you. Let me put the earpiece on her."

"Hello, Robert? Hi, it's me, Jess. Late night at work, huh? Oh, no, she wasn't kidding; she tied me up. It's a really good position: I reach behind my back and grab my elbows with the other hand, then she tied my arms together. It makes me sit up straight with my chest out. She took off her pantyhose to use to tie me up, which is kind of hot. And I'm sitting on the,…What is this thing, Suzette? The hassock, so she can get behind me, but it's close enough to the sofa that if I fall backward I'll land on it."

"Ask him what I should do now."

"Suzette wants me to ask you what she should do now. Yes, I've done this before, though not usually with just another girl. But part of the whole thing for me is the submission thing, and it would entirely ruin the mood if I have to give instructions."

"Ask him if I should unbutton your blouse."

"She wants to know if she should unbutton my blouse. He says 'Yes, that would be a good idea.' She's starting on the top button. Her hands are a little shaky. I think she's a little nervous."

"Ask him if he is sure I should do this."

"She wants to know if you are sure she should do this. He says 'Yes, definitely yes.' He seems to be having some trouble breathing. She's got the first four buttons. She's pulling my blouse out of my skirt so she can get the last two buttons. Now she's pushing it off my shoulders and down my arms. God, I love it when all my clothes can't be taken off because of the bindings."

"Ask him if I should take my blouse off, too."

"She wants to know if she should take her blouse off, too. He says 'Yes'. Do you think she should do it fast, or slow and make a show of it? He says 'Slow'. Did you know Suzette isn't wearing a bra? She really doesn't need to, she's so firm. Now me, I need the support. No, no she hasn't. He says you should take off my bra, too."

"She's sitting on my knees to reach behind me. Her nipples are almost close enough to lick. I think she is getting into this whole scene. She's having some trouble with the catch on my bra. You know, lots of women have problems with that, because they don't have any practice taking bras off other women. She just stuck her tongue out at me. She's got it undone now. It's pretty awkward, with my arms tied behind my back. She's pushing the cups up…"

"Robert? Yeah, a strap caught on the earpiece and flipped the phone off onto the floor and under the sofa. Anyway, we're back."

"Ask him what I should do now."

"She wants to know what to do now. Oh, come on, you must have SOME idea! You must have watched something that gives you an idea. That's better. He says you should kiss me."

"That was nice. I thinks she's starting to… what was that? That beeping. Yeah, that. Suzette, when was the last time you charged this-"


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