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Sexual Servitude

Short story By: MidnightsRaven

I got extremely creative one day and came up with this one.

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Sexual Servitude

He was utterly bored and desperately felt the need for something new and exciting to happen. Looking around at everything, he knew he was one of the luckiest and wealthiest men in the world. Money to buy all he could ever need or want, a big house to live and party in, and most importantly to him, all the guys and girls he wanted at his disposal. Raising a hand up, one of his most devoted servants rushed over and dropped to his knees.

" Is there something I can do for you, my Lord? " he asked, keeping his head bowed out of utter respect. His master looked down at him, a slow smile playing across his full lips. " As a matter of fact, yes Bane. There is something you can definitely do for me. " Harigath leaned down toward Bane and grasped him on the thigh, his hand slowly moving to Bane's shaft.

Once he touched it, Bane shivered and started to shake his head. " My Lord, I..." Bane stopped talking as his master started to stroke him in a continuous rythm. When he was completely hard and erect, Bane whimpered and almost begged his master to finish what he started. Harigath pushed Bane down onto his back and slowly took his robe off.

Bane started to remove his clothing as well until the master raised a hand up to stop him. Close to exploding, Bane cried out and the whole room fell into a hushed silence as Harigath stripped Bane's clothing from his body. Harigath stood over his most loyal servant, enjoying the sexual agony he was enduring. " Do you wish for me to finish? " Harigath whispered. Bane nodded and choked, " Please, my Lord. I can't take much more. "

He brought a shaking hand to his master's long and thick rod, stroking it until it quivered in his hand. Harigath sighed softly and rasped, " I will not be the only one finishing. " Bringing his body down onto Bane's, Harigath rubbed himself against Bane's shaft, his fingers running across his servant's muscular chest and stomach. Bane shook and raised his head as his master explored his mouth with his tongue.

He felt himself go even stiffer as Harigath licked and bit a trail across and down his neck, chest and abdomen, stopping right above Bane's rock hard shaft. " Oh, oh please yes. Now, please, " Bane whimpered as Harigath ran his tongue over the tip of his cock. He bit down on his lip as his master took him fully in his mouth and came after only a couple jerks.

Pale and spent, Bane stared into Harigath's mint green eyes that resembled cat's eyes. " Now, Bane. Now is my turn to finish. " he commanded as he turned Bane onto his stomach. Bane raised his knees up so that he was bent over and cringed, knowing the sharp pain he was about to feel. Harigath used some of Bane's semen to coat his rod with and leveled it with Bane's orifice. While the other servants watched in fear and fascination, their master firmly held himself with one hand and forced his cock into Bane's backside and pumped hard and deep.

His loyal servant cried out as wave after wave of pain and pleasure overtook him. For long agonizing minutes, Harigath kept up his steady rythm of pounding Bane in his tight orifice until his release finally came. Bane was unable to hold it back and he screamed before passing out. Harigath pulled out and stared as Bane crumpled to the floor in a heap. He put his robe back on and sat down in his chair. He nodded to his new servants and they quickly gathered up Bane and his clothing and took him out of the room.

Harigath watched while his servants got into a line and stood up once the last one got into place. He strode forward, speaking to all of them in a stern tone. " Since I already had a piece of my oldest most loyal servant, I wish to enjoy two more of you. If I point to you, you will come forward and walk with my to my chambers. The rest of you shall go back to your daily chores. "

Harigath found himself drawn to a voluptuous redhead and pointed at her. She stepped forward and stared at him with smoky gray eyes. " Your name, my dear, " he asked quietly. She stood up straight and replied, " My name is Melina, but you may call me whatever you wish, my Lord. " He grinned at her and tweaked her nipples as she walked to stand behind him. The next servant he pointed to was a dark haired beauty who was new to the life of servitude.

