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Fantastic Desires

Short story By: MidnightsRaven

My fiance and I passed our notebook back and forth and came up with this tasteful tale.

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Her tongue trailed along his collarbone as her hands roamed ever so sensually across his chest. She felt his temperature rise as she brought one hand down to his waistband. With one quick tug, the pants had slid down to the floor in a heap. Smiling, she stroked him gently, feeling his manliness grow long and stiff. He stared into her eyes as she made her way to her knees. Opening her mouth, she took him fully and sucked slowly. He ran his hand through her hair as her mouth made him quiver in sexual contentment.

With a shudder, he came inside her mouth and she swallowed, savoring the salty taste. She ripped her shirt off with rapid speed and yanked her pants down. Her skin grew hot as she stood before him naked. He reached out for her and she wrapped her arms around his neck as her legs moved around his waist. Feeling him grow hard once more, she moved sensually in his arms as he brought himself inside her sweet wet flower. They moved in rhythm, synchronized as one.

As he thrust his rigid manliness back and forth into her, he enjoyed listening to her moans of sheer ecstasy. He ran his hands up her stomach to her supple breasts, feeling their softness. He gently began to caress her erect nipples. She began to shudder and quiver even more as she was nearing the ultimate climax. She could barely catch her breath as he began sucking and biting her nipples. As they both moved faster, their moans got louder and louder.

When they came at the same time, she moaned loudly as he rested his head on her breasts. He kept his manliness inside of her and grew rigid as her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him even closer. Moving gently, they fell to the bed with her riding on top of him, His groans of pleasure rose from his lips as she moaned, her lips seeking his feverishly.

As she rode him harder and harder, he began quivering more and more. She rode him till he almost exploded. He then laid her down and maneuvered his way between her legs. He began gently kissing her neck, then moving his way down her chest, across and down her stomach. As he neared her waist, she could not take it anymore, she was dying for his tongue to be inside of her. He gently licked her lips, tasting her sweet juices, knowing he was driving her insane with every flick of his tongue.

She shivered as he flicked his tongue on her most sensitive spot, her whole body arching upward to meet his mouth. His tongue slowly explored her inside and out, the sheer ecstasy of it driving her into insanity. He slid his tongue inside of her as she moaned in agonized pleasure. She longed to grasp onto him but he wanted to drive her to the edge of passion first. While his tongue and lips played, his hands tied hers to the bedpost. She quivered again as his hand found her breasts, squeezing and teasing her erect nipples.

He tied both hands and feet to the bedposts, leaving her vulnerable in the spread eagle position. Knowing now that she could not touch him drove her even more insane. He began running his hands back and forth all over her body, stopping only to massage her erect nipples and her yearning sensitive spot. She began to shudder and moan uncontrollably as he hit every spot that drove her insane. Seeing this, he began to run his tongue up and down her neck. Teasing her by getting this close, but just out of reach of her searching lips.

She struggled against the restraints, growling in sexual frustration because she couldn't touch him. When his mouth found its way to her jaw, she arched her body and tilted her head down, catching his lips with hers. His hands caressed her body while his tongue explored her mouth. She nibbled his bottom lip and giggled quietly as he growled with pleasure. She raised her waist up toward his rigid cock, moving rhythmically against it.

As she moved against his hardness, the want to have it inside of her grew more and more. Teasing her, he thrust against her harder and harder. Finally, as she was about to go completely insane, he drove his cock deep inside of her. She moaned so loud it was ear splitting, finally realizing she is getting what she wanted. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled as he thrust harder and harder inside of her.

She rose up and down, meeting every thrust he made. She knew it was useless to hold back too much longer and tried to control it anyway. He thrust deeper and deeper, reaching her very innards with his cock. Control was slowly dissipating for both of them at this point and she couldn't contain it. When she exploded, she cried out in sheer contentment with him following not a moment later. He came hard and fast inside her like an erupting volcano.

As he emptied his load deep inside of her he let out a moan that he himself thought he was not capable of. They lay there together in great contentment, both out of breath and exhausted from the passion that they unleashed. Both of them were thinking about how great it was, and how great it felt. They did not admit it to each other, but they were both thinking at the exact same moment that they could not wait to do it again.

She sighed as he turned his gaze on her. "Tell me," he said he gazed into her eyes. "One last surprise for the night," she whispered as he untied her hands and ankles. She shifted on the bed, her head down by his cock and her sweet spot near his mouth. She opened wide and took him in as he brought his mouth to her sweet mound.

She began by teasing him slowly, gently sucking and flicking her tongue across the tip of his rock hard cock, feeling him quiver after every flick of her tongue. He began gently teasing her clit with his tongue, feeling her shudder as soon as the tip touched it. Gently, he ran his hands up the back of her legs and started squeezing her ass. She moaned in excitement as he started flicking his tongue faster. As she took all of him in her mouth, she felt all the air go out of him as he was trying to stop his uncontrollable quivering.

She felt his tongue flick faster and faster as she started to shiver. He couldn't stop quivering as she sucked on his rock hard cock like a girl with a lollipop. He erupted in full force, the cum sliding down her throat as easily as ice cream. She came a few moments later, his tongue lapping it up with vigor. Both of them spent, they shifted positions and curled up next to each other. Wrapped in each other's arms, she tilted her head and kissed him passionately.

As they pulled the covers over them, they decided to make a repeat performance of the evening every chance they got. Both sighing in sweet contentment and love, they closed their eyes and fell fast asleep, arms wrapped around each other.


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