" Give me your name, girl, " he ordered. She bowed her head, refusing to look him in the eyes. Angered by this, he pulled her to him and roughly grabbed her by her behind, lifting her off the floor. She cried out and struggled to get out of his grasp as he felt himself grow hard. " The more you struggle and defy me, the more I intend to do to you in the bedroom, " he growled.

Freezing instantly, she whispered fearfully, " My name is Lilliette, my Lord. I hope you can forgive me. I am but only nineteen years of age and have not been with any man. " Harigath's eyes widened with intrigue as Lilliette's words sunk in. He slid his hand down to the front of her skirt and was faintly surprised when he found she wore nothing underneath. She gasped out loud as his fingers danced over her delicate folds and he grinned at her more while inserting two fingers inside of her. She quickly moved away from him and he chuckled.

Melina stuck close to Lilliette as they followed Harigath to his bedchambers. She squeezed Lilliette's hand once the doors were closed behind them and the master beckoned to Lilliette. She stumbled over to him, her legs like lead. " Yes, my Lord? " she asked, her fear of what was to come making her voice quake. Harigath removed her clothing from her and stripped out of his robe. Leaving her standing naked, he went over to Melina and stripped her as well.

He took both of the women and shoved them onto his bed. Crawling onto the edge of the bed, he reminded the women of a predator stalking his prey. " I intend for the three of us to have a night full of exploration, pain and pleasure and to do so until the sun rises, " Harigath said sinisterly. Lilliette was about to move closer to Melina but froze in place as her master's hand snaked out and grabbed her by the ankle.

" I think I'll start things with you first, Lilliette, " he said as he dragged her underneath him. She stared up at him with wide frightened eyes as he cupped her folds with one hand while squeezing her backside with the other. He bit her neck and nibbled his way to her supple breasts. She felt chills go up and down her spine while he explored every part of her. When his tongue flicked her clit, she spasmed and arched up a little to meet his mouth. He sucked on her and she came, her cries coming out as whimpers.

He smiled broadly and licked her juice before bringing his thick rod to her entrance. He rubbed her obscenely with it before he plunged hard into her, tearing the barrier apart while she cried out in pain. He kept thrusting harder and harder, squeezing her breasts while she cried out. He felt his seed explode like a firecracker and she followed suit soon after.

He pulled out of her slowly, enjoying the way her muscles spasmed against his still erect cock. " I want more, " he stated, flipping her over onto her slender stomach and caressed her backside with his prick. She closed her eyes when he forced himself inside her buttocks, his pumping starting out slowly until it became a steady pace. He pinched her tender nipples and slid his fingers into her folds, dipping in and out the same way he was dipping his cock in and out of her backside.

She had multiple orgasms and lay quite still when he finally finished. She curled up on her side and watched while he performed the same sexual acts with Melina. She moved closer to them and tentatively placed a hand on Melina's thigh, letting her fingers travel up and over until they were roaming over Melina's moistness. Eyes wide, she dipped her fingers inside and played a bit as Melina orgasmed into her hand.

She withdrew her hand as Harigath came in Melina's backside and licked the sticky sweetness off her fingers. Harigath watched all of this in sexual satisfaction and kissed Lilliette first, then Melina. " You two get to do each other now while I watch from my chair near the bed, " he rasped. The girls nodded and Melina rose to her hands and knees. " Come here, Lilliette. Let me taste you and you can taste me, " she said huskily.

Lilliette smiled catily and slid under Melina, her mouth ready to envelope Melina's sweet spot. Melina shifted a bit and moved her mouth over Lilliette's private, her tongue licking and teasing every sensitive spot. She quivered as Lilliette did the same and both women came simultaneously. They laid in each other's arms and beckoned Harigath to join them.

Harigath jumped into bed with the, and the three of them spent the rest of the night teasing and pleasing each other. As the sun rose in the morning, Harigath laid between the two women who were sleeping soundly. He thought of everything he owned and then thought of last night's exciting and tantalizing escapade. Huh, I guess I really am the luckiest man in the world, he thought to himself as he drifted into a deep sleep.

The End


